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  1. FB out and DG or CM in would fix it imo
  2. As much as a like seeing Mork wound up I think these sort of comments about peoples spouses are probably crossing thd line.
  3. This and also I want to actually hear what they have against Paddy other than the normal derogatory cuss words.
  4. malloy

    W-League 2019-20

    Just move the mens team to the club room section imo.
  5. Paddy didn't give their kid enough time in the youth team...
  6. It doesn't help that vested interests are often disguised as taking on vested interests for the greater good.
  7. I think a bit of both. Griff is one of those players who 'gets the job done' and isn't spectacular in their approach to playing. These types of players are often over looked in favour of attacking players when the team is playing well, even if they are integral to the team performance.
  8. Aziz Behich did something similar too, if you recall....
  9. FTFY. It is almost guaranteed that if he went to another A League club he would somehow learn to shoot and becone one of the top 5 wingers in the league. For no reason other than that we got rid of him..
  10. The only problem with listening to people like him without scratching the surface more is that they add one and two teogether to get 1 million. This is the bloke that thought the Commonwealth of Australia was a listed corporation on the US stock exchange purely because you could trade Aus Govt bonds as ADRs.
  11. malloy

    W-League 2019-20

    If you haven't already do yourself a favour and watch a replay of van Egmonds goal. Absolute cracker.
  12. I guess he must have forced Warren Joyce too, the man so stubborn he would rather lose games than play our best striker...
  13. My favourite moment in the terrace during a derby was when the whole home end were chanting "There's only one team in Melbourne" towards the end of the game when we Kewell scored the 4th goal in the 4 nil spanking. And the visitors were silent
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