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  1. BT50's Dad Joke Thread

    What do you call a magician that cant fo any magic? Ian
  2. Flares

    This thread will end well.
  3. Negative. Catching babies. PS Ballan is still a shithole
  4. Melbourne City FC squad: 1.Dean BOUZANIS (gk), 2.Manny MUSCAT, 3. Scott JAMIESON, 4. Harrison DELBRIDGE, 5.Bart SCHENKEVELD, 6.Osama MALIK, 7. Nick FITZGERALD, 8.Oliver BOZANIC, 10.Dario VIDOSIC, 11.Bruce Kamau, 13. Stefan MAUK, 14.Daniel ARZANI, 18. Eugene GALEKOVIC (gk), 22. Michael JAKOBSEN, 23.Bruno FORNAROLI, 26. Luke BRATTAN, 27. Marcin BUDZINSKI, 37.Nathaniel ATKINSON Ins: 22.Michael JAKOBSEN (returns from injury), 27.Marcin BUDZINSKI (promoted) Outs: nil Unavailable: nil Jako in For me the CCM team with Malik on bench for Muscat, although wouldnt be against Ossie for Bozanic in the 11 tho
  5. David Squires Appreciation Thread

    Haha i thought that was a fairly average one until the last square tbh. Poor Mike.
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Also true. Nailing the 2nd marquee position has been the biggest squad issue; the other issues have been more peripheral such as culture/mentality and coaching. Hopefully this season has gone some way to remedying that, especially the culture aspect.
  7. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    IMO we'll get rid of Tongyik and Kamau, offer a similar contract to Fitzy (which is up to him if he takes it) and retain Mauk and Brattan. I think Bud will likely go, but its possible (unlikely) he is retained under the cap. La Rocca will be dependent on whether its a relationship scenario, or he really has been injured the whole time, whilst i think Muscat and Galekovic are maybe touch and go types. Bozanic might be retained for the right price, although is arguable surplus to requirements with a visa 6. I'm reasonably confident we'll take Liam Rose, and if Fitzy goes we may take one of Powell or Skapetis. IMO we will likely sign Gulum, which means Jako is probably gone, meaning we have a visa marquee spot and visa spot available. IMO our marquee needs to be a winger from Asia and the other visa an 8 or 10. Not overly fussed with the second visa. Three marquee quality visas in Bruno, Bart and *asian marquee winger* should keep us in really good stead with current squad, with the other two visas complimentary to the squad. 2017-18 SQUAD TO DATE: 13th February 2018 Number Name Contract until Goalkeepers. 1 Dean Bouzanis 31/5/20. 42 James Delianov (S) 31/5/19. Club web-site 30th March 2017. 18 Eugene Galekovic 31/5/19. Club web-site 16th June 2017. Defenders. 6 Osama Malik 31/5/18. 2 Manny Muscat 31/5/18. 22 Michael Jakobsen (V) 31/5/18. 36 Dylan Pieiras (S) 31/5/19. Club web-site 30th March 2017. 3 Scott Jamieson 31/5/21. Club web-site 3rd July 2017. 25 Iacopo La Rocca 31/5/19. Club web-site 15th July 2017. 34 Connor Metcalfe (S) 31/5/18. Club web-site 18th July 2017. 5 Bart Schenkeveld (V) 31/5/19. Club web-site 21st August 2017. 4 Harrison Delbridge 31/5/20. Club web-site 28th November 2017. -- Christian Cavallo 31/5/18 Club web-site 13th February 2018. Midfielders. 14 Daniel Arzani 31/5/18. 15 Denis Genreau (S) 31/5/20. Club web-site 30th March 2017. 35 Ramy Najjarine (S) 31/5/20. Club web-site 18th July 2017. 13 Stefan Mauk (L) 31/5/18. Club web-site 26th July 2017. 26 Luke Brattan (L) 31/5/18. Club web-site 1st August 2017. -- Oliver Bozanic 31/5/18 Club web-site 10th February 2018. Forwards. 23 Bruno Fornaroli (M,V) 31/5/19. 7 Nick Fitzgerald 31/5/18. 27 Marcin Budzinski (M,V) 31/5/19. Club web-site 18th September 2017. 10 Dario Vidosic 31/5/19. Club web-site 29th December 2017. 37 Nathaniel Atkinson 31/5/20. Club web-site 12th January 2018. -- Moudi Najjar (S) 31/5/19. Club web-site 13th February 2018. 2018/19 Team Bouzanis Atkinson Schenkeveld Gulum Jamieson Malik/Visa Brattan Vidosic Arzani Fornaroli Marquee Winger SUBS : Galekovic Visa CAM Mauk Malik/Visa Fitzy/Winger Delbridge Genreau, Najarine Cavallo Metcalfe Pierias Muscat Delianov Najjar Rose TLDR : our squad is in very, very good shape for next season
  8. Pretty much, Bud only really suits us when we are chasing a game, which hasnt happened in the last month at all except Saturday. Now i'm speculating, but i would suggest that an outbound Kamau coming in for Bud on Saturday probably indicates some sort of a drop off in training intensity, or an altercation with either player or coach. I reckon there's every chance his card has been marked and he'll be let go at the end of the season.
  9. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Agree. I also dont think Powell is a bad option if he's prepared to take min wage, purely as a striking back up for Bruno in the event he's injured for a week/suspended etc
  10. ACL

    People will prob say its a cop out, and in some regards fair enough, but it really hasnt helped that the direct Aussie qualifier's have drawn the tough groups (all Japanese, South Korean and Chinese teams) two years in a row.
  11. I do. They were somewhat ponderous in the first half of last season but imo they've been quite good to watch this year, and increasingly so as their confidence grew. The Jets weren't 'equally effective' (even if they were on the whole) as evidenced by the table and points. I'd argue that the Jets increase, whilst definitely largely influenced by results, is also boosted by the fact they've been shit for so long, and the factor of being a one team town. Their NRL club has also stunk in recent times so it's no surprise they've backed a winner when its finally turned up. Sydney fans are obviously fickle, as is the case across most of their codes in that city. IMO the complete lack of promotion from FFA has played a role too, which i think is the main factor in lower attendances across the competition, followed by a staleness brought on from 5 seasons in a row of the same teams three (and even more in some cases) times a season.
  12. Certain? No. Hence the 'if' and 'all signs pointing to'. Of course its entirely possible that there was a training injury the day before etc, but on the exposed facts and the usual processes that occur, it would appear the most likely he was dropped.
  13. Unlikely if he was dropped on Saturday imo. All signs point to his time with the club being up.
  14. Won't be able to get to this one sadly but reasonably confident. 2-0 win with Arzani and Bruno to score, and Hingert to cop two yellows and get marched.