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  1. ahh right, some how got into my head he was saying that about a current players performance against Oakleigh.
  2. 10am today and when the season starts everyone in the stand better get their helmets out Id say its more the behaviour of whomever his agent is
  3. That's concerning. For the head coach to label a player like that in a public forum is fucking stupid
  4. Curious to how you explain the israel shenanigans?
  5. if he is going to sign for us for only 600k id hate to see what MV were offering
  6. If he signs for WSW means Martinez is ours
  7. Man city are playing atm their kit looks hot. Ours would be better if we had white socks
  8. I agree it will look great with white shorts and socks but the only think I was hoping for was a bit of difference from Manchester
  9. If you want a traditional looking logo they need to be hand drawn to look decent IMO. Dont like these 'traditional' looking ones made up in illustrator
  10. Yeah I think most (me included) were just clinging to hope that the leaked kit might not be the final version. I dont mind the kit itself, but its just going to be exactly the same as Man City which is the issue
  11. Fuck I would love to have this I
  12. He is back in Melbourne now