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  1. true, 6pm on a Sunday in Geelong is actually really dumb fixturing.
  2. would love to get a huge away following by us to their home game next Sunday.
  3. Do you mean five figures..? haha I'd hope we'd attract more than 1k 😶 But yeah, 4pm on Sundays is perfect for me and hopefully friendly for others.
  4. Pretty underwhelming Round 1 crowds across the board tbh. The only two games that cracked 10k were the Derby which was well-under its average pull, and the Wanderers home game which only drew 17k - disappointing for the opening game of a brand new stadium. The complete lack of marketing until literally a week ago is obviously a big factor but yeah, disappointing. Still think we can get 10k this weekend though, City fans seem to be more optimistic about this season than most given how crap the last couple of years have been for many.
  5. lol Kurt Ams proving again why he's the worst ref in the A-League. Completely lost control of that game. Good win by Western United though, their older boys (especially McDonald) were in much better nick than I thought they'd be.
  6. yeah I get it. It's just a shitty adjustment phase for some like myself.
  7. Most boring game of A-League I think I've ever seen lol, unlikely the 4 I brought along will ever return. Not a bad result given iy was an away derby without Maclaren but fuuuuck, terrible viewing.
  8. that is fucking ridiculous, clearly a Barbarouses goal ruins the flow of the game so badly, far out
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