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  1. Rd 17 vs Adelaide@AAMI - 21/1 7PM

    Wasn’t that a clear foul on Jacko before the one on one?
  2. Wazza Out

    Well bar a huge journo cock up seems like Warren Joyce is the man
  3. Ross McCormack

    The key will be getting him and Fornaroli to click.
  4. Ross McCormack

    I’d say we will give him a bit of a rest because of knee etc once Fornaroli is ready at the start of feb.
  5. Yarraside Knowledge Bank

    So the RWC I have on my car I am selling atm has expired but there is amble room to change the date by adding a number. When mechanics do the RWC do they ad the dates to some online database so the changed date would be picked up when going to vic roads?
  6. Daniel Arzani

    Our new Novillo imo. Lets hope he doesnt bash his partner
  7. Ross McCormack

    Which is 3.8mil a year AUD.... With the salary cap being 3.5mil a year haha
  8. Ross McCormack

    His wages at Villa would be huge. I highly doubt they would fit under the cap. They are probably more than half the entire cap. I think @bt50found out it was around 50k pounds a week or something along those lines
  9. Ross McCormack

    I still think we will move Budzinski on in order to be able to keep Ross
  10. We should get the current Alex Tobin medal leader as marquee. Would have to make a big difference given that he is leading that race?
  11. Melburnians (Melbourne City Active Support)

    Surely they can move on from Morwell?
  12. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    The home kit would look 1000 times better with white numbers
  13. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    He is eligible but no passport as of yet
  14. didnt look that happy about scoring
  15. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Great result. 8k kms traveled in a week btw
  16. Lydia Williams

    Huge signing. Will go along way in having us go back to back!
  17. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    One of the most anticlimactic solo run goals I’ve ever seen
  18. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    it’s these situations I think we need a bit of Wazz ball for the second half
  19. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Surely I should be starting to get the humble pie out of the oven
  20. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Tell you what Mariners are shaky as fuck at the back
  21. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Play for the draw here fellas
  22. RD 16 CCM v City Sunday 5pm

    Delbridge good pickup
  23. Welcome Oliver Bozanic

    Dumb fucking move if this ends up happening, up there with letting Burns go to Wellington
  24. Talking City Fan Channel

    Get overcast