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  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/osama-malik-reveals-apology-from-rhys-williams-after-derby-tackle/news-story/201d4be12ea8951c67a43828b976e05e
  2. Looks like Malik will be ok, in which case I'd be an advocate of an unchanged line up again, with one of Killa or Bratts replacing Tongyik on the bench.
  3. Surely Oceania should be dissolved and absorbed into Asia? Ideally id spilt Asia into West and East a la the ACL with 3 spots going to East and 2 to the West after an absorbtion of Oceania into East Asia. IMO thats a win for every party in a 32 team world cup. The intercontinental playoff can then be between CONCACAF and CONMEBOL if need be, or a meritocracy can take place and give South America the 5th spot in earnest.
  4. I agree with pretty much all of that except id start Brattan over Killa. Malik starts for mine if available, but time will tell. Bench of Carrusca, Cahill, Tongyik and Budzinski. One of Bratts or Killa to miss again. I suspect Brandan will be given a bit longer for now, until form or injury allows him into the side.
  5. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Prob not the popular opinion, but i thought Broxham's tackle was far, far worse. Not to say that i think Williams should have got away with it either though.
  6. Good start from the Mariners. Have to say their squad looks pretty decent, definitely bats deeper than Newcastle. Edit. And then a pen to Newy.
  7. Rd 2 MOTM vs Melbourne Victory

    Iacapo absolutely outstanding. Thought Malik was terrific up til his injury too. The Times, they Are a changin
  8. For the second week in a row, dont think we had a bad player. What's going on here?
  9. The Ivan Franjic thread

    Id be seriously shocked if he signed with them.
  10. The Ivan Franjic thread

    It's not that clear at all; havent seen him posting in Thrillhouse's Tightarse thread tbh...
  11. The Ivan Franjic thread

    I'd have him back on the basis that he'd make our starting XI stronger, albeit not by much. Based on his performances with us, i really only think he's a minor upgrade on Manny. In saying that, you get him back to his pre Asian Cup form and he's got serious upside. Wouldn't want to be paying him anywhere near as much as last time though tbh.
  12. The Ivan Franjic thread

    Well, well. Have we still got a spot?
  13. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Which is reasonable. All ill say though is that Jako to LB last week was a deliberate ploy by Joyce to stop Skapetis at RW and he was quite quick too. If your full backs are more defensive than attacking, perhaps pace isnt such an issue... I'm fully on the unchanged train. I think Jovan nails it in his last sentence; set the foundations for a perform and get rewarded culture now and we'll reap the benefits as the season goes on.
  14. Tim Cahill

    Lel who cares.
  15. Memberships

    Even at 9400 im staggered at how well we are doing tbh after last years abortion of a season. I still thought we'd be around normal, but not as strong as last year which was a clear outlier. Pretty good testament to how many of us are rusted on masochists i guess
  16. Memberships

    Think they said on radio last week that we'd passed 10k
  17. I wonder...

    You're mansplaining JW you mysoginist!
  18. A League Fantasy

    https://fantasy.a-league.com.au League Code : 4ENXELCA Have at it schmucks
  19. The road to the 2018 WC

    Scenes in Panama. Unbelievable stuff.
  20. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Agree. Cahill and Milligan extremely unlikely to feature now imo, and Troisi in doubt as a starter.
  21. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    imo it should start the week after the AFL regular season ends, particularly if the AFL keep persisting with the stupid week off before finals. They're probably going to have to do it anyway once expansion happens so why not, its not like its gonna lose any of the 'clear air' it supposedly was going to get by starting last week. That way we can honour international breaks as well without losing any time.
  22. This. And I think most people would agree that we have a strong squad. By that token, surely if we build a side that can defend first and foremost, we'll have the quality up front to nick more than the odd goal and do very well against all teams.
  23. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    Germans didn't like a lot of things...
  24. Brisbane Roar

    They were. Tbf, they were missing Holman, Kristensen and Beauthec though, which arguably are all in their best 5 players. This will prob come back to bite me, but i cant see Maccarone being a success in the A League. What the a league lacks in technical ability it more than makes up for in athleticism; the italian looks way too slow here.