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  1. City have approached Galekovic, McGowan, Isaias and Cirio of Adelaide for the 2017/18 season.
  2. Am I the only one who has noticed that Tim drives while he records Snapchat/Instagram videos?
  3. It's a legit code. My fiancee used it.
  4. Third kit competition, anyone?
  5. CFG tactics. Make the red away kit so bad that when they change to city blue home and white away next year people don't mind getting rid of the red. Well played.
  6. Essentially the inverse of MCFC.
  7. Sacked.
  8. Does anyone know who 1:10 is?
  9. Cahill signed a 5 month contract with Greentown around Feb 20, so he still has another month on his contract.
  10. Re: Tim Cahill. Were we to sign him, his contract at Greentown ends on 20/7/16, so I wouldn't anticipate hearing anything until then. In before Thurs 21 July 10am press conference.
  11. Ramirez as the #10 behind Bruno/Tim to replace Mooy. Would be wishful thinking.
  12. Bruno Fornaroli played for Nacional in 2011 along with El Canguru, Richard Porta. Porta is sort of Australian. Therefore, confirmed. Thursday 10am.
  13. Info on tickets in this thread once the club releases it. All Adelaide bays already sold out. Who is in?
  14. Call from Ticketek to move my tickets from Level 3.