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  1. I thought we were clearly the better side for about 70 min tbh and they only threatened occasionally on the counter. They blew us off the park in the last 20 though, we ran out of legs big style. Gersbach was terrific imo, and Sainbury MotM. He's clearly our only international level CB at the minute.
  2. I saw those Brimmer articles too. The twitter account @adamosaussies said he'd heard strong rumours he was about to sign in Melbourne this week, but didnt know which club. Things can obv change depending on where you get a contract i guess, as well as the cash and being in the Australian eye in a World Cup year.
  3. Yeh pretty much what i think. Any of the three trophies and an ACL berth would be hard to consider a fail imo, even if not necessarily the result we want.
  4. Imo none of the above for a pass : for mine its ACL and a trophy. You'd hope we are at very last still in the race for the premiership with a couple weeks to go.
  5. Meh i thought the blame was squarely in Ryan there tbh. Was in no mans land
  6. Nevertheless the existing 14 game stint appears to still exist, although logic would say we are far more likely to use that in January when players are looking for a mid-season move and squad needs are able to be addressed via injury etc
  7. Because to everyone's knowledge, that rule doesnt exist for this season at this point in time.
  8. I think we would have been quite comfortable in keeping Retre, but when a player that isnt getting much opportunity wants to leave, its in the clubs best interest to let them leave rather than creating bad blood imo. It makes it a) easier to get a player back when the time is right and b ) easier to recruit other players when they dont think you are going to screw them over a career move at some point in the future. And lets be honest, only a serious injury crisis would see him break into anything other than a bit part player whereas at Sydney he'll get opportunity due to ACL and squad rotation. As for signings that havent happened yet, sure they might not have, but the positions 100% will be filled. There is zero chance of the club not filling its marquee and visa spots, and the sides that are being posted are speculative and realistic anyway, not pie in the sky type stuff.
  9. We def need a first choice CB and a first choice LB, after that we are pretty well covered with Tongyik (CB), Muscat (CB/FB), Pieras (FB) and if push really came to shove we have Malik, although id prefer him to be viewed solely as a back up DM. Obv another CB would be nice as cover, but tbf your 4th choice CB should only really be required once or twice per season. I'm quite confident we'll nail a visa CB with one of our remaining visa spots so if we can take Jamieson then we are sitting quite nicely imo.
  10. Only under the cap, and even then probably a no if we are getting troisi. I'd like to think our 10 will be our marquee, Troisi or otherwise, so probably not worth what it will cost us for him.
  11. No it didn't. Bloody autocorrect
  12. Yes please. Would def take Jamo. If we can cover the lb position with an aussie that's decent, its a massive get. Using the 5th visa on a winger or mid could be game charging
  13. Ask yourself why that would be? Cahill effect was applicable to ratings as well
  14. Good and Brimmer both Twitter rumours. Could be nothing, the Brimmer one looks like it has more legs. Either way if we did sign them Id have them as not best XI just yet anyway, but very handy backup options that could well cement themselves in the side once given the opportunity. The Roberts and Troisi ones have obv been a bit more substancialized. The point is more to reflect what our squad will likely look like. You can insert any name into those signing positions and still get a reasonable idea what we are looking at.
  15. Potential 1st and 2nd XI if we were to sign Troisi as marquee, resign Brattan, sign Roberts, Good and Brimmer as rumoured. I've ignored the guest spot for now. I doubt that would be used until January anyway. Galekovic Bouzanis Franjic Jakobsen Visa CB Visa LB Pieras Tongyik Good Muscat Kilkenny Malik Troisi Caceres Brattan Brimmer Fitzgerald Fornaroli Brandan Kamau Cahill Arzani/Genreau Arzani/Genreau, Delianov, Roberts, Crowley I think it highlights how important our two remaining Visa signings are in the defence, but jesus that a good squad and side.
  16. An abortion of a first half followed up with a pretty good 2nd half. Clearly better side after their 3rd goal, but should have been further down at the half. Ryan, Sainsbury and Rogic outstanding, Mooy and Behich had good second halves. How Kruse continues to get a game is beyond me. Luongo absolutely dreadful.
  17. Don't care tbh. Valkanis at least has proven himself to be a title winning assistant and will be better off for the managing experience imo, and Montemurro has done well with the women's side. IMO assistants impact is near negligible anyway when you compare them; as long as they dance to the tune that the gaffer sets then they are really there as an aid and to bounce ideas off.
  18. My only conclusion is that if the club is even half the car crash you make it out to be then you are the world's biggest masochist. The reality is closer to you just being a sook when you don't get what you want.
  19. I believe the SJW's call it 'ableist'
  20. Hope we play Manny and he breaks his legs
  21. Wrong.
  22. My take is that Joyce is certainly not a sexy or inspiring choice for manager after all of the speculation that has happened. I get people feel underwhelmed, even i am somewhat. However, firstly and probably most importantly, I'm not going to pretend im an expert on managers in England, and nor do i think any of you here are any better qualified than CFG to make that call either. Being a CFG job, there would have been squillions of applications so if the big bosses think that his application was the best out of all of them then I'll 100% back their judgement and at bare minimum give old mate Wazza a good few months before making my own personal judgement. Joyce's apprenticeship looks pretty good on paper imo and he's held in high regard at Utd. Id argue if you took the Wigan stint out it all looks pretty good tbh. On the Wigan stint, the arms race that is English football makes his stint hard to judge in my opinion and if you look at the two other managers that took over that side during that season they clearly did no better. I love the reports coming out that hes a hard but fair cunt, that is exactly what this side needs. The other side of it is that hes more of a pragmatist rather than playing the same old shit every week. IMO that clearly cost us last season as by the time November rolled around everyone had figured us out. A pragmatic coach with a good squad is in extremely good stead in the A League imo, so hopefully CFG's grand plan comes to fruition and we can all sing Wazza's name from the terraces come May.
  23. Que Sera Sera has been a Melburnians chant since our first season as City. Was used regularly early on, might have waned somewhat in the season just gone