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  1. TTIM: Justice Kaye. The number of light sentences he hands out and the extent to which they are light sentences is ridiculous. Any criticism of Kaye is highly deserved.
  2. There was that one time.....
  3. John declined as he had a schedule conflict watching Barcelona train.
  4. FTFY.
  5. When he got game time and was played in his preferred position.... who woulda thunk it?
  6. Do you have a healthy green tinge?
  7. This is a quality post.
  8. In reality it is much worse than this.
  9. I would like to see how Ronaldo and Messi would go having to deal with some of the tackles from the 70s and 80s.
  10. I reckon another season on loan unless they don't think he is good enough for PL. If they think he is good enough for PL, but not City then another year on loan will boost his value for them to cash in more. If they think he may be good enough for City then another year on loan will allow for proper blooding as opposed to bit part with City. If they don't think he is good enough for PL (or he will be mediocre) then sell ASAP.
  11. The problem with enquiries is they are seemingly used as political tools and/or used as blame shifting. It would be interesting to see how much of the recommendations for various enquiries are actually fully implemented and not a watered down appeasement implementation.
  12. Its all about the petro dollar and oil being traded in USD. This is presumably why the US seem to want to keep on side with the Saudis as they effectively control OPEC.
  13. I took FOB to mean fresh off the boat. Fwiw I reckon all claims dhould go into the BS thread if they don't come into fruition well you get called out. If it does, but its just a vague rumour well then you get nothing.