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  1. I'm sure it has already been covered, but what day is the roll over?
  2. How good does Crowley look? No wonder he's such a threat in the NYL. What an effort from every single one of them, Kamau, Kilkenny and Tongyik the standouts for me while Sorensen had some vital interventions Four goals scored, only one legitimate - quintessential A-league refereeing!
  3. Didn't see the game live, but to me that's offside every day of the week. Rojas passed the ball to an offside Berisha (so he's technically already impacted the play by having the ball passed to him) and then it can be easily argued that Muscat intervenes as he knows Berisha is there. That's just my take on it. Victory have four points thanks to the referees against just us, but of course the general populous believe we receive the rub of the green...? Just like last derby, the offside goal and referees won't even have the spotlight put on them because it was entertaining and good for the neutral...
  4. Congratulations lads, more silverware in the cabinet for this club! Hopefully our girls can get to the final and win that too, it'd be another welcomed distraction from the seniors.
  5. Not sure if it's been mentioned but manny Muscat was the sole reason we conceded the first or second goal (I can't remember) - going to ground two footed and missing everything which allowed them to place their cross to perfection. Also, they had so much time at the top of the box, had so much time to tee up a shot.
  6. Just tongue in cheek mate!
  7. surely get a tifo displaying JA's W:L:D ratio for next game against Brisbane, accompanied with something along the lines of 'thanks for the shit times, it helps us appreciate the silverware/success even more' haha
  8. Good on him! He has had a lot of doubters, including myself, but he just digs in and does his best. Nothing makes me fall in love with a player more than when they show passion for the badge, and his celebrations in the FFA Cup with the fans and his jabs at Aloisi to back his manager and his players makes me proud to have a guy like Bouzanis apart of this club.
  9. I think I read 8,435 on 442
  10. Fucking hell, I couldn't catch the game but eat a bag of dicks Aloisi and Jade North. Anyone have footage of Bouzanis celebration, can't find it
  11. I enjoyed all the salt from Sydney fans about home location, despite us having a day less rest and having a cup from ten times as difficult. Regardless of which stadium was more viable for the final or how it was chosen, we earnt the home ground advantage.
  12. Having won the cup final, I couldn't have really cared about the result of this match - I would have sacrificed a win in this game a million times over to get that cup win. But now, given Aloisi's comments, I hope we wipe the floor with them.
  13. Fantastic night! The monkey is off the back, this is what football is about! So proud of this club! And how about Bouzanis' celebration, you can tell this meant so much to the players!
  14. what? Surely they have to let us in
  15. Has improved a lot since coming in, got to back whoever is on the pitch. We all saw how shaky Velaphi was when he came in