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  1. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    TTIM : People that clap at the movies. Spare me.
  2. Cant help but feel last nights result was utterly undeserved for all parties. The old good sides find a way to win with Sydney rings true, but i really dont think they deserved shit out of that last night. Was pretty happy with our performance all things considered. Happy with goal line technology, but VAR needs to go. It's not helping the game whatsoever.
  3. Oh wait Alex Jones. I dont think anyone, even conservatives, takes him seriously do they?
  4. No trigger warnings, have a week off son.
  5. Safe Spaces? Or should we have trigger warnings on each post?
  6. It's quite likely if the first game is anything to go by. Obviously my preference too is beautiful attacking football over dour defensive stuff, but i still get a kick out of quality defending and i'll certainly take results over a beautiful 3-2 loss, esp given the lack of success this club has had over the journey. And no-one wants the forum to become a City cheerleading site either, being critical is encouraged from my point of view. I would certainly rather hear everyones different take on things than it become an echo chamber. What I think doesnt help is being one-eyed, whether thats in the positive or negative sense and seeing everything one individual does as solely good or solely bad.
  7. Spud of the Match - Rd 10 vs CCM

    Haha point taken. Look he probably has been, but he's still the same bloke that was running around as defensive liability for us. He's a good player no doubt, but I dont think he's so good that we have to worry about him more offensively than he does about whoever is playing wing for us.
  8. Spud of the Match - Rd 10 vs CCM

    Yeh i do. As i mentioned, i think Wazza is the gaffer that generally rewards performance and our right side was very strong last week, particularly in the first 60 min. I think Muscat would have replaced Malik had Malik not played so well last week at RB, but given his performance i'd suggest he'll be given first shot at it. In saying that there's def a distinct possibility that Manny regains that spot. For RW i highly doubt we make an abnormal change there. Theyll ensure its attacking per normal imo, so if Atkinson is to miss, it will be for Arzani imo. I wouldnt rule it out completely, but i really dont think theyll change the midfield three of Jako, Bratts and Mauky after last week. Eh you have to faith in him imo and i think he has the tank and speed to run with his full back for an hour. It's Michael Zullo, not Jordi Alba
  9. Not necessarily that one in particular, but because you dont like his/our playing style i think you've been very over-critical of a lot of aspect of his coaching. Do you disagree? I've no doubt that we'll set up to defend and counter, much the same as Sydney normally do, and as we've done all season.
  10. Spud of the Match - Rd 10 vs CCM

    Eh i dont think that's even the case. I think his performances this season have generally been good, plus he's a ripping bloke and puts the effort in every day of the week, so its no surprise to me that he keeps getting selected. Is he better than some of the other players? Probably not but sometimes its better to give the player that does the right things the opportunity rather than the more talented but less hard-working types, provided they cut the mustard on the field of course. I think Wazza likes to generally reward performance, hence why we've generally kept the same XI. For that reason i think we'll go unchanged this week and Muscat will stay on the bench, although iirc Manny played really well against Sydney 5 weeks ago. For mine the only person i see him coming back in for is Ossie tho.
  11. Spud of the Match - Rd 10 vs CCM

    It is and has to be considered. In his defence i think you can probably argue both reds were harsh, but nevertheless, noone else has a red, let alone two.
  12. Geez you've turned into a bitter old woman lately. Maybe you're turning into a proper Melbchester fan...
  13. Business and Investing

    Just stick to stocks mate.
  14. Manny and Killa into the squad, Bruce sidelined for another week. Unchanged for mine, with Manny to replace Ruon on the bench. Tight and tough 1-1 imo, Ross from the spot for us.
  15. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    Fair enough, we all see it different. I do recall Perth giving us a bit before the final last year about our midfielders being lazy defensively fwiw.
  16. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    Honestly i dont get how anyone without a vested interest gets that passionate or staunch about either side tbh. Their as bad as each other when it comes to their propaganda and low acts, and both sides have legitimate points in their defence. It's clearly not black and white, so to side with either kinda seems pointless overall other than to force a result.
  17. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    Im not overly surprised with Kilkenny, and to a lesser degree Brattan. If you rewind back to the second half of last season we used to always get criticised for our midfielders not working both ways. Killa and Bratts were the main two culprits, despite whatever they brought to the table from an attacking sense. Chuck in Killa's attitude at times and it not surprising he'd fall out. In saying that I'm still of the opinion he's out of the side because he cracked the shits about not being treated above everyone else; as in thought he should have been in the side despite the players replacing him 'cutting the mustard' so to speak. Bratts on the other hand has worked really hard to lose his weight and do everything possible for selection, and now that the wheel has finally turned and an opportunity presented itself, he's found himself back in and taking his chance.
  18. Talking City Fan Channel

    My assumption is that he must have been the one old mate Delbridge must have kicked.
  19. Talking City Fan Channel

    Bruce has a slight knee strain. He 100% wasnt dropped
  20. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    Doubt it with the guest marquee as i dont reckon he's bringing numbers through the gate so doesnt meet the criteria. Best chance is either to replace Bud, or to replace Brandan under the cap on a renegotiated deal. I get the thing with Bruno, but tbh i think Bruno is flexible enough to play as a 10, a winger, a target man or a out and out striker so i think it'd work just fine. You never know though until you see it i guess.