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  1. Newcastle Jest

    I remember watching that tackle live, was that really only 2 weeks?
  2. The road to the 2018 WC

    omfg, I thought this was a photoshop but it's actually legit loool
  3. The road to the 2018 WC

    Imagine not being selected in favour of an unproven kid who's never even been to Australia and plays in a mid-table European backwater club at best.
  4. I was a Heart supporter from its inception and a member from the 2nd year up until this season where I didn't attend a game, maybe watched 2-3 games on TV and overall barely even followed the club. I honestly just think I just couldn't justify the investment as the entertainment value wasn't really there and there were always better things for me to do instead of watching what has forever been an incredibly frustrating team. The matchday experience isn't what it used to be as active support has been completely nullified, VAR is fucking shit, the standard of players in the whole league has declined drastically (where are the genuine star marquees?), playing the same 9 teams is boring, there's hardly any reason to feel passionate about the players since half of them end up playing for other A-League clubs anyway, being a franchise under the CFG umbrella has pretty much destroyed the emotional attachment I had to when we were Heart, and the stakes just never really seem that high. I mean from what I did follow this season we played like shit for the most part and still managed to finish 3rd, but that meant nothing anyway because the league has a final series where 6 out of 10 teams still qualify lol. Realistically for attendances to rise again the league and its clubs have to invest in better players, the FFA need to sort out expansion asap, VAR needs some serious refining and the league has to be exciting again and generate buzz like it did during the Del Piero/Ono/Heskey days. The semi-finals were good in the sense that it brought back some of that hype with that McGree goal and the epic Sydney FC vs Victory game but then in true A-League fashion, completely shot itself in the foot and fucked it all up with the VAR catastrophe. As for the club, Melbourne City FC needs to establish some sort of identity and stand for something because at the moment it is literally just a generic franchise that doesn't really represent a specific geographical area so it really is just the inferior football club in Melbourne in the eyes of the general public. It will be especially interesting to see what happens if the Team 11 bid in Dandenong is successful.
  5. The road to the 2018 WC

    France is obviously going to be tough but Germany, Argentina or Brazil would have been way worse, Peru is an amazing outcome and Denmark is decent but not unbeatable (especially if Eriksen doesn't turn up) I think we got the 3rd easiest group tbh, so there's every chance to progress if we get the right manager in.
  6. FFA Cup 2017 Matchday Thread

    how are people ever gonna fall in love with this game when shit like that happens in a national final, what an absolute embarrassment.
  7. The road to the 2018 WC

    that ref was the scariest looking motherfucker I've ever seen
  8. Tim Cahill

    I highly doubt he's going to leave, the CFA facilities, staff and professional setup are too good for him to give up, especially if he wants to be starting every week. Also don't forget the $$$
  9. I'll be watching the game at home today, go All Whites!
  10. The road to the 2018 WC

    don't forget Spiranovic, surely he'll be looking to move away from China now
  11. World Cup 2018 - Russia

    all this doesn't really matter anyway, the 31 teams who qualify that aren't Germany are just making up the numbers tbh