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  1. Imo I think the more relevant ppm is who came second and to realise that you need to beat that. Obv forst can win in a canter some years so their end tally doesn't end up being what you 'need' to win it.
  2. Put your time to better use and make some quality City Simpsons memes.
  3. Yeh pretty much. As others have said, metrics are such a fucking pissing contest that it seems Australians are the only ones that care about it. Obv its to do with the code wars bullshit many like to perpetrate cos we have so many options here, but at the end of the day who gives a shit as long as youre having fun, and the club isnt in danger of financially folding.
  4. I thought the same. If anything I thought the first two home game figures reported lower than what they seemed on the day. Id say the more likely scenario however is that they were accurate and we managed to bump up last year's a bit which seemed significantly worse than the Adelaide game in particular and my reference point is out a bit.
  5. bt50


    Yeh i think they are a fair bit better with a fully fit Kruse and Nabbout tbh. Still pretty weak at the back though imo.
  6. I dont fear any fixture bar Perth and Sydney on the road tbh.
  7. Tough one. Went Luna but Metcalfe, Griffiths and Good stiff. Once again zero passengers imo
  8. Imo 'OK boomer' fits in this category as well.
  9. I think you're grossly overstating the impact Ibrahimovic would have on attendances tbh, but then again its a hypothetical so there's no way really to prove that. That's not to say it might not be a worthwhile exercise, but i do think those numbers are a bit pie in the sky tbh.
  10. Brillante for me but everyone put in a shift imo. Really good impact from all three subs.
  11. bt50


    Deepest sympathies. Thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. Should you need an ear or even just someone just to have a beer with before the game over the coming weeks sing out; id be more than happy to and I'm sure that goes for many of the forum community.
  12. Still have the normal pod recorded on Wednesday/Thursdays. SEN slot at 7pm on Tuesday nights
  13. Personally i think the impact of free tickets is overstated anyway tbh. If you dont have the hype, then free tickets often just go to waste anyway. Good example R3 last year, a bit of hype around the team going into the Sydney game coupled with free tickets via the Maccas promo meant we had a terrific crowd; i think most of that would be the members turning up because of the good vibes but maybe you add another 1500 or so turning up because of the promotion. We ran the exact same promo later in the season and i reckon id had close to zero impact. Why? Because there was no hype and we were seen as a dud product. I wouldnt say the free tix have zero impact, but end of the day i think people are happy to pay if they are anticipating a good product. If the anticipation isnt there, neither are the attendances and free tickets dont do much to alleviate that. In reference to WU, i'd say there'd be some hype around them for the Perth game, just being that it was their first ever home game. Hence i think 6888 or 6088 are both poor figures, esp when you consider our debut home game figures. I dont envisage WU are going to improve that figure non-derby for the season either unless they can really look like a contender; imo they'll seriously struggle to crack 3-4000 each home game going forward. Likewise i dont think their membership number is overly representative either, given that theres a stack of 2 ($30) and 4 ($60) game memberships that are clearly cheaper than GA tickets of other clubs. I'll admit im tempted to buy one for the Ballarat games for example, makes sense financially, although i can't bring myself to put my name down as a member for the wutang clan.
  14. FWIW no one has won the Cup as the away finalist to date. It's a serious notch on the belt as a team and for the gaffer if we can get this done imo.
  15. 3. Maclaren 2. Windbichler 1. Metcalfe Good to see Windy put in a solid shift. We've got three genuine players for the two CB slots.
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