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  1. Melbourne City Fan Representative Group

    In addition to the identity question above, Why this Instead of this
  2. Melburnians (Melbourne City Active Support)

    Still don't know how this got in
  3. la roca chant??

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H6amDbAwlY To the tune of The Tequila Song Do-do do do-do do do do Do-do do do-do do do Do-do do do-do do do do Do-do do do-do do do Do do do Dooooooooo do Do do do Dooooooooo do Do do do Dooooooooo do Do-do-do-do-do-do Do LA ROCCA!
  4. Melbourne is Red White and Blue or Melbourne is Sky Blue

    It was to take the piss out of Sydney /thread
  5. Bart Schenkeveld Chant

    Bart, Bart Wherever you may be You wear clogs in your home country Could be worse, you could be a tard Ripping flares and acting hard
  6. New Chants

    Bahaha I was singing this in my head before
  7. Stickers Design

    Give @Mike or @Forever City a buzz
  8. Melburnians (Melbourne City Active Support)

    Only 90s kids will remember the milk crates
  9. Stickers Design

    Thanks to @Mike and @Forever City
  10. Memberships

    My only heart one broke off But I rock the season 1 scarf anyday
  11. Memberships

  12. Memberships

  13. Stickers Design

    Legendary! My other job just kicked in so I wont be round the imp Round 1 unfortunately
  14. Stickers Design

    My masterpieces