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  1. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    I actually think Fornaroli would be a Wazza type player anyway, the same with Brandan. They both dont shy away from defensive duties, and both have that bit of mongrel in them.
  2. Vi5it0rs

    As I predicted. Falling apart. Getting all the old boys back only works at finite amount of times and shows that Muscat doesn’t have a clue nor the confidence to change and adapt. This will drag on because once you hire a ‘club legend’ they are incredibly hard to move on because of the history and all the baggage that comes with it. this whole thing really shows that the pundits in this country are pretty hopeless and only rehash the same thoughts season upon season
  3. A-League News Thread

    Im not actually sure the loan thing would be as effective with the cap in place. The league this season seems to be a lot more equal so I dont think many young players would get a start. Transfers are definitely needed and the cap gone. Joyce and Arnold were the only two coaches to say keep it as it is Joyce said “every club has got budgets anyway” while Arnold said: “I think while there’s no promotion-relegation then you still need a salary cap.” I think that the cap needs to go because the standard of the league needs to increase a hell of a lot to generate more interest not only here but o/seas as well IMO. Obviously expansion and a second division is needed (thats where the loan system would be effective) but Im not sure where the money is going to come from. Plus the league needs to be extended in terms of length by starting earlier and I reckon we are going to have to put in more mid week games too. At the moment I actually think that the Aleague is seen in the broader public as a bit of a gimmick. Much like how I look at the Big Bash. I would suggest the things above plus time would shake that image if it was there
  4. We have a habit of pulling wins out of our ass. Wouldn’t be surprised if we won tbh
  5. Marcin Budzinski

    The article from a while ago on how Fornaroli got here said that the coaching staff are given a final list and they make the decision
  6. Marcin Budzinski

    timeless post
  7. Spud of the Match - Rd 10 vs CCM

    With observations like this, there is no doubt this bloke is a flat earther
  8. MOTM Rd 10 vs Mariners

    Exactly. Was our best and has become undroppable now. Id even suggest he may displace Malik in the XI
  9. Brattan starting to play like the start of last season.
  10. If Fornaroli was back we would be 15-0 up
  11. These misses are going to bite us in the ass
  12. So Malik is at RB? This will be fun
  13. Looks like about 10 people there? obviously 7pm Sunday is just dumb but until we change our prices our crowds won’t grow imo
  14. Either Watching someone paint a fence or watching us play tonight would bring the same level of enjoyment
  15. Can’t have visa players under 21 blokes. League rules