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  1. With the 9th worst defence, hopefully he can sure things up
  2. Thought Luna had a good game, was much better on and off the ball than he has been in the past (just missed the killer instinct but everyone was tonight)
  3. Colakovski looking sharp in the warm up, hopefully we see at least 15-20 minutes into him today
  4. Sounds like a replacement announced next this coming week. Woops, wrong thread!
  5. Luna’s pass out of defence was criminal, cost us that goal.
  6. Strange bye hopefully this gives Windbichler 90 minutes under his belt as I feel he deserves based on our defensive record this season. I thought he was excellent when on and had Berisha in his pocket, I particularly felt he was winning the mental battle over Berisha often leaving Besart frustrated.
  7. Bouzanis has so much hesitation coming out and gives them a sniff from nothing, Glover back in when he’s back please.
  8. Deluka

    Tom Glover

    Bouzanis won’t be going anywhere in January, Glover is off with the Olyroos for a few weeks. Would love to see Glover get the next 3 before he jets off though!
  9. Excellent display but a great game by all, must play at that level next week as Victory will come out firing. 🦀🌝🧤 with the 3-2-1
  10. Gotta give Windbichler 90 minutes today to set him up for starting in the derby
  11. So sorry to be that guy but I’ve just noticed that ‘Maclaren’ is spelt incorrectly throughout and I can’t unsee it!
  12. Good to see Newcastle using the safe smoke, I wonder what the conditions and cost are as not all clubs aren’t using it and those that are don’t seem to be using it week in week out.
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