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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Griffiths would have got pretty good coin when he was in Uzbekistan imo. IIRC he was the record transfer fee for the A League for a period.
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    That might be the play, reading between the lines. It would seem to me that Bratts would rather stay here than go to another A League club if he could.
  3. 19/20 Puma Kits

    Both good but not great imo. Dont love the blue shorts tho if im honest
  4. 19/20 Puma Kits

    Prob trying to hype it up as a 10 year anniversary kit imo
  5. Memberships/Season Tickets

    Hmm when i do that it shows the seats, but not whats sold and whats not. Anyways i dont care enough to pursue it further than that but was mildly curious. Edit: Nevermind, there's a tab called seating availability
  6. The FFA Management thread

    Its independent by then so shouldn't matter. I'd say he's simply seeing the transition process through.
  7. Memberships/Season Tickets

    How do you tell?
  8. Javier Cabrera

    And that friends, is how you respectfully disagree with each other Not sure what to make of Cabrera as a signing. South Americans are generally pretty hit or miss in this league as a rule and its difficult to judge whether we will play him as a 10 or a RW. Here's hoping.
  9. Javier Cabrera

    Nah he was around for a bit. Difference in philosophy was the stated reason.
  10. Javier Cabrera

    Except you don't know what went down in either situation and neither do I. That said, obviously whatever the approach was it didnt work, but it certainly doesnt mean that theres no fault attributable to the players either. Hopefully you're spot on re the second point and this is the beginning of our golden era
  11. Javier Cabrera

    Disagree tbh. For one, the situation came about from Bruno not adhering to standards that playing group set, and then refusing to apologize or fall in line after the initial discretion(s). Now i totally disagree with those standards tbh, i think theyre far too restrictive in a league like this. And whilst the playing group might have set them, my experience with those sort of things is that they are designed in a way that players set things that the coach wants to hear, or what the players think the coach wants to hear anyway, not necessarily what people will actually be prepared to do in real life. Nevertheless, that was what was in place and he effectively shat on his teammates by refusing to even acknowledge he fucked up. Im sure they'd have been understanding with a simple apology, you know, alright you cocked up but who cares, do better next time kinda thing. The second point is that whilst we all might suspect some things in regards to yes men and how the conversations went down, at the end of the day we are totally speculating how that unfolded. Maybe Bruno wanted to fix it and sit down earnestly, maybe he turned his nose up at it. We don't know much, other than Joyce's track record and the associated assumptions, which ultimately imo shouldnt determine the outcome. It certainly wouldnt in a court of law. FWIW i don't believe Joyce wanted to be surrounded by Yes Men, imo he was happy to discuss and debate approaches, but i think once something was agreed upon then he was ruthless in enforcing that. The problem is that some of those things are agreed upon because they sound like the right thing to do, esp in a group context, and to speak out seems like you aren't committed. But they are ultimately too draconian in practice.
  12. Javier Cabrera

    Look there's no secret i totally disagree with Joyce's strategy and approach to the game, especially down here. Players are people too and very few enjoy that military style discipline, esp when they likely could earn better dosh elsewhere. But that said, throwing your toys out of the cot the way Bruno did is hardly professional either, and at the end of the day they were the standards the playing group set, Joyce was just the enforcer. And again, Joyce did himself no favours by being a terrible communicator when it comes to that stuff either. The blame is on both 100%, it just annoys me when people treat Bruno as if he was some can't do no wrong demi-god when it was his petulance that was one of the key ingredients to the shitstorm.
  13. Good luck to him, nice bloke just a dud head coach.
  14. 19/20 Puma Kits

    Yeh well its clearly not that exactly going by the picture.