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  1. I do kind of agree with this, but i think you need to be careful where you draw that line of poor performance to be dropped. A situation where you have a totally different XI each week can be counterproductive when it comes to consistency, which ultimately is what you are trying to create.
  2. The voice of reason. I also think this is the most likely scenario. The Glory are gash at the back at the minute and only really offer anything in the attacking department. With Castro likely out it makes sense to first make sure we dont concede, because we'll more than likely get quite a few chances against what is probably the worst defence in the league.
  3. Tim Cahill

    Not sure how much of this Cahill stuff i believe and how much is hyperbole, but it's certainly an unwanted distraction. At the end of the day, and i say this as one as one of Timmy’s greatest fans (hell he was the reason I started following Everton back in the mid 2000’s and he’s a legend of the Roos setup), but if he is going to try to go down this path of blackballing the club, I hope we tell him in no uncertain terms that he’ll be staying here and seeing out this season unless a transfer fee of a fair significance is met. Letting him take the money and run after last years front ended contract is an absolute no-no for me, and if no one is going to meet our required figure then he stays. If he wants to play up and cause issues because of that, he can sit on the sidelines and rot. It’s a problem solely of his own creation. And no doubt if we play hardball then the wolves in the media will come for us for hijacking Australia's world cup aspirations, but imo its incredibly important that the club stands for something and doesnt give in should that eventuate.
  4. Mauk perhaps, but Malik was pretty good last week bar the mistake (which wasnt completely his fault anyway). 2nd half in particular he was terrific. I was expecting Chelo to start in the AM position tbh, but if he's out then Mauk may get a reprieve. Still dont think Bud starts at this stage.
  5. Cricket

    Fucking this.
  6. Cricket

    Indeed, i think he probably dropped harshly after India though, failed in the last test but was ok in the others. Nowhere to hide this time, he'll be given the one test, maybe two if he's extremely lucky and if he doesnt get runs its all over.
  7. Cricket

    Probably an unpopular opinion but i think he's far better than the public give him credit for. Certainly no star, but he hasnt performed any worse than any of his rivals. Good technique and looks good when in, but the demons in his own head are his biggest problem. Anyhow this is definitely his last crack; if he fucks up in the first test he can kiss his international career goodbye.
  8. Galekovic Muscat Schenkeveld La Rocca Jamieson Jakobsen Malik/Mauk Carrusca Fitzgerald McCormack Kamau SUBS : Bouzanis Budzinski Malik/Mauk Cahill Kilkenny Think one of Malik or Mauk will be dropped for Chelo this week, most likely Mauk although Malik could be the man given work rate factor. Cahill to replace Ross early 2nd half. The other point of note is that Kamau might be out injured, in which case Mauk replaces him on the left for mine. Think we'll amost entirely replicate R1, with a 2-0 win and goals to Ross and Fitzy.
  9. Cricket

    Well ere we go again. Interesting selections at the table, but it looks like we are going with Warner Bancroft Khawaja Smith Handscomb S. Marsh Paine Starc Cummins Lyon Hazlewood. Strong line up and pretty confident that we'll win this series, perhaps even whitewash it. Queries over 6 and 7 in particular, but our attack is probably the world's best atm and should be able to get us in a winning position on most occasions.
  10. World Cup 2018 - Russia

    Russia or Poland, England, Any African country
  11. Oceania gets a spot in the 48 team world cup. Cant see anyone troubling NZ for that in the foreseeable future
  12. Oh well, from 2026 onwards they get a guaranteed WC spot.
  13. Tim Cahill

    He'd prob have to pay us back a certain amount for us to let him go imo given how heavy we front ended him. Either way, doubt he'll move. He'll be getting enough game time with us to keep him satisfied. FWIW i wouldnt be opposed to trying playing him as striker and Bruno as an attacking 10 when he returns
  14. Tim Cahill

    Not to mention we wouldnt have had a striker for most of the first 7 rounds...