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  1. Thanks. And, in the absence of any initiative from MCFC, are members meeting at the pub (whichever one that is now) to watch the game? Would like to be part of the crowd.
  2. Does anyone know if this match is being streamed or telecast?
  3. Oh, come off it. He is getting on and needs to look after his bank balance. He wasn't outstounding for us and I think it is a positive for us.
  4. Would be nice if they arranged a team from the South East and another one in the North. Give all of us an opportunity to get to at least one game close to home. But then that's too logical.
  5. So how much space do we have left for players, including visas, marquees and FSGM?
  6. It's a must that we have a capable, hard nosed coach - and he looks to fill that requirement. However your last point about marketability is also very important. Don't see him doing that for us.
  7. You may have a long wait for an answer. I offered to be a volunteer two years ago and have still not had a reply.
  8. That must be it. I was on the live chat and they did say that merch would be sent, so thank you for that MCFC - but no note??
  9. I Have just received a parcel from MCFC with a sun hat, shirt, bottle opener and a pin. No letter, note or explanation. Anyone else get one? Is this part of the membership pack? I have let my membership roll over.
  10. Bloody hope not.
  11. This was a success last year. Suddenly we had a huge show of blue in the stands.
  12. That is - not even 10,000. Those who stayed away made the right choice
  13. Thought he played a brilliant game tonight. Skillfull and fast. The only problem was he tried to take the ball one step too far.
  14. My Impression of Kewell is that he is too nice. We need a strong, dominant manager.
  15. Still trying to find logic. This season Sorenson has played seven games with one clean sheet. Bouzanis has played 18 for one clean sheet (the worst record in the a-league).