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  1. Pearce seems a good option... Pardew a big no. A terrible coach/manager and a right royal piece of shit of a person.
  2. What a fucking hero.
  3. Should've got a haircut ages ago. He was great tonight.
  4. Hear Cahill when he scores at the end? " That's what I do"... wanker
  5. Examine my head coz I voted for Killer. He was great again. Such a leader for us- tries his arse off every game, and such quality in the middle of the park.
  6. Fox sports gave Brattan 3 points for the Alex Tobin Medal... wtf Kilkenny and Fitzgerald for me. Tough to split them
  7. Tore Geria a new one first game. If he doesn't start tomorrow Valkanis might have to get disappeared
  8. There genuinely isn't one. If he doesn't start next week, there should be an independent inquiry
  9. This this this.. what the fucking fuck could MV be thinking with him not starting?
  10. 3-5-2 with Cahill and Bruno up front together, Brandan/Caceres at #10, Colazo and Franjic as wing backs. Or 3-4-2-1 with Cahill and Brandon/Caceres in behind Bruno. Would make us better defensively having 3 CB's (who don't attack), utilises the strengths of Franjic/Colazo crossing to Cahill and should give Bruno more opportunities to get the ball to feet though the number 10 (s).
  11. This has been happening all year, and it must be a tactical thing. At The Roar, Brattan would get the ball in the middle of the pitch from the back 4, and find passes into forwards, attacking midfielders/wingers all day long. Now, he gets stuck out on the right trying to thread low % balls through for Franjic/Kamau. We did this with Mooy a lot last year ( but he would drift left)- the difference being that Mooy was able to turn out of those corridors when hemmed in, and would then look to play Bruno's feet. Brattan's not as good on the turn/half turn as Mooy and thus gets stuck in corridors... which is why we should just play him centrally with Kilkenny. 2 of the best DM's in the league and both playing half out of position for god knows what reason!!
  12. Mauk almost never played for us...
  13. Bonavacia used to play as a CB before he came out to Wellington. Perhaps that's where we would play him? He would fit that weird CB/CDM role that Malik and Kilkenny have been playing a bit.
  14. Fuck we have to win and give Aloisi shit all game. Great stuff from JVS. How's Michael Lynch- honestly the football journo's in Australia are a pile of junk.
  15. Malik was fantastic last night- best game he has played for us for mine. Both he and Chapman looking so much better next the Jakobsen. Long may it continue!