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  1. Waleed Aly - I for one accept our new SJW overlord

    She's a smart woman that one.
  2. TV Series

    The hype is real. Taboo - Episode 1... Crazily good!
  3. TV Series

    Mate, you haven't experienced anything yet. The last episodes are breathtakingly brilliant. After you finish the show, watch the recaps on youtube. They explain so many easter eggs and theories.
  4. TV Series

  5. Fernando Brandán Chant

    Definitely the after party tune for him. That hairstyle confirms it.
  6. Lol now I've read it all... Next we need a celebrity death match episode.
  7. Heavenly blessed trance choons

  8. A-league expansion

  9. Yoshi

    Yeah found it. He was wearing a cunt scarf at the beginning. then took it off during the game... Typical mong
  10. TV Series

    Fucking amazing!
  11. Yoshi

  12. Strider Presents - Victory derby v1

    Strong lack of 'What time's the march?' comments.
  13. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    A-League season return!!!! WooHoo!!
  14. Memberships