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  1. Home and away socks $10
  2. It was understandable after the 2012/13 season, 0 away wins. Well, 1 if you count the Round 1 derby win at Etihad. Next season the breakthrough happened Round 19 against the Nux 5-0, Willo hat trick along with that sexy Bronze In form FIFA card. Then not another away win for the rest of the season. Next season under city, using the stripes as the away tripled our away win record . Either way I still love it
  3. @Dylan
  4. The "cursed" sash Could these designs (serious ones obviously) be forwarded in the next meeting?
  5. The somewhat breeding ground we've waited for
  6. Not unless we all contribute to a.........voice. That is when the next live chat happens if ever.
  7. Oath. But I cant do it alone
  8. Closest thing would be at a FRG meeting since City "Voice" doesn't really give us one unless they hold another live chat
  9. Clean sheets for days