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  1. Nate

    19/20 Puma Kits

    lol, those Puma kits look like absolute shit
  2. There's always going to be an appetite for football in this country - especially in Melbourne, so I'm not too worried. Forced change might just be the thing this league needed to revamp and reverse the declining trends. It's just a big pity that some have to suffer through the short-term pain for the eventual long-term gain (thinking especially of those who have lost their jobs in the football industry).
  3. Nate

    19/20 Puma Kits

    Worst kit from a manufacturing perspective but the best design aesthetically. Love and miss you, Melbourne Heart.
  4. Well many are also going to die from stubbornness/complacency, cos I saw HEAPS of oldies out and about today. It feels like an absolute pisstake knowing that the world's been shut down for half a year, stacks of people have lost their jobs and the economy will inevitably be fucked afterwards to prevent mass deaths in this particular demographic, only for so many of them to be so irresponsibly failing to take the onus to stay at home and control the spread. But nah let's go out, the rules don't apply to me
  5. Seeds, seedlings and other garden-related things, isopropyl alcohol, turps and since people are apparently gonna get really sick of their walls - paint.
  6. I work at Bunnings and all week we've been experiencing the Christmas rush-level of people and sales (honestly, perhaps even more) so there's no fucking way it's working.
  7. I tried to remain optimistic that I could maintain interest after the fan-ban but even after what should have been an engaging game, I felt nothing. Do we know if the A-League is persisting with a finals series yet? Sadly, I really hope not.
  8. different sports - AFL players run a few extra kilometres per game by comparison + jumping and tackling
  9. in between getting subscription-ordered toilet paper and Uber Eats existing, I've been ready for this apocalypse for years.
  10. Was going to go tomorrow night but really not keen on a Grand Prix 2.0 occurring. Even if it goes ahead, we'll be lucky to attract 3k so it won't be much of a spectacle either way, so Kayo it is.
  11. I still love this man Just lacking confidence atm
  12. Convinced that was our best win as Melbourne City, given all the circumstances that come into play. First half was clinical and the second half - well, it was a sheer miracle that we managed to hang on against a Perth at home who were as brilliant as I've seen from an A-League team this season. A debut Grand Final berth is now completely ours to lose.
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