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  1. Has he had any coaching experience?
  2. Pretty funny to think we would have Messi running around on our pitches
  3. Drove past CFA today, seemed to be a bit of activity going on......
  4. Surely you can find something a little more significant to piss yourself off about? how many other examples of two (or more) clubs in the same league having the same colours? Anyway ive never liked red as a colour and heart's best kits was when it was majority white. Those Kappa kits looked as tacky as all hell.
  5. He was just unlucky IMO
  6. AFC needs to be split in two. East and West and East can include Oceania
  7. I find that very hard to beleive
  8. Just with Jakobsen. I put alot of weight in what the fitness coach of Sydney said, when he said some visa players take alot of time to get used to the harder surfaces in Aus. I reckon if we were better at in preseason in preparing our new Visa players, Hughes and Jackobsen would not have had nowhere near as many injuries. I expect Jackobsen to have a huge year next year. I reckon we should go in hard for Clarke. Pay him what he wants to get him over here
  9. What I was implying by a youth or development coach is that someone who can teach and use the players they have
  10. Hughes Duff Villa Novillo Koren Saf Miller Sorenson Colazo Jackobsen Brandan
  11. Yep that is one but I dare say he came from Damien Duff rather than a CFG scout
  12. Id say the majority of CFG visa players have been good. I will probably forget someone but Colazo would the only 'disappointment'
  13. It will be a continental European or South American who has some kind of connection to Guardiola or Barcelona imo. Someone with alot of experience at clubs with limited resources or a bit of a youth developer type and may even bring over OR we will get an assistant that will be a sort of apprentice. Reason for the limited resource/developer is probably the closest thing to a salary cap type restriction
  14. Happend to Weilaeet lolz