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  1. 2017 AFL Season

    I disagree with the MRP rulings based on outcomes rather than intent, but if there was any consistency at all Cotchin shouldn't be playing this week. The Barry Hall incident is the perfect precedent in that there does seem to be way more leniency at the MRP if finals are at stake. However I'm glad it was thrown out since it would've been a travesty to miss a GF for a hit that came about only because Cotchin went harder and lower than Shiel, and actually protected his body.
  2. 2017/18 Melbourne City Media

    All the other A-League clubs have recruited really well in the off-season, I'm predicting it'll be one of the closest seasons in recent memory (maybe excluding Sydney who will probably run away and dominate again). I'd say the only club we've recruited better than over the off-season is Wellington, and of course there's the big unknown of how quickly the team is going to gel and adapt to Joyce's gameplan. We could genuinely finish anywhere between 1st and 10th, such is the nature of the league.
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Anderson would be better than La Rocca/Malik, hope we go for him.
  4. Marcin Budzinski

    Faux-marquee on paper but you never know, Bruno came over with a relatively low-profile and dominated so I'll reserve judgement for now.
  5. They didn't even get out of second gear as we were that impotent going forward, we shit ourselves every time we actually had possession with either an errant pass or poor first touch. We wouldn't have scored even if Bruno had have played 90 minutes, our midfield play was that bad.
  6. ...who will then be replaced by interim manager Michael Valkanis for the remainder of the season while CFG conduct another global search for our next candidate.
  7. it's going to take some bloody good signings to get me to renew this season, because at the moment there is zero incentive.
  8. now we have La Rocca being an embarrassing cunt. good to see the club culture's improved.
  9. Malik with a great assist lol shit club, nothing ever changes
  10. do I have to watch this shit
  11. Premier League 2016-17

    imagine sacking your manager after 4 games. they deserve to be relegated.
  12. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    so if Fornaroli's going on the long-term injury list, does that mean we're in a position to sign 2 marquees?
  13. 2017 AFL Season

    no need to stress, Adelaide's going to win it (and deservedly so)
  14. TV Series

    I thought it was great. Not as many laughs and Mr PB and Diane's marriage arc was a little meh, but overall I thought it was really strong.
  15. The road to the 2018 WC

    It's really hard not to feel bad for Ange as for years we've cried out for a better standard of football, the sort of football that can match high quality teams on the international stage and we've seen evidence of this philosophy in the World Cup, Asian Cup and the Confederations Cup. Regrettably, he's had the undoubtedly worst Australian talent pool to select from since I started watching football and it's sad to see that his vision probably won't see its way through to the end as a result of it. Yes, his tactics in certain games have been questionable but all along he's said that he doesn't just want to qualify for the World Cup, he wants to do something meaningful in the World Cup and if that means a possession-based, high-risk game so be it. But aside from Cahill we haven't had a world-class out and out finisher since Viduka, and it kills you at this level (case in point, the Thailand game). TLDR: Ange isn't that bad, the players fucking suck