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  1. The FFA Management thread

    I dunno i think you could look at someone like Arzani in the opening month, or even last season. He was still highly rated, but I would have struggled to make a case for him in the match day squad when you looked at the players he was up against. These kids don't have the benefit of exposed form at the level that more senior players do, so they often dont get the opportunity until injuries strike. Last season would have been a good example where we could have perhaps farmed him out to CCM for six weeks at the end of the season, giving him a chance to play at the level, boosting the CCM side and us ensuring our 'asset' remained ours, and got a bit of valuable experience in the mean time. I appreciate the argument re releasing players to other clubs, but i kinda feel that's not necessarily optimal, and doesnt encapsulate the youth with more ability either. For example, John Roberts wasn't able to break in as striker when we didnt have one and played Bud there, nor was he able to at WSW whereas Arzani would have almost certainly have played at other clubs last season had he been allowed, but we were never going to let him go for nothing unless he was absolutely demanding to, and even then, he's risking his future by leaving the club that can get him the best pathway to Europe.
  2. Yep i suppose i'm a person that is intrigued by tactics and approaches to games, at least at a basic level, so i find caginess etc to be an enthralling arm wrestle. That's obv not how everyone sees it, and obv as a neutral that can be harder to watch too. Tbh its clearly obv style plays a much bigger part in people's perceptions of the game, and conversely interest levels than it would for me personally, i guess i kinda think the factor is also a bit overstated too when it comes to metrics though. IMO the effect of a negative style is more echoed in sentiment than actual attendances and eyes watching if its actually producing results. Anyways, i kinda went slightly off topic with what i was getting at; that a distinctive style (a la barca etc) is what means nothing to me as opposed to simply attacking v defensive etc
  3. Agree with most of this, although the playing style thing has always been one that intrigues me. For me, i just want us to win. Obv attacking football is nicer than defensive but given the choice it isnt a hard one for me, and secondary to that, attacking football can come in so many guises (see Leicester v City v Barcelona). A distinct style is kinda irrelevant to me personally, unless its park the bus stuff, which we've never done (even R 1-5, which was defensive, but hardly park bus category). In saying that, that's a personal opinion and i'm aware there are some people who are obsessed with style etc (see Okon fanboys) and care about it more than results somewhat.
  4. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    No thanks. Couldn't get game time at the Jets for whatever reason so cant see why we'd want him.
  5. The road to the 2018 WC

    I guess the question now is who are the final three to get cut. Ruka, Troisi and Brillante for mine. Troisi or Petratos will be the main contention imo.
  6. Is this the 2018 off season version of the annual In or Out Bring back Red and White thread? In before Morphine shows up with another long winded i'm done post....
  7. Aim/goal and pass mark arent the same imo. Realistically ACL qualification will always be a bare pass. I think fans will be very disappointed without a trophy however
  8. Good start from the Mariners. Have to say their squad looks pretty decent, definitely bats deeper than Newcastle. Edit. And then a pen to Newy.
  9. BT50's Dad Joke Thread

    In celebration of my imminent qualification, heres a thread for your best (and worst) dad jokes. Here's a couple to kick it off. Why'd the Mexican push his wife off a cliff? Tequila A grasshopper walks into a bar. The bartender looks at him excitably and says "Hey, we have a drink named after you!" The grasshopper raises an eyebrow and says "what? Kevin?"
  10. Given his injury history i dont think he'd risk not playing again due to a contract dispute and imo he'll go the year after no matter what, so imo we should simply hold him to his contract, or offer him a modest increase under the cap. Anything more is overkill for me. If he wants a more serious improvement on his deal it can be factored in upon a further commitment.
  11. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/andres-iniesta-linked-with-move-to-the-aleague/news-story/2688f878b3c192d61574f2df8b8b4d86 Lel. 'Ere we go again.
  12. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Haha this is the post to beat so far
  13. Now that the dust has settled, ultimately a fail as I said at the start of the season that ACL qualification was the bare pass mark. IMO we made some good strides forward this season; quite often you need to take a step back to take a few good ones forward and i think we are now very well positioned, moreso than at any point in our history to have a real crack at one of the big two trophies. We had our highest ever finish and got as close to a GF berth as we have ever done as well. We have a real emergence of youth in Arzani and Atkinson, as well as Genreau, Najjarine and now Danny De Silva to get crowds excited in 2018-19, we appear to have turned around our cultural issues (obviously subjective, but i feel the team's vibe is vastly different to that of 12 months ago) and we'll be heading into the new season with at this stage what appears to be our starting XI from the semi final largely retained, with cap space and visa slots to add to it. On the negative side there obv remains the questions around the gaffer in his management of ego's and in some regards tactically, and the club will be hoping it can rekindle some of the interest that appears to be lost across the league this year, and the end result being that despite all our cultural 'progress' we still missed our set aim, albeit in circumstances that have never before eventuated in A League history. So in the end, the season goes down as a fail, but with some very positive things to take out of the season.
  14. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Indeed, but we havent managed to find the balance of attack and defence with the title winning squad yet. My belief is that we've gotten the closest to that as we have in our history this year, but it came at the expense of the title winning squad. And tbh, routinely failing with our 2nd marquee has ultimately held us back in the City era. Crucial to get that right. "Hopefully", Joyce's own team alongside his approach will be the ultimate cure. I know quite a few dont like Joyce, and whilst i note he has a few short-comings, i ultimately think he can steer us to the title. I certainly dont think he's any less capable as a manger than say Mike Mulvey or Kevin Muscat have displayed in their times as title winning gaffers. IMO with us now missing out on ACL then the best 16 approach + youth is now the way to go. Had ACL been on the table perhaps a two players for every possie approach would have been understandable, but as we failed we should be doing everythingto secure regular season supremacy.
  15. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    For me we should be looking at releasing Bud and targeting a marquee visa winger, and looking to resign Bratts and Malik. Not overly fussed with Bozanic either way, but happy with one of him or Mauk as a backup option if the price is right. Im not fussed whether Jako is retained if we get Gulum, but should that eventuate the fifth visa can be a cheap 'punt' option in any of the positions the gaffer feels necessary to cover. Visas should end up as Bart, Bruno, Marquee Winger, DM and Jakobsen/punt. For me our front 4 should be 5 quality players, given you are likely to nearly always have at least one injury/suspension and Dario and Bruno provide the flexibility to play in all 4 positions Ideally the side looks something like this; Bouzanis Atkinson Schenkeveld Gulum/Jako Jamieson Brattan Visa De Silva Arzani Fornaroli Marquee Visa SUBS : Galekovic Vidosic Visa Malik Mauk/Bozanic Additional : Delianov (GK) La Rocca Najjar Genreau Najaarine Delbridge Pierias IMO thats a title winning side if you nail the marquee in particular
  16. Yeh look i wouldnt personally have tweeted it, but getting upset about someone being humble is pretty childish imo. Note the difference between being unperturbed and upset.
  17. Yep, all the time. I just don't react like a child when things dont go my way.
  18. Lol at anyone grumbling over that tweet. Its stock standard, grow up.
  19. I doubt anyone here is content with 3rd place. That doesnt undo the belief that many have, myself included that we have made progress. The two are not inextricably linked.
  20. Lol that's not extortion. It's rewarding the fans who's loyalty isnt dependant on any outside factor, as well as ensuring the club has cash flow from May and not September. No-one is holding a gun to your head.
  21. David Squires Appreciation Thread

    Meh. Far from his best imo.
  22. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    It is. Hes a lynch pin for them. In saying that, first game back after a long lay off means hes susceptible. Vargas hasn't recaptured his early season form yet either