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  1. Unpopular Opinions That You Have.

    100% agree.
  2. Wazza Out

    Harsh. Besides he wouldn't be able to get out the gate to get one anyway.
  3. Wazza Out

    Is it a coincidence that the sausage stand began to fade into obscurity when Novillo left?
  4. Wazza Out

    Managerial history[edit] See also: List of Melbourne City FC managers List of Melbourne City managers, with respective records, as of 19 January 2018. Only competitive matches are counted. From To Name P W D L F A GD Win % 12 October 2009 5 April 2012 John van 't Schip 58 17 21 20 67 79 −12 29.31 8 May 2012 28 December 2013 John Aloisi 39 8 7 24 19 62 −43 20.51 30 December 2013 3 January 2017 John van 't Schip 96 43 22 31 178 141 +37 44.79 3 January 2017 18 June 2017 Michael Valkanis 12 5 1 6 22 21 +1 41.67 19 June 2017 Warren Joyce 19 10 2 7 26 23 +3 52.63 FYI. Interesting that despite our 'incredibly negative' style, Wazza has well and truly passed JA already for goals scored, and also points despite 20 less games in charge.
  5. Ross McCormack

    I really dont think that would be a factor to anyone that isnt bat shit crazy... As far as im aware, Ross isnt Lily Allen.
  6. Tucker Carlson Appreciation Thread

    Tucker : Cathy, you're a sherpa into the weirder regions of the american left Crazy Eyes : Thanks !
  7. Tucker Carlson Appreciation Thread

    Crazy eyes is back for another round
  8. Ross McCormack

    It says in the article its the week where there Its no game doesn't it?
  9. Rd 17 vs Adelaide@AAMI - 21/1 7PM

    Maybe his wage is too high?
  10. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Did he play as a 10? Anyway, my point being that there was no real evidence whilst playing for us that he was capable of playing as a 10, and to suggest he's got Mauk, Bud and Vidosic covered in that spot is a bit of a stretch.
  11. Rd 17 vs Adelaide@AAMI - 21/1 7PM

    Done a hammy. Not sure he gets straight back in anyway.
  12. Rd 17 vs Adelaide@AAMI - 21/1 7PM

    Bouzanis La Rocca Schenkeveld Jakobsen Atkinson Malik Brattan Jamieson Vidosic Arzani McCormack SUBS : Budzinski, Mauk, Muscat, Fitzgerald, Galekovic Slim chance of Bud starting over Dario but pretty confident that's how it will go
  13. The "Where are they now?" thread

    No, they win you championships
  14. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Not trying to be antagonistic, but based on what evidence? I only recall him playing there once for us, in a 5-10 minute FFA Cup game appearance on debut. He almost soley played LW for us, with maybe the game against Sydney away that he scored that belter as his only RW game. Tbf he played very centrally for a winger in that game, but he was a winger nonetheless.
  15. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Hmm perhaps, i've seen enough from Joyce's selection that it might not be the case though. He appears to really back his philosophy as far as workrate and application goes. I probably agree re Bud and Brandan, but there's probably a substantial difference in cost (as a guestimate if Brandan was on 250k, 6 month release is 125k (if at all given he was on loan), whilst Bud is on a 2 yr deal which is rumoured to be worth a total of around 600k, so would cost approx 450k) as well the point that for wingers we now have Fitzy, Bruce, Vidosic, Arzani and Atkinson that can all play there. Mashing that with the Bruce and Ross train of thought, i dont think Brandan as a wingback is a particularly sound idea, nor is he a proper 10 imo. Not saying i necessarily think this way is the go, but i can follow that logic if that makes sense.