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  1. Matt Jurman is a free agent, should we be interested?
  2. their home kit is honestly one of the best in the league, looks classy af
  3. Interestingly, the Chinese Super League despite all of their wealth and dealings with visa players has rules in place ensuring that a Chinese U23 player must be on the pitch at all times. I think the A-League is actually a pretty good league with regards to youth development as a lot of young players do get a look in even amidst all of the failed visa signings and Australian journeymen, but perhaps there's room for such rules to ensure we have a better talent pool for the Socceroos in the years to come.
  4. Maybe it's a direct reference to how our lack of geographical specification has made it difficult attracting fans, as opposed to the likes of Western Sydney Wanderers. I'm in favour of more diversity anyway, cities like Wollongong, Canberra and Hobart/Launceston would all do justice to the A-League by being in it.
  5. I think Genreau will be in our best XI before the season's end
  6. I'm personally fine with the A-League not acknowledging international breaks. The amount of internationals in our league is minimal with Wellington probably the worst affected, and it means younger players get a look-in.
  7. Away trips in Geelong and Ballarat should be sweet. The first 5 games being in Melbourne/Geelong should see us getting nice crowds if we build some early momentum, hopefully we don't bottle it.
  8. Backup striker in case Maclaren gets injured or is out of form or we need a tactical switch.
  9. Nate


    Transfermarkt values have about as much merit as me discussing FIFA overall ratings - it's fun but it doesn't really mean anything. Kruse has had inept performances for the national team, sure but he's been capped 75 times ffs. He certainly isn't a nobody, and he's certainly proven himself at A-League level before too and comes back to the league not too old. I think our front 3 will fire too but on paper, Victory look very good up front. We have them covered in midfield and defence for now at least.
  10. Nate


    Signed Kruse and Nabbout now. With those two alongside Toivonen, they have the strongest front 3 so far.
  11. At the very least, having both Diamanti and Kone is gonna help them. They have a really nice squad on paper already with two visa signings still remaining, and with Rudan managing they'll be competitive.
  12. How they were accepted into the league without a stadium absolutely baffles me. I'm not against the idea of a team that plays games in both Geelong and the western suburbs but how are you going to engage anyone in Melbourne (you know, the place with all the population) without having the team play there for 2-3 years outside of the derbies. I like the club's signings so far but off the field has been a debacle so far.
  13. Kruse is probably going to be good in this league tbh
  14. Fair enough if true. Brillante wasn't on marquee wages in a jam-packed Sydney FC squad and according to their fans, declined in output over the past season so I hope he can take his game back up to his best level again if he is our second marquee. I've always liked him. True, we'll benefit more than most I'd hope.
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