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  1. Only played 6 games in each of the last two seasons, not a risk we need to take for mine.
  2. Haha this.
  3. I do love that having a plain blue kit means we accept mediocrity though. If only someone at head office was able to come up with an intricate, success striving kit like this one....
  4. Regardless of whether i agree with it or not, the very basic logic makes sense really. A MP or senator that doesnt have dual nationality doesnt have a conflict of interest. Simples.
  5. IMO the perfect response would be something like: "Look James is a great player and we'd have loved to have him because he would have filled a role well. But at the end of the day, if he was too scared to face the wrath of his old clubs fans, perhaps he didn't have the character required to be a player here at City after all"
  6. Should be renamed 'The Marxist Review"
  7. I dare say your leanings are taken into consideration as part of the interview process when they hire you.
  8. Technically they are probably different spots tbf but yeh look Malloy is probably right, yet who knows whether the FFA thought about little loopholes like that when writing up the rules.
  9. Augustine Sokan?
  10. I'm 100% City v anyone in a competitive game at AAMI would have got more. Prob around 4-4.5k imo. I get the quality thing you are saying, but i also think thats a bit of a jump to say that they'd get x amount more if they were in the top div. They might well, but imo a lot of South fans think they have all these chickens in the bag before theyve hatched yet. You're 100% with onfield thing, I'm more commenting on the off-field, which imo is very underwhelming for a club that is making a concerted effort as to why they should be admitted to the A-League.
  11. Purely speculation but you'd have to think he would still qualify given he's still the biggest Aus name out there bar maybe Mooy.
  12. Pretty much the opposite to the sorts that go on that show then. Chin up lad.