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  1. If we let Florin go then yes we could do that i think. I think if we were to let another player go that opened up enough space under the cap to bring Florin under you could also do that as well, provided Florins wage stays consistent. The only issue you would have re changing marquees would be say paying Florin 200k for the next two weeks and then paying 10k or something thereafter in an attempt to cheat the marquee rules.
  2. Sort of, what it means is we are paying the full cap of say 3 mil, then amount x for JMac and amount y for Florin. Realistic figures might mean our net spend might be 3 mil + 800k + 500k, being a total of 4.3mil. Now you could def put out a good argument that our 2nd marquee should be in the 800k+ bracket as well if we are wanting to make a real difference, but then again its always easier to spend someones elses money too.
  3. Yes. i cant think of any better week to take advantage of no competition, at a point where supporters of 10 other clubs are looking for something else to focus on. Not that i particularly think there's a mammoth amount of overlap anyway, you can def follow both at once.
  4. IMO the A League should start the week of the AFL pre-season bye, assuming the AFL want to persist with that idiocy.
  5. 100%. To be even clearer, he hasnt been 'promoted' to that spot per se, but rather allocated to that spot as the second highest earner, which is a carry over from a HEAVILY backended deal.
  6. Good performances all round imo. Ramy got himself into position and had some good moments, but he needs to be far better than that in fron t of goal if he wants to rust himself into that XI. Thought Metcalfe was ok, nothing special. Florin was a bit like Ramy, had some really nice moments but let himself down with the final ball on quite a few occasions. Brillante is a super signing imo. He's no frills, but he reads the play like a book and has an uncanny ability to pick the best option in transition. Obv Noone and Delbo were outstanding also. The gaffer had a terrific proper debut imo; the style and approach was really good to watch. We looked like we had all the time in the world with it and like we weren't even out of 2nd gear, whilst looking very organised at the back on most occasions. Plenty of things to be optimistic about dare i say it.
  7. The club that hosts the final is drawn out of the hat now. They're binned the fixing of the venue, as they should have
  8. Ramy has had a good pre-season so far and is duly being rewarded. Hope he takes his chance tonight.
  9. Tbh if you cant show the product in its actual form because you think its substandard then you've got bigger problems. The show you've got already exists on Foxtel called the A League hour. I could be wrong, but i'm reasonably sure that show was aired on SBS there for a period too and rated even poorer than the matches. That sort of program to me is now for those that love the league but cant watch every game in the weekend, and those that thrive off the analysis of their teams performance each week. The days of watching a hoghlights package on a Monday that wraps up the weekend purely to find out the scores are nearing an end; most of todays society has access almost instantly to that via a hand held device that has effectively become another organ.
  10. You're fully entitled to an opinion of course, but if love to hear in what possible way you could think a highlights package is a better way of promoting the game than actually having the game live on FTA?
  11. This one of the dumber things you've posted tbh JW
  12. bt50


    I don't think WU have a stronger side than us, on paper anyway. Not even that close tbh. BUT games arent won on paper are they Andy. Agree with the three vic clubs being strong though, add the two Sydney clubs and that's your top 5 imo.
  13. That's sacrilege you CFG apologist.
  14. Because you're damned if you do and damned if you dont. People find out about them and then complain that the club isnt being transparent, see previous posts and facebook threads for evidence of that. At the end of the day all the club can do atm is manage it in a way that tries to strike the balance.
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