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  1. Memberships

    It probably got stolen from the letter box if you are out there
  2. Memberships

    sweet. good pin this year?
  3. Memberships

    pic of the scarf for those whom had their membership sent to the wrong address?
  4. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Im surprised no-one has made a gate joke yet
  5. If you are trying to get through to a bloke that keeps picking Malik as a starter Id go to twitter too
  6. W-League 2017/18 Squad

    Allanah Kennedy and Kyah Simon incoming
  7. I think there is going to be two new teams in the 6 this year Adelaide, New or CCM. So two have to drop out. I reckon its going to be us and Roar
  8. Melbourne City Family Day

    Any other tid bits of information you got?
  9. Welcome Ross McCormack

    youd just hope he wouldnt sulk after getting shafted from Villa. But it would be a nice change in career > Melbourne then New York
  10. In Shep 22 Sep 7:30pm WSW Friendly

    Nope from the #IHMC account who was there and talking to people who went. Also before someone comes in with the injured players line, Im sorry but you should still have a game plan that any player in the squad that comes into the XI knows what to do. So again, what the fuck has Wazza been doing this entire pre season?
  11. In Shep 22 Sep 7:30pm WSW Friendly

    Few comments on Twitter saying that seems like there wasn’t any real game plan. Especially going forward. This was also against a second string WSW
  12. In Shep 22 Sep 7:30pm WSW Friendly

    Wanderers Don’t seem to be taking this seriously
  13. In Shep 22 Sep 7:30pm WSW Friendly

    The Malik love affair continues
  14. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I am annoyed that Adelaide have been signing ex 1860 players and not us. So now ill have to wait a couple of extra years before Pertillo gets on the phone