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  1. Jamieson is great, no arguments there. But you're right, it just means the signing of an experienced visa player to partner Jakobsen at centre-half is even more crucial now since starting Malik/La Rocca won't cut it imo. (unless of course, we try and score 5 every game and disregard defence as we've done so often in the past)
  2. Here are the starting fullbacks for the last 5 A-League season champions. You can make your own judgements but looking at this list, I think fullbacks are pretty important to a winning team. Don't get me wrong, I think Muscat is capable and Pierias can hopefully develop but are they of the same calibre of any of the below players? I have my doubts. 2016/17 Sydney FC: Zullo & Grant 2015/16 Adelaide United: Elrich/Goodwin & Marrone 2014/15 Melbourne Victory: Geria & Georgievski 2013/14 Brisbane Roar: Franjic/Hingert & Stefanutto 2012/13 Central Coast: Bojic/Rose (when he was actually good lol)
  3. genuinely forgot he played for us lol
  4. perfect timing after offloading Retre, ffs.
  5. yeah the best part was literally the very start where Arya fucked those Freys up, episode was flat otherwise (and the Ed Sheeran cameo was immersion-breaking AF)
  6. good footy game today
  7. And so the A-League merry-go-round keeps on spinning. Glad he's not taking up a visa spot, but at the end of the day he's 33 and notoriously prone to defensive brain fades and disciplinary problems and is pretty much the same player as Malik so forgive me for not really understanding why we've made this signing.
  8. I just watched it yesterday too having been late to the House of Cards party as well. All I can say is, I'm SHOOK. The show reminds me of Breaking Bad where you're encouraged to root for the bad guys since it effectively means better tv.
  9. hasn't really been talked about much since everyone's assumed if he comes back to the A-League it'll be with Victory, but how would you guys feel if we swooped in and signed Milligan rather than Troisi?
  10. I don't think it's possible to totally cut out sugar since it's in most things but I used to eat a fuckload of chocolate, lollies etc and have 3 sugars in my coffee. I just make a conscious effort to have as little as possible, I think Chobani is the the most sugary thing I eat now and I'm way healthier as a result.
  11. same, but with sugar in general tbh.
  12. someone make this a banner lol
  13. we should go for Grant Holt or Karagounis
  14. While we're talking state government, I've been reading a fair bit about the new 40km/h when passing flashing emergency vehicles law in Victoria and I genuinely think people are gonna die as a result of it. There will almost certainly be drivers who don't know how to slow down from 100 to 40 safely and will likely slam on the brakes instead and as a result, there are gonna be instances where tailing semi-trailers simply won't be able to brake in time and are going to run straight over the top of the poor people in front. Did any thought go into this rule at all, or is it fine and I'm just lacking faith in the driving ability of Victorians/Melburnians?