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  1. Game never really reached much heights tonight, seem to fizz out until Marconi scored and sent a bit of a fright through the team for the last 5 or so minutes. I’d like to see 25-30 games into Metcalfe this season, really looking forward to see the lad develop this year, not afraid to get stuck in which I like. Hoping we’re giving Najjar a bit of time in our friendlies, will need him fit and firing for round 1.
  2. A 7:30pm kickoff in Ballarat would be ludicrous, I’d say it’ll be the 4pm
  3. Credit to the Talking City lads, super stuff to get the broadcast up and running for the game!
  4. Would rather see Najjarine get game time and loan Wales out to Mariners to be honest
  5. Did not realise he was still 28, thought he was closer to 31/32 for some reason
  6. Wasn’t suggesting we sign him, wouldn’t sit well with me, or the CFG for that matter, after what happened.
  7. Novillo has reached a mutual termination with Montreal Impact
  8. Campbelltown City just recorded their first loss since round 3 losing to Adelaide United’s NPL team 2-1
  9. I like this from Jamo, one of the personalities of the team off the field
  10. More game time for Metcalfe I see, good result
  11. I like the away kit tbh, black name and numbers I assume
  12. I gotta day, the club has done some great work this off season and was concerned they were going to release a kit with navy on it. Looks to not be the case which is great news.
  13. Very good appointment on paper, I like the 3 year deal - shows he's here for the long haul and prepared to help us recreate our brand and build a dynasty (hopefully!).
  14. Ah okay, thought I remembered reading something like that a couple of years ago but could have been forum hearsay.
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