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  1. I wonder if the paisley one is trying to capitalise on Oasis > Liam Gallagher > Pretty Green etc.
  2. The fans need to lead by example on this one. Once we are allowed back into AAMI park you lead the charge for a mass nude streaking... Everyone else will be right behind you.. we promise..
  3. Sad to say? I would be quite happy to say it. Jamo should have been moved on before the start of the season. He isn't good enough to be starting player, is on too much to be a full back and on too much to be on the bench.
  4. Whilst I agree the focus shouldn't be on the political side of things I see it as more defensive as opposed to trying to get one up on Adern. There are people are ripping on Scomo largely because of their personal dislike for him and/or their political affiliations/bias.
  5. CFG will just 'buy' the league and run it how they see fit.
  6. Tbh the 230 "staff" might not be too bad depending on how that number is derived. If we are including referees for A-League, socceroos players, socceroos coaches, backroom staff etc. then the number could get high very quickly. However if it is just admin staff then I agree it is way too high.
  7. I am not defending Pell in any way shape or form (nor do I want to be seen to be), but I think you are inferring things from the summary statement that it is not implying. The summary didn't say that a jury would have come to the conclusion that he was innocent, it said that a jury should have come to the conclusion that there was a possibility he was innocrnt and therefore the required burden of proof was not met (in the eyes of all seven high court judges). There is, in my opinion at least, a distinction between saying someone is innocrnt and saying there is insufficient evidence for a finding of guilt. I also think you are reading too much into the term 'rational jury', which is the term used in a significant number of criminal trials when referring to decisions of juries (there is probably some precedential case back in the 1400s that initially uses the term and has probably been used ever since). It is probably quite important that the required burden of proof in criminal trials is not reduced as the ramifications of such an outcome go well beyond the current case. Notwithstanding that many people believe a guilty finding was the 'equitable' outcome of this case (myself included). Anyway, the full ruling along with all written submissions are available at the below link if you want to sift through them all. https://www.hcourt.gov.au/cases/case_m112-2019
  8. Seems to be updated daily on the prior days figures. https://infogram.com/1pwemj1x57yd1lhvnmmeg9rj1yt96l9kp57?live
  9. Nah, rumour has it all their players have been stood down from their gardening jobs with all of Victory's major sponsors..
  10. malloy

    ACL spot

    Oh dear...
  11. So they have analysed the first hundred records that have been released, which is less than 1% of deaths and which would be expected to be the records of early deaths, which is likey going to be those with underlying diseases. So essentially you are using a small incomplete sample size of an ongoing and escalating situation to 'prove' that its not sn issue... Maybe semantics, but another thing to note is Brusaferro isn't the Italian Minister for Health...
  12. This whole 'if you are young then you are ok' thing is starting to prove a false. With reports saying China's data is an anomaly (I would go as far as saying its false) when it comes to the age group of who are affected.
  13. The question is playmaker are you willing to back up what you are saying and voluntarily contract the Coronavirus?
  14. But seriously, how do I get me some of those hair loss reversing drugs? Asking for a friend...
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