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  1. Its all about the petro dollar and oil being traded in USD. This is presumably why the US seem to want to keep on side with the Saudis as they effectively control OPEC.
  2. I took FOB to mean fresh off the boat. Fwiw I reckon all claims dhould go into the BS thread if they don't come into fruition well you get called out. If it does, but its just a vague rumour well then you get nothing.
  3. I need my forum fix too much to let that stop me.
  4. According to the club's facebook Bratten created the most chances for us this season.
  5. FTFY
  6. I think the increased rate is partly due to the fact that we are now surviving other things that were killing us off before.
  7. I think its pushing the boundaries, but if it wasn't designed for you to walk in to it then it is a cupboard (in my unprofessional/unqualified opinion)
  8. Imo its a pantry if you can walk into it and a cupboard if you can't.
  9. Just to kick of some more debate. Things I don't store in the fridge: Butter, Vegemite, jams, tomato sauce, peanut butter, eggs, soy sauce, chilli sauce.
  10. We need a new thread in clubroom to debate whether particular items belong in the fridge.
  11. Only going to get worse as Saudi Arabi extend their influence there.
  12. NFI what you are on about, but I will give you upto 24 hours to reply before I ban you, just because I can.
  13. European and being in the European Union aren't the same thing...
  14. I think they are weary of appearing to owners who chop and change managers at the drop of a hat. Whether this is right or wrong is a different issue altogether.