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  1. - 31 goals from 108 appearances in the A-League predominantly as a winger - Current Socceroo - Still only 27yo He had an average season at Victory (still scored 8 goals) but so did the rest of their squad and at his age, a return to his best form isn't improbable. Colakovski and Abdulahi have hardly done enough to warrant regular starting berths so I don't rate this a journeyman signing in the slightest, especially as he can provide huge upside in a position we have struggled with. I agree that 1-year was the way to go though given his aversion to loyalty and the general uncertainty of the league.
  2. this is a bigggggggggggggggg, big signing a man of his talent in a system like ours bodes really well
  3. Berenguer is a really interesting one, I was adamant he'd return to France.
  4. https://www.perthglory.com.au/news/a-message-owner-and-chairman-tony-sage?fbclid=IwAR3v3oniFqIAbITDT0EYfuqqGaiDcyq6yCEVneBk1UxEiAS40lCJq5tl_Ow Huge clash between the clubs and the PFA here, and Sage is 100% transparent with zero punches pulled.
  5. Player payments are really nobody's business aside from the club, players and agents so I'm not going to bother speculating there. In a more general view from the outside, it really does seem as though the A-League will be heavily stripped back next season. If nothing else, I can only hope that this gives everybody with real agency in the game in Australia the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate the league and shape the direction its to head in for the foreseeable future. For one, while the spectator involvement is so limited with Covid-19 doing its thing, I really hope the A-League heads actually develop a proper, well thought-out strategy to combat the startling decline in interest/attendances - particularly in active support, and bring it back to the amazing levels we reached in times past. I just found myself on a YouTube binge of old A-League highlights from the 2014-16 era and the atmosphere of the games was absolutely remarkable for our little league, a time when the Melbourne derbies really meant something and the passion had nothing manufactured about it. People can argue about money equating to quality all they want but the A-League has thrived with far shitter players plying their trade before the likes of Diego Castro, Ninkovic, Fornaroli, Janko, Diamanti etc. made their way over here. Even before the Del Piero/Heskey/Ono season of 2012/13, the league still had its heart and the atmosphere and support was alive. To focus solely on the lack of money circulating around the league as the primary cause of the league's woes at the moment is ignoring the other issues at hand. I just want to see some effort put in to return this great competition with truly, captivating rivalries, stories, heroes and villains back to what it was and then beyond to what it could have been (from an off-field/in-the-stands perspective).
  6. My two highlights were the Western United away game in Geelong where Maclaren scored late after Delbo's questionable red, and the 3rd Melbourne derby where Berenguer played like Zidane for one game. Lowlight was obviously the Grand Final but we did well to make it. Nice season for the club but still stacks of improvement to be had.
  7. Given the rumours of Wales's potential departure as well, I can't help but put on my trashy tabloid hat and wonder whether the Cambodia incident had anything do with him being pushed to move on.
  8. I'm actually really excited to see what Kisnorbo can do in the senior role. Ultimately, the A-League is a development league and that applies for Australian managers too, so I'm glad to see Paddy's commitment (and success) to the club for so many years is now being rewarded. For the men's team at least, he's just about the only person you could really point to as being a Melbourne Heart/City legend so I'm optimistic in spite of the obviously sad news.
  9. Gone. Kisnorbo head coach.
  10. It's so much easier to stomach the constant overturn of players within this club when they're venturing overseas to pursue a greater challenge in a better/different league but when so many of our players (young ones especially) just end up at rival clubs, it really leaves a sour taste in the mouth and begs the question why we can't hold onto them. Every circumstance is unique but the Atkinson one really stings given the strength of his recent performances and the fact he's a homegrown player who's still young. It makes it so hard for our poor supporters to build any semblance of affinity with the playing group as it shifts far too often and far too easily.
  11. Is Windbichler even likely to stay? I'd be surprised if we keep any of our foreign players honestly after what's happened in 2020 in conjunction with the current management of the league.
  12. Lol giving a yellow to Grant for celebrating an extra time goal in a grand final would have been ludicrous, and nobody here would've copped that the other way around. For the sake of fairness, Atkinson could have been sent off for dissent (two yellows for the two times he flipped his lid) but that would have been harsh given the high tension and stakes of the grand final. Either way, a Sydney red wouldn't have saved us the way they were defending. I'm no fan of Beath and while his refereeing was frustrating in the last 15 minutes, he was pretty fair up until then. I also think the VAR call was correct. We fought really well though and can see us backing it up next season with some shrewd signings. A good season, especially given the circumstances!
  13. Sucks, but it was offside. However, I would have been ropeable if Beath/VAR paid a pen to Le Fondre the diving fuck though. We look really good but their counter attacks frighten me, reckon we might be in for extra time.
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