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  1. Meredith signed at Millwall.
  2. No-one is giving you an ultimatum. But surely you realised this was coming at least a season ago, if not more? It could hardly come as a shock. Its been done to death on this forum but the colour/name change stuff is old news, most people have come to the conclusion that you either come to terms with it or walk away.
  3. Dont think a colour rant counts for much at this point in time, unless you were surprised by the inevitable. In which case your IQ would be better suited to being a Victory fan.
  4. Absolutely agree, although i meant the season before when Adelaide won. This season different case entirely.
  5. I guess the biggest thing when you look at that is how bad a run we've had with injuries to our visa players. Probably cost us the title last season imo.
  6. Would probably mean Bruno moving to a wing if true. Or potentially two up front. Which Novillo-style might work well in our favour. A winger that offers serious technical threat has worked wonder in the A-League previously.
  7. haha fair enough in your situation too
  8. Fair enough. Tbh i dont think CFG would care to much about rivalry when it comes to their other clubs. They seem too professional for that for mine.
  9. ??? Carlos Tevez springs to mind. Besides Moyes will always be thought of as an Everton man. IMO he'd be bloody good here.
  10. Isnt there a thing where you can 'unfollow' so that their stuff doesnt come up on your wall, but you're still friends and can see their stuff if you click on the link?
  11. I honestly dont think Its any better than ours. The difference is the participation and execution, which makes any football song seem better than it is. Our biggest problem is the lack of buy in from outside the active area. And tbh i doubt it'll ever catch on properly until we start getting enough at games to hear it loudly enough.
  12. He's a good and important player for the NT, he's generally played well for us however the knock on him is he doesnt score enough. Hopefully that will begin to turn a bit now he's started to break through a bit. He's certainly far more effective as a player than Kruse in our setup.
  13. Biting off your nose to spite your face much!