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  1. Talking City Fan Channel

    On a future ep can you dudes try to get a club official on and ask about a stadium?
  2. FFA Cup 2017 Matchday Thread

    Yep thats what I am saying. They wont win it and wouldn't be surprised to see them fall into a rut. Or at least start focusing on ACL. Both them and Victory have ACL and have shallow squads.
  3. FFA Cup 2017 Matchday Thread

    I am going to put there here as I am a strong believer in the Cup Curse. Sydney wont win it this year and I expect them to fall into a bit of a hole and then focus on ACL
  4. Jodie Taylor

    Best thing I like about this Seattle Reign link is that it seems to be an initiative that was developed by us (Melbourne) rather than Manchester or New York
  5. FFA Cup 2017 Matchday Thread

    It was pretty funny well they were expecting 10-12k. So I hope its more. Doesnt help it being on a weekday
  6. FFA Cup 2017 Matchday Thread

    Hope the Matildas get a bigger crowd for teh lolz
  7. Talking City Fan Channel

    Wazza apologist hour?
  8. Wazza Watch

    Old Wazza is going down the anglo route of getting rid off all the exciting players and making us as boring as bat shit even this merit based approach we have heard from him has been exposed as a total sham. Anyway I have thought this all along but its clear what he likes, young players and 'Yes' men because they are obedient. Too piss weak to handle a senior player. I bet he tries to shelve off Bruno next. back to out before Xmas again IMO.
  9. Wazza Watch

    tbh I am just trolling. But I cant watch us on TV anymore, its mind numbing. Now the only thing that Joyce has done, improved the defence, well thats falling apart.
  10. This seems to be cut and pasted from the forum back when Aloisi was manager.
  11. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Ross is fucken hopeless.
  12. Wazza Watch

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guillermo_Amor Here come the Wazza excuse makers
  13. if Wazza keeps banging on about performances keeping the same starting 11 im not sure how Mauk or Malik start this week.
  14. Tim Cahill

    Well if Wazza picks Ross over Tim from now on he has rocks in his head. Faster Ross goes back to Villa the better.
  15. The road to the 2018 WC

    Im watching the other qualifiers.... Fuck we are dog shit hahah