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  1. Our last Ian Ramsay player of the year medal winner
  2. I only listen to the podcast after losses for the 'lulz' but sure
  3. Be honest with yourselves and realistic. None of this pages of crap, that you wont be buying a membership unless we win everything next season, which is the usual around here. Out of transperency I voted Championship + ACL until more is made about the premiership.... Championship > Premiership IMO
  4. Left back is crucial so I hope we go hard for Jamieson
  5. I'll add that to the poll
  6. Well bar a huge journo cock up seems like Warren Joyce is the man
  7. Round of 32 draw 29 June Round of 32: 25 July — 9 August 2017 Round of 16: 22—30 August 2017 Quarter-finals: 12—20 September 2017 Semi-finals: 17—25 October 2017 Final: 21 or 22 November 2017 I hope we get a nice state league away trip to maybe NSW or SA. I went to our round of 32 against Edgeworth and it was a great night with the Bellarine heart boys
  8. Galecko Franjic Good/Tongyik Jackobsen Jamo Brattan Killa Troisi Visa/Marquee etc Brandan Fornaroli Now if wazza can at least organise a defence and develop Tongyik further then we should do well.
  9. was the John Aloisi unlucky not to be invited?
  10. It was the usual FRG group that torn was on until recently.
  11. do you know left from right?
  12. who is this brimmer dude?
  13. I reckon mooy must be suffering from a bit of fatigue given how many games he has played this year. He has been off a bit recently
  14. Exactly and they are usually there to be the 'good cop' thats why some have an issue with transitioning to a head manager, they struggle to drop the nice guy act
  15. Only on a two year deal too
  16. yeah its wazza also, you cunts in the FRG no mention of this? 'After his first training session, Joyce will meet with members of the ‘Fan Representative Group’ at AAMI Park to get a taste of football in Australia from the viewpoint of fans aged from 7 years old to 70 years old' ban the lot of you
  17. banned for slowness
  18. Would be good now if we did get Troisi
  19. Wazza will suffice
  20. I was saying boo-urns
  21. Seems like this bloke is ready to start training if his instagram is anything to go by. Seems like it wasn't as serious an injury
  22. Genreau will take his place in the squad