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  1. would be amazing if active did a tifo v Brisbane, rub it in the cunts faces city stole our heart now Uefa are going to crush theirs
  2. hope colakovski gets more game time, always lively when he comes on
  3. finally got NBN the other week in our area, I wonder if there's any others that still don't have it 🙃
  4. what does my fucking head in is the amount of times he shoots from distance and doesn't get it anywhere near the goals and then the fucking around at corners where we play it short and then to jamo closer to the box so he can massively over hit the cross, just give our big guys a chance and send it directly to them from the corner ffs
  5. their whole away bay evacuated within 5 mins too, beautiful
  6. had to go digging to see if there was a pod this week, https://www.talkingcity.online/podcast-1/episode/1ffcfaaf/the-nikola-zigic-memorial-podcast
  7. fwiw their active bay and noise destroyed ours
  8. still didn't learn from last week regarding corners and putting players on posts, very lucky it was roux that had a free header starting to question him even more by the week, our game plan is putrid, we have one of if not the best st in the league and weekly we're trying to pin point dink it over cb's for him to run onto. crazy not to use subs and earlier too, noone was spent after doing nothing all game and susa pretty much the same unless drifting through the middle late in the game
  9. works like a dog but feel like end product is lacking, hoping he's still here next season (contracted but the club tends to do things that piss off the supporters)
  10. another poor derby game, thought after the 1st goal we might actually attack throughout and dominate defence was a fucking mess in the 1st half, (sick of having to watch jamo play, infuriating) hardly noticed florin after the goal right until the assist, finally one of his flicks paid off, otherwise they just result in turnovers noone is still fucking shit and should of been dragged apart from the jamo tackle on the rat, the ref couldn't of been more 1 sided tonight, just plain ignoring everything the mongs did, numerous sliding tackles from behind not copping a card and at the end another pretty bad foul in a good attacking area saw no card. jamo down in the box holding his head and the spastic cunt lets them cross it back in again content with the 3 points to hold onto 2nd for another week
  11. both, brain dead not to have players on posts
  12. dumb cunt not putting players on posts at corners
  13. bring back worst on voting
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