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  1. We are ripe for a back 3 😎
  2. I can definitely see where those saying we need changes are coming from. If we don't inject some creativity into the starting IX, its as a risky strategy as playing all out attack IMO. We were incredibly lucky to win on Saturday. Our midfield and attack where completely dominated and looked very leggy. Plus none of our midfielders know how to use Mc Cormack properly. I watched on TV and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I am hoping for a bit of a refresh to allow the midfield to take some control back. A good defence is only one third a team We are ripe for 3 at the back IMO given the two fullbacks weren't that great on Saturday, but I doubt that would happen.
  3. Welcome Ross McCormack

    I’d prefer Bruno thanks
  4. W-League 2017/18 Squad

    So seems like this so far Williams Stott Barnes Kennedy Catley Goatlock/Simon/?? ?? Crummer ?? I don't think Jackson or Vljanic will start but Jackson is a midfielder and Vljanic a defender
  5. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Man I hope this bloke plays here again one day
  6. One can only hope Wazza will start to actually develop our style now that we have bedded down our defensive abilities. needs to make changes for Adelaide. Whole team bar the defence was very lethargic. Everyone kept missing Ross’ runs so we need an out and out 10 on the pitch
  7. Terrible game but Jesus Bart is a find isn’t he?
  8. jesus christ this is painful. Make a f'ing change wazza
  9. Only 6 teams have won first three games. 5 of those teams went on to the granny
  10. W-League 2017/18 Squad

    Williams stott Bairnes. Kennedy. Catley No goals conceded Catley said on tv that Kennedy is just waiting for paperwork to go through