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  1. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    Here's hoping we only have to wait until next week when FIFA arrive.
  2. RD 19 V Brisbane 7pm Sunday 4th Feb Away

    I am also worried about the amount of hype he is receiving and the swagger he is getting. With him being "coached" by TC I fear for him.
  3. Rd 17 vs Adelaide@AAMI - 21/1 7PM

    Got any numbers on that?
  4. Attendance 8,103 at the Adelaide match tonight (21 January). Poor turnout considering it was 4th against 5th. Shame people missed one of the best games by City but, maybe, this will start to attract them.
  5. Temperature expected to be 26C by 8pm.
  6. MOTM Rd13 vs WSW

    Murfy - check out http://forum.melbournefootball.com/topic/4090-201718-player-of-season-votes-leaderboard/
  7. Bring back JVS

    Ah, but this begs the question. How long does it take for a bad coach/manager to affect a good team/business.
  8. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    Ultimate a-league has it as 22515. Should we add them all up and divide by three?
  9. Christmas Derby 23rd December

    Does that include the pre booked seat members (gold, silver, blue)?
  10. Don't agree. Masters could have won if they provided a better product. So can we. All we need is entertainment (and winning).
  11. Melbourne City FC Functions & Events Thread

    Waste of time. Very poor turn out. Wazza and player interviews were pathetic. Childish questions to the players. None of the questions we all would have liked - what we are doing, where are we going etc.. No audience involvement. Hate to think what the MC is paid. Impressed with Paddy, good speaker, easy to talk to. Left early, won't be back.
  12. Stick around. With these performances attendances will only get worse. Not only only are we now not attracting new members but the rusted on brigade is flaking off.
  13. Memberships

    5 match offer doesn't seem to have done anything. We have been about 10% down on the same time last year for the last month.
  14. Bruce Kamau

    And needs to get physically stronger. Too easily pushed around.
  15. Absobloodylootly. 9091 is a poor attendance. They have an empty stadium. Fill it up with promotional activities - free tickets or prizes to schools, soccer clubs etc. A good crowd means a good and more entertaining atmosphere.