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  1. Great minds. Fact : Journo's are fucking pricks.
  2. He might miss as many, but he still scored 9 more than he did.
  3. I think Noone was probably more of a crosser and assister whereas Nabbout is an out and out goal scoring winger. Tends to have more impact in this league, perhaps due to the finishing ability.
  4. Only needs to stay one season for us to win the league and the ACL
  5. Ive always viewed him as a winger that can play centrally. Imo a player of his calibre, a quick powerful player that can cross and shoot is the perfect A League winger. Hes such a goal scoring threat that the defence have to put time into him and consequently the striker gets that bit more time and space. Also gives a heap more space to the other winger. Id argue we have only ever had one winger like that ever, being Novillo. Leroy George is arguably one of the best the league has seen on the wing and was also similar. The other terrific thing about him, as you say is that he can play central. Thats almost the perfect insurance policy if Jmac is injured or in international duty. Most important thing for Nabbout is to get fit again imo but might be a bit easier to be and stay motivated at a contending club than one loitering at the foot of the table
  6. Nabbout is a better player than both when fit. Keep him away from one of our major sponsors and he'd be a great get.
  7. Reads like its been written by a 5 year old.
  8. You can absolutely put that one in the bullshit category. Bunch of mates with an in joke making up a rumour.
  9. Sort of, but yes. I wouldnt say so much of a glorified youth league as a league more in line with the rest of the world; big guns at the top and a focus on youth in the lower clubs to generate profits. Imo thats a better product to sell, and maybe to watch too. In the end, watching the next prospective socceroo get a crack is far better than filling gaps with a Jason Trefiro etc
  10. Id pencil it in that the two grand finalists will be the only horses in the race
  11. what about if the take the knee but every player has to get a southern cross tattoo. that should tick all the boxes yeh?
  12. Totally agree. I also think our 'valuation' of Natty pre COVID and post season are probably light years apart. He really kicked on in the back end of the season and even taking salary cap out of the equation, id suggest most clubs worldwide dont like paying more than they think a player is actually worth. Money is one aspect obviously, but i'm sure the fact that his destination club has gone from being that to a total joke in the space of a few months doesnt warm his cockles either.
  13. I think its quite possible that there's conflicting views between the clubs though, and for any one club to put a statement out sort of promotes the view that they're not a united front, which is probably the last thing the clubs want to portray publically. I totally get its frustrating and that the radio silence lends itself to speculation, which often doesnt help anyone, but i also think if things were so simple as a press release then the clubs would just do it.
  14. I'd be wary of the way its being framed tbh. For example a club might pay its wages monthly on the 20th, and the journos can say that said club hasn't paid anything to its players this month. It's not factually incorrect, but its also intentionally misleading. It could be unintentionally misleading too. ie Journo simply asks player if theyd been paid this month, player says no. No one has lied but people assume eg. There's also the factor of the salary cap at play and paying players 100% only for the cap to be cut could be problematic in terms of then complying with the cap. I don't know all the factors at play, and i'm pretty sure no-one does but i suppose i'd be wary of accusing anyone of anything, or presuming their intentions without a full set of facts at play. It's certainly possible we are screwing players down, but its equally possible, perhaps more likely based on our previous positions, that we are just making sure we don't find ourselves in a spot where we can't get out of.
  15. Well fwiw, i don't think there's much chance if any that we are doing this as a cost cutting exercise, if its even true at all. But either way, no one knows whats going on with any degree of clarity other than the involved parties, especially old mate Dave Lewis at TWG who is probably the worst football 'journo' going round.
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