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  1. Talking City Fan Channel

    Well i think most people would have thought it prudent to allocate our marquee spot to a 10 given it was our weakness last year, and even though Caceras had shown that he was capable there, he'd not set the world on fire. Mauk was prob not a required signing, but i dont have any problem with picking up a player for near nothing that has the ability to better our squad, irrespective of who else we have in the position. The only issue with having too many players for a particular spot is having to manage them and keep them happy with limited game time, an issue that Joyce has quite arguably had difficulty in doing this season. Not sure that's a particularly fair criticism in the case of Caceras however.
  2. City vs WSW, 7;50 @AAMI Park. Must win game.

    Bouzanis Atkinson Schenkeveld Jakobsen Jamieson Bozanic Brattan Mauk Arzani Fornaroli Vidosic SUBS : Galekovic Budzinski Delbridge Muscat Fitzgerald I think we'll go completely unchanged although i'd like to see Genreau in over one of Manny or Delbridge. Think we'll play well and take a 2-0 win, but who knows. WSW seem to always play well against us, a bit of a bogey team like Perth.
  3. Talking City Fan Channel

    I'd suggest he also saw the signings of Bud and Mauk as direct competition and may have thought he might find game time limited.
  4. Talking City Fan Channel

    Yeh definitely. And i'd love to see him do well, i really would. He definitely improved in the back half of last season, but regardless we were all baying for a quality 10 at the end of the season.
  5. Talking City Fan Channel

    Hmm i was looking forward to seeing how he'd go this season tbf because i did think he had some genuine upside in him. On the flipside, his output was always fairly meh for us as well, which i think a lot of people tend to forget (or in the case of a few rosey eyed forum members were unable to see). I'd welcome him back no probs, but i wont be convinced he's 'the answer' until he proves it on the pitch.
  6. I wonder...

    Free cigars and feet allowed on seats all night...
  7. The Run Home and Realistic Expectations

    Haha i know, just being Devil's Advocate. Anyway, i think ive found a wikipedia page that sums up the forum succinctly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negativity_bias
  8. Good start from the Mariners. Have to say their squad looks pretty decent, definitely bats deeper than Newcastle. Edit. And then a pen to Newy.
  9. The Run Home and Realistic Expectations

    Come now @n i k o. On that logic we'd have not lost another game after round 4...
  10. City vs WSW, 7;50 @AAMI Park. Must win game.

    Well all we can do is hope this year will be different! God. Please. Anyone.
  11. The Run Home and Realistic Expectations

    Our draw, moreso than Victory imo is more doable. Two home games against bottom half sides and the bottom team away are all should win games. Like you though, my confidence is not high that we'll take all 9 from those encounters. This weeks game is the one that concerns me the most tbh. Win that and i think the mood should lift somewhat around the traps.
  12. The Run Home and Realistic Expectations

    I'll stand by my call that 9 points will get it done although CCM have done us no favours in terms of GD on the weekend.
  13. Domestic Politics

    The franking credit refund isnt a rort though, it's ensuring the individual is paying the correct amount of tax, and is duly refunded their franking credits (pre-paid tax if you like). Re housing prices ; To keep it simple; if people's dividend returns are being slashed by 30%, then they'll invest in an alternative with a better return. This is likely to be in the property market. More demand with the same supply means prices go up. SMSF are not the only investors in shares; there's plenty of individuals too. Look if people think the rich or middle class should be paying more tax then fair enough, lets have that discussion and look at income tax rates. Backdooring everyone, esp low to middle income earners via a franking credit theft isnt the fair way to go about. No that i support it either, but at least scrapping negative gearing made sense.
  14. Domestic Politics

    Tbh i think the most humorous part is that if they were to bring it in, they'd likely cause house prices up even further as more people look to invest there. All Bill had to do was sit there and shut up and he was going to be PM. He's fucked it up monumentally with one of the worst tax policies to hit modern Australia in any serious fashion.
  15. Thought Stef was dreadful tbh, but scored so that's his saving grace. No-one had a stinker for mine but Bozanic would want to show a hell of a lot more.
  16. MOTM Rd 23 vs Adelaide

    Bart exemplary for mine. Brattan incredibly stiff.
  17. As usual, i want a win. But in a pragmatic sense win our two home games and in Welly, and draw tonight and that gets us our 10 in the most likely way.
  18. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    I don't think its fair to label Dutton racist based on the comments, but i agree with you that its a discriminatory statement. The South Africa thing is obviously resonating closer to home here as its an English speaking country that is having 'people like us' being raped and murdered based purely on skin colour. It scares us more because it doesnt seem as far removed as the 'brown people in the middle east that prey 5 times a day and live nothing like us.' It's why when atrocities are committed in Western countries they are well publicised, but not so much when its countries with clear cultural differences. But to be fair the same thing is happening to Kurds in Turkey and Syria, the Coptic Christians in Egypt and Jews in the Middle East. It's definitely a double standard and not one that we should be basing our refugee allocations on.
  19. Domestic Politics

    Geez the amount of morons coming on the radio etc to have their piece on Bill's franking credit cash grab when they dont even understand how the bloody tax system works is doing my head in.
  20. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    Thing is i agree with everything you say, other than your final judgement, which imo is very harsh. If C is a bare pass then that what Wazza is ontrack for imo. The final 6-8 games decide where it ends up between B-D.
  21. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    Yeh when you hear stats bandied around like the other teams to go 4 from 4 its hard not to get a bit excited. As valid as your point is about our run since round 5, i also think cherry picking those periods is a bit unfair too. For example you could change it to since the NYD disaster in Western Sydney we have won 4 drawn 2 and lost 3, which looks infinitely better. After our win at Brisbane a month ago we looked the goods to on with it, only to crash and burn again. Realistically i think you can probably only assess fairly over the entire season and where we sit. Ultimately if we finish 3rd and make a GF i think most people will be happy with our progress, with an eye to going a step further next season. If we finish 4th and bomb out again we'll all be as frustrated as ever and pissed off with another wasted season. I guess i'm trying to note that there is a distinct difference between a pass mark, what you hope/strive for and then your 'expectations' of what will happen.
  22. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    What were your expectations? I assume most people would have seen ACL qualification as a bare pass, with one trophy as a mark of a good season? I do recall however that everyone was ridiculously gloomy on City going into the season, probably mostly due to that FFA Cup game v Sydney.
  23. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Probably. But it could also be indicative of someone with a spine (something we've severely lacked in our first 7 seasons) sorting the wheat from the chaff. Only time will tell.
  24. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    I think this is a good post in regards to the far less posted other side of the argument. No doubt Wazza has had some issues and he needs to iron those out, but Rome wasn't built in a day i guess. We have 6-8 games for the season, let's make an assessment at the end (cos let's face it, no matter what he aint going to be sacked prior to the completion of the season) because lets be honest, his season will be assessed on how we end up, not the journey.