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  1. Domestic Politics

    And those salary sacrificed conttibutions have been made at a tax benefit to the employee along with the earnings on capital employed inside the fund. Furthermore in pension mode the income on assets used to support income streams is exempt and the income streams are exempt in the hands of the taxpayer so its not like the changes I proposed in point 3 above will change any of that (and niether will Shorten's proposal). The imputation system is designed to avoid double taxation (which I agree with), however there is no double taxation whatsoever when the dividends received are exempt income. So why should a superfund be entitled to a credit to avoid double taxation when the income isn't even assessable. I genuinely hate politics of envy and Shorten constantly trying to just over tax those who are perceived to be wealthy or those who are wealthy, but when you have a blatant loophole like this I am not against trying to fix it in the best way possible. I am, though, genuinely concerned with how Shorten plans to implement his version. Furthermore I do understand that you are the trustee of an SMSF (and quite possibly drawing a pension from it or if not then being close to doing so) so its a little closer to home for you than it is for me.
  2. Domestic Politics

    I feel like you only recently learned what franking credits are. Howard didn't change or expand the definition of franking credits, but I wouldn't expect you to understand the distinction. The plan is a bit of an issue in that it does increase compliance costs for small businesses (ordinary meaning not legislative meaning) that take profits as dividends as opposed to paying wages. Imo three better options imo would be. 1. Make dividends deductible with no franking credits - this has the issue of hurting pensioners/self funded retirees, however the respective tax savings would allow for greater cash dividends to be paid. 2. Make dividends non refundable carry forward tax offsets - this is imo is only slightly better than Shortens proposal, but not by much. Still hurts pensioners etc. 3. Overhaul how super funds entitlement to franking credits (lets be honest this is the area Shorten is really attacking). (a) super funds using segregated assets method to calculate ECPI then the franking credits received on those segregated assets should not be claimable in any way (the income is exempt so why should they get the benefit of the credits). (b) super funds using the unsegregated assets method to calculate ECPI should only have entitlement to offset tax using franking credits in proprtion to the fund's actuary percentage. Imo the third option is the best as it still protects small business owners and self refunded retirees and the rationale behind disallowing a super fund a credit attached to exempt income is quite logical and can hardly be though of as unfair. In respect to grandfathering this won't affect super funds in accumulation mode and for funds using segregated assets method their is no issue with selling those shares (with gains exempt) and changing strategy with only minor costs being in brokerage, though admittedly issues with finding alternative investments and a few otherissues, but i dont feel this are great enough to not close off this loop hole.
  3. The Run Home and Realistic Expectations

    Based on the games ahead I dont know if it isathematically possible for us to finish 8th or even 7th. I believe too many of the teams that would need to jump above us have to play each other for vital points needed to finish above us.
  4. Really we are just missing Kilkenny
  5. The FFA Management thread

    LED ones, glow sticks are dangerous with the glass and chemicals inside. Furthermore spectators wishing to become authorised FFA Visual Atmosphere Enhancement Officers will be required to take a 12 week safety course.
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Does that rule apply if it is an injury replacement?
  7. Domestic Politics

    The low for me is that it seems like Andrews scrapped it to protect the CFMEU due to the construction code on the project not for the phony reasons he wheeled out. People were (imo rightfully) up in arms about Guy having lunch with an alleged mafia boss, but its ok for labor to be politically aligned with the biggest racketeers in the country.
  8. Domestic Politics

    Comrade Andrews is never to blame!
  9. Domestic Politics

    Geez Andrews is a bit rich saying the libs and greens forcing a major road project to be stopped as 'economic vandalism'
  10. Ruon Tongyik

    I don't think Malik is capable of passing the ball on the deck. Every pass of his seems to bobble which means it takes longer for the receiver to control it.
  11. Ruon Tongyik

    RT is much better with dustibution and passing than Malik imo.
  12. Daniel Arzani

    Agree. It will be a big boost for the boys having Timmy cheering them on from the stands.
  13. I took the all time crowd average to be our all time high. But you are probably correct in that it is inception to date (or inception to end of previous season) average.
  14. They are comparing it to our previous all time high (which one would assume was a 2 home derby season) therefore our figures aren't distorted in that perspective. They will be distorted ,however, by the fact that the remainder of our season games are non derbies that will all reduce our average as it is unlikely they will be above season to date average. I suspect they average attendance this season will normalise down to a similar level as to that of the comparative in the table.
  15. A-League News Thread

    Its a lot more than 10. Let me tell you that. And as I said in my first post there is a stark difference between people randomly yelling racist abuse or getting in drunken fights compared to groups of upto 100 organising themselves before games to cause trouble. For me the annoying part is these people sooking after getting called out on their behaviour. If you do this don't sook when the club imposes restrictions on active or the police use tough tactics etc. Fwiw that is a larger problem in societ that not enough people are willing to take responsibility for their actions.