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  1. It's miles better than Sydneys kit
  2. UOTIH: Some supporters have to stop being so precious when a player reacts to being abused by said fans
  3. Very nice and clean kit, shame there issnt a bit of red. I also wish we would use a darker shade of red, this lighter shade looks shit
  4. I rate him over Caceras so in my eyes we have done good effectively swapping those two
  5. it leaked on twitter but now cant find the photo
  6. South has got their local Melbourne Forum spinners out
  7. Guarentee you the Victory managment will make him say lines like I chose Victory over City blah blah blah
  8. Man city should get Milligan. Back load his contract, loan him here for a year then over to England next season
  9. What happened to shelvy?
  10. Yes, hassnt signed anywhere and wants to be in Aus. I believe the sticking point with any deal for Martinez is who ever he is owned by, they want a fee and a permanent deal and I think thats stopped the Clubs from here, hopefully we now go and buy him We need some sleuths down at the Kit launch tonight to see what we can get out of the staff to what happened
  11. Martinez would be immense, always wanted him and was very excited when there was those reports last season that we were sniffing around. He didnt get the accolades he deserved last season cause he was in such a bad team
  12. there is no doubt this is a big blow to us as it strengthens them and put a big hole in our plans. Watch them get Milligan now. Anyway for us it's all about the response to this that we take. Whether it makes us more determined now because we have been shafted.
  13. Well if they did that, they aint getting Milligan. We should go for Milligan
  14. Well there you go. I Wassnt that convinced anyway so hopefully that gives us a free route to Martinez Also, going to feel good about handing out some red lines