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  1. Bullshit. Communism always ends in starvation you big liar.
  2. bt50

    Jack Hendry

    Disgusting. Us blokes aren't pieces of meat you know!
  3. Exactly. But to discount one in favor of the other is folly.
  4. And that folks, is how you get climate deniers.
  5. https://open.spotify.com/episode/7JLZiEZns2TnyEFdVJbdVa?si=Z6uGstL0Qyy1aIJsPAQepg Outstanding listen.
  6. bt50

    Jack Hendry

    Pretty well. It's a free swing, and if he doesnt turn out to be better than Delbridge or Good then we've lost absolutely nothing.
  7. bt50

    Jack Hendry

    I dont think theres any chance Hendry stays beyond this season. He was signed for a nearly 3 mil tfr fee a year or two ago and is contracted until 2022. I highly doubt we'll be buying him out. Short term loan with nothing to lose for us, and hopefully hes good enough to force his way in and stay there until seasons end.
  8. They do. Hence why Active membership is the same as GA for a reserved seat.
  9. Luna. Per greenseater workrate was outstanding
  10. Yep i got the impression he was very interested in staying long term if the shoe fits so to speak.
  11. Not sure it needs any sanctions tbh, but as they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. He's shown everyone what he is.
  12. Spiranovic on a short term contract perhaps? Dunno im not convinced we'll do anything tbh.
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