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  1. 18/19 Prediction Thread

    Toivonen's returns since 2014 have been modest at best and he struggled to get a game with Toulouse who were very nearly relegated last year. I'm not saying he'll be a flop, i think he'll do ok but I certainly don't think he's the signing many are making him out to be. Let's not forget that Robbie Kruse has played at the World Cup too. Powerhouses such as Apollon Limmasol play Europa league too. I def don't think his CV is as good aa RDL's tbh, who played 12 games in half a season in Premier League winning side, and then went on to lead a championship side to the title as well in the following six months. That was only 2 seasons ago. Admittedly his two years since have been unimpressive on paper too, although injury accounts for a decent chunk of that and the rest, well Villa's issues under Steve Bruce have been clearly documented. Our signings have gone under the radar because theyre mostly defenders and not 'names'. 30 something names have generally been hyped in the A League, but hardly brought success.
  2. Memberships

    In large part yes i think.
  3. Memberships

    Fwiw i was referring to the first home game. To my knowledge the club delays the order as long as possible so they can order them in bulk and save on costs and administrative time. For example its easier, cheaper and quicker for them to wait until they have 5,000 members at 1 September and do them all at once, than to send off for 2,500 members at 1 August and another 2,500 on Sep 1. Not saying thats the right approach to take at all, but thats why it happens.
  4. Memberships

    Im not saying theyre doing a good job or anything in respect to getting these out, but provided they come a week before the first game i really get my head around people actually getting annoyed about it. Lifes too short to worry about something that irrelevant.
  5. Memberships

    First game isnt until the 2nd. Who cares.
  6. 18/19 Prediction Thread

    Mostly i think thats just cos we keep not signing big names. IIRC many didnt tip us to make the 6 last year either, even though we were clearly stronger on paper going into the season. Besides that point, it's staggered me that Toivonen has got a stack more press and hype than De Laet. RDL might be an interesting choice for a marquee given he's a defensive player, but he's far more proven at a good level than Toivonen. I mean fair enough a little bit, given he's a striker and played at the WC, but imo RDL and all our signings really have gone well under the radar this year.
  7. Tbf even we had no idea if he'd be any good until Friday...
  8. Well strike me lucky so he is.
  9. Hes the womens coach actually.
  10. Dont reckon theres any chance Bacchus is in front of Griffiths, but it def wouldnt surprise me if Wales gets the nod over Dario after imo, and i think Wazzas opinion too, an impressive pre season. One of Florin, Dario and Wales will be stiff to start bench imo.
  11. I reckon Florin is an outside chance of starting this one, and will almost certainly feature off the bench given MOH is injured. XI as per @Inchcolm above imo, with Berenguer, Galekovic, Caceres all certain to make the squad. Final two could be a bit of a lottery given the players away, but obv Malik, La Rocca and Good if theyre available and perhaps Bahhus or one of the kids not on Aust duty.
  12. 18/19 Prediction Thread

    1 ) City Sydney Perth Victory Newcastle CCM Adelaide Brisbane WSW Nix 2) City 3) Fornaroli 4) Babbel 5) City defence to ship less than 20 goals for the season 6) Absolutely nothing between the top 4 but City to edge it with the league's best defence. We'll have a raft of 1-0 wins, largely scored by Fornaroli and be labelled dull and boring to watch, but ultimately keep getting it done.
  13. That time of the year again. 1) Ladder Order 2) Champion 3) Golden Boot Winner 4) First coach sacked (after the actual season starts) 5) Bold Prediction 6) Sum up City's season and finishing position