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  1. This was a success last year. Suddenly we had a huge show of blue in the stands.
  2. That is - not even 10,000. Those who stayed away made the right choice
  3. Thought he played a brilliant game tonight. Skillfull and fast. The only problem was he tried to take the ball one step too far.
  4. My Impression of Kewell is that he is too nice. We need a strong, dominant manager.
  5. Still trying to find logic. This season Sorenson has played seven games with one clean sheet. Bouzanis has played 18 for one clean sheet (the worst record in the a-league).
  6. After starting off with a lot of hype we have been served up another depressing season with absolutely boring football that is guaranteed to lose members rather than gain them. Every other team play a much more entertaining, compact attacking style than we do. CFG don't seem to either care or understand what's going on in Melbourne. There is no indication that they have meetings where they review each team in their stable, otherwise what is obvious to us would be obvious to them. Since the days of Heart my enthusiasm has gradually been whittled away. Now completely over it and next season l'm out.
  7. I think there is a few of us hoping Red Bull start a new club in Melbourne with a red outfit as a bonus
  8. Yes we are shit. Wellington won 5-0. That certainly puts our win into perspective.
  9. I can't wait for the FFA to give a licence to a 3rd club in Melbourne so I can join.
  10. What appalling logic. The time for him to step up is/was when Sorenson retired. In the meantime watch and learn.
  11. No it's not. I also cannot get friends to attend and have even lost a few to that other mob. We need to provide sexy, exciting entertainment on the pitch and/or sexy, exciting entertainment before the game and at half time. Thank God for active otherwise there would be no buzz around the stadium. Whoever is responsible at MCFC needs to go back to school.
  12. I would much prefer we finish fourth. Then, if we win, we could stick it up Sydney and end up with an all Melbourne final.
  13. Yes, we had a win and it was a decent score but we STILL played a lot of really boring football. We haven’t managed to stop playing the slow, play it around the back line possession football yet. Every time they do it I watch the opposition slowly pressuring them into the inevitable turn over. Tongyik, for example, got caught out several times. The best period was when Fitzy and then Kamau came on. Was it good coaching to have them as impact subs or should they have been on earlier? For me it again wasn't a hugely entertaining night. Thank goodness we only have one more home game so I can dream of what could have been and what might happen next year.
  14. Wow, got it in one - I mean six.
  15. Totally agree with his comments about Fornaroli. For multiple reasons he is not the right person for captain and I have no doubt it has taken an edge of his concentration. However to then target the players is way off the mark. The lack of culture and cohesiveness we continue to see at Heart/City is solely down to the management and coaches.