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  1. Aaron Mooy

    "@RichBaylissFOX: My sources suggest Wanderers midfielder Aaron Mooy is on his way to Melbourne Heart next season. Keep across @FOXSportsNews for more."
  2. Tim Cahill

    https://www.sen.com.au/news/2018/02/23/former-teammate-unloads-on-cahill/ "if you look at his Instagram, which he's on 24/7" hahahaha
  3. Such a shit game and performance, but we kept a clean sheet and a lead for once. Bank the 3 points and move on
  4. Frank Lampard (now retired)

    http://www.a-league.com.au/about Decent explanation of all the rules.. does state if you have a full season guest you cannot also have a 14 game one, so we can't use that spot.
  5. Yeah that's the one. Pretty sure that was the second goal scored by Jesic. Just went back and had a look and they actually got the red card in the 7th minute and scored both goals after it.. could've sworn the red came after the goals (would make more sense) but that was peak Melbourne Heart I reckon. Attendance was 2,754 on a Wednesday night to be exact.
  6. Gotta be that Newy game where Franny Jeffers scored his only goal in 17 games in the league and we lost 2-0 despite them having 10 men for about 75 minutes. From memory there was about 2,500 people there too on a rainy day.
  7. Rnd 5 Vs Roar @ Suncorp. Friday 7.50pm

    What the fuck is this? And fuck Bouzanis and his shit distribution which is meant to be his only good attribite
  8. AFL 2016 Season

    Couldn't give a fuck about the Norm, we won the fucking flag!
  9. AFL 2016 Season

    Still more than hopeful for Boyd, and having Crameri back next year to take some attention off him and Stringer will make a big difference. Would say Hawthorn won't have one for the rest of the year, but that's balanced out by 5-6 very good forwards of various heights and style. Agree that the finals series should be very very good. Top 8 well clear of the rest for a reason
  10. AFL 2016 Season

    Still thought/think we are a year short.. only thing is no one has really put their hand up this year, so it may have been interesting. More excited for next year anyways, although it sucks to know 2 players are going to miss pretty much the whole season already.
  11. Tim Cahill

    Surely a matter of time now with FFA officially announcing season long guest players.. Second half is interesting (but not surprising) aswell referring to our applications for a branding change. http://www.a-league.com.au/article/guest-player-spot-approved-for-201617-a-league-season/1lh4ejtsc6l7b1usdffahhs5j8
  12. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Assuming Mooy and Novillo leave and Brattan, Cahill and Caceres are on board that leaves us with 6 spots and 3 visas I believe. Would love an Elrich, 3 good visas and then compliment with 2 aussie squaddies. Would leave us with Elrich and Franjic full backs, Chapman or Malik next to hopefully a Visa CB. Then I'd say 2 midfield visas to go with Brattan, Caceres, Melling and potentially Cahill, Bruno, Kamau, Gameiro and Fitzgerald with the ability to play up front and wide. Reckon the squad is in decent shape and providing we perfect the Visa signings (and somehow punt JVS) we should be looking good.
  13. AFL 2016 Season

  14. Ben Garuccio is a legend thread

    Played well, and busted his ass back which was required against the pace of Risdon and Harold... Thought both wings were well covered offensively and defensively, makes the potential availability of Novillo all the more interesting.
  15. Just booked one of the last spots on the bus, would usually fly but way too expensive.. Riding solo too. Looking forward to it, slightly confident for some reason.
  16. That feel when JA beats us to the title

    That feel when Stefan Mauk, Mate Dugandzic, Craig Goodwin, Michael Marrone and Eli Babalj (kinda) win the title* That feel when Stefan Mauk, Mate Dugandzic, Craig Goodwin, Michael Marrone and Eli Babalj (kinda) win the title*
  17. AFL 2016 Season

    obviously didn't catch the first half Shattering day. Can get over the loss (even though we blew it) but the Bob Murphy injury is gonna be bloody difficult to get over. That'll be his career
  18. Round 27: Melbourne vs Adelaide

    what a fucking waste of time that was.
  19. Round 27: Melbourne vs Adelaide

    Clisby on.. here comes the comeback
  20. Sunday 7:00pm vs Perth Glory

    win next week and probably play Victory at Etihad, lose and play Perth over there.. fucked either way
  21. Sunday 7:00pm vs Perth Glory

    what the fuck just happened? and why has this shit been happening all game?
  22. Sunday 7:00pm vs Perth Glory

    this is eerily similar to that pathetic final..
  23. Sunday 7:00pm vs Perth Glory

  24. absolutely deserved.. who would think that Fornaroli would have a terribly off night and we'd still be up so far..