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  1. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    I agree regarding Killa being best holding midfielder in the league. Maybe people don't rate what the holding midfielders role is to do as opposed to a an outright defensive midfielder who is heavy with the tackling. Maybe that is why Killa is not featuring as much because Wazza wants his midfielders to be hard hitting tacklers.
  2. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    I mostly agree, but I can't see Wazza being a fan of their theatrics and at times whinging.
  3. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    How am I making it a black and white issue? You clearly stated that the land was the arabs'. I am asking how does one determine when land is deemed to shift hands in conflict? Also how does one conquer a country cleanly? Should Israel have just carpet bombed the areas they wanted to take? If it were the case should this be accepted by palestinians because Israel 'won it fair and square' (in your eyes)? FWIW I don't support Israel, rather I think both sides are in the wrong, I just hate when people pretend otherwise (this usually tends to be pro-palestine).
  4. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    Just out of curiosity how does one define land as their's? I mean borders for nearly all countries have shifted dramatically over time due to various circumstances so at what point does the acquired land become theirs (for any country that is)?
  5. Tim Cahill

    Was thinking the other day about Cahill's repayment and haw this would interact with the salary cap. It is well known that if a club pays out a player then the amount is counted as remuneration under the salary cap, however does the reverse circimstances result in remuneration counted under the cap being decreased? If yes would it only be limited to the wages the player received in the current season (As in Tim's buyout is highly likely to exceed his wages this year)? Or is it likely the ATO will deem him to be buying out his own contract? Would the terms of the deed of release in how it described the payment (i.e. reimbursement of wages v contract buyout) influence whether it could reduce or exclude any wages from being counted?
  6. Spud of the Match - Rd 10 vs CCM

    Interestingly Mauk made TWGs team of the week.
  7. Nathaniel Atkinson

    I always thought it was to do with Jeremy as the term only started appearing after Zac had been released (iirc). Maybe @cadete can clarify as I believe he coined the term.
  8. Wazza Watch: The second coming of Aloisi

    Sitting near the bench I think Wazza wanted to avoid playing with 10 men for a small stretch (when we were increadingly under pressure) if the medical staff had to take Atkinson off the pitch. I doubt Wazza suffers soft cunts and would want players to get up and get on with it.
  9. MOTM Rd 10 vs Mariners

    Not to mention Bouzanis did spray a few kick outs. Not to say that he was bad as I think he had a pretty good game (coming from a self confessed DB hater), but if your major talent is supposedly distribution and you are kicking it out on the full or straight to opposition then you shouldn't get MOTM and especially not ahead of Bart 'The Beast' Shenkeveld who just dominates. I actually thought fitzy had a good game and deserves more credit for our goal than he is getting. Agree regarding Brattan. He is flourishing under a dominating style coach.
  10. MOTM Rd 10 vs Mariners

    Already at the top...
  11. Domestic Politics

    Better dead than Red!
  12. Tim Cahill

    Good fucking riddance!
  13. The road to the 2018 WC

    It would be so glorious if he became a citizen, gets called up to WC squad and Timmy misses out because of him.