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  1. MOTM Rd5 vs Sydney FC

    That was me, was meant to vote for Bart - chubby finger syndrome unfortunately. Apologies to everyone I've offended.
  2. Bloody hell, such a resolute performance by the lads.
  3. Joyce really doesn't like using all three subs
  4. Jordan Elsey can shoot from distance all night for all i care
  5. That's on top of Regan out as well, so hopefully that means McCormack gets quite a few opportunities in front of goal. That being said, they've still got a lot of talent across the park.
  6. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Gol Gol is at the same club as Babalj and is keeping him on the bench...wouldn't have thought that a few years ago!
  7. We should be fresher with Adelaide playing Tuesday night, hopefully it goes for 120 minutes
  8. Iacopo La Rocca

    Too young
  9. MOTM Rd3 vs Wellington

    3. Paracki 2. Jamieson (I'm pretty sure) 1. Bart
  10. 9,091 is a strong crowd until you remember that kids went free. Now there are a number of reasons why our crowds aren't larger than they are and they have seen natural growth since the club's inception, but I don't believe City have the leverage to charge $30 for an adult GA ticket. I get City want to position themselves as a 'premium' product, but we're not in the Victorian sporting landscape so we can't pretend that we are. When the big bash or AFL tickets are as little as $15-$20 it just adds another hurdle in getting people to try the A-League and Melbourne City when you charge an entry price of $30...particularly when the Big Bash and AFL match day experience is approximately three to four hours when ours is only approximately 2 hours. Drop the prices of tickets and have GA adult at $20 and not only will we see crowds increase 15-20% but it'll generate a much better atmosphere which would see the value of a Melbourne City ticket improve.
  11. Wasn't pretty but 3 points is 3 points, a lot to work on
  12. Jess Fishlock

    Great result
  13. Ross McCormack

    Played his role very well tonight I thought, I reckon he'll get a few assists in his time at City