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  1. The nux vs The mighty City Sat 18th Feb 5:35

    What's worse the refereeing or the commentary?
  2. The Gallops Only Thread

    Speith has to be close to the unluckiest horse in the country. No doubt with even luck he wins both Victoria's premier WFA sprints.
  3. The Gallops Only Thread

    So effectively you've backed the 3yos at $2.40. Not sure I'd be be taking that but good luck to you. If Speith was from a big Sydney stable (Waller, O Shea Waterhouse) I think he'd be a clear favourite. Happy to be on him.
  4. City Vs Roar, Sat 11/2 - 7.50pm - AAMI

    Very proud performance. Would have paid anything to be in the north end giving it to those Roar flogs second half.
  5. The Gallops Only Thread

    Winning Rupert favourite? 😜
  6. The Gallops Only Thread

    Haha, definitely not. In saying that right at the moment after a disappointing spring from Chautauqua we are lacking an out and out champion.
  7. The Gallops Only Thread

    Haha finding this quite enjoyable.
  8. Betting/Gambling/Punting Whatever you call it

    What does the house generally take from it?
  9. The Gallops Only Thread

    I thought there was just to much discrepancy between him and Global Glamour, a filly that won probable Australia's premier 3yo fillies race just last prep. Anyway, i certainly didn't see a horse coming from a 7th in a benchmark 72 winning it.
  10. The Gallops Only Thread

    Bad bad day?
  11. Betting/Gambling/Punting Whatever you call it

    I got banned in May after exploiting Chase the bunny.
  12. Betting/Gambling/Punting Whatever you call it

    Chase the Ace back this year. Certainly not as good this year but still good money to be made for anyone with half a brain.
  13. Dean Bouzanis

    It's official. Stephan Hawking would be a better goalkeeper!
  14. The Gallops Only Thread

    The thing about Pike is that his horses generally run at under the odds. Purely because of the amount of people that follow him you rarely a fair price on one of his. Simply based on riding ability I think Sir William is in the top 5 in the country.
  15. Bruce Kamau

    I'm starting to think we'd be better with @strider in our starting XI than this bloke.