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  1. Striped with a chevron would be our worst ever red and white kit.
  2. It’s because ppl loved Heart.
  3. “The institute is under the supervision of the Ministero della Salute (Ministry of Health).”
  4. LOL! That’s not even what the Health Minister said. They said there were only 2 otherwise healthy people who died. You can have a chronic illness and get hit by a car and die but to say that your death doesn’t count to the road toll because of your chronic illness is just dumb. edit: Silvio Brusaferro is also NOT the Italian Health Minister
  5. Thanks for the $2.50 Kayo St Kilda FC! Much better than myfootball app.
  6. Well we’re far more fun to watch when we’re on a shoestring budget so I look forward to budget cuts. I think the money has brought complacency and a sense of ‘we’re going to dominate the league sooner or later so there’s no rush.’ On a side note, I moved this weekend and came across the red, white and you 2010/11 yearbook. The shots of the terrace really make you wonder what’s missing now.
  7. Maybe because the play has largely bypassed the midfield today. Tough loss. Nix made it tough for us and we had no response. Had to rely on balls in from the wing and that’s no our strong suit.
  8. Young Timmy has signed up as an ambassador for the Qatar '22 WC. Proving yet again that he loves a pay day.
  9. Our attack will have opportunities up against a defence that just conceded 3 against WU.
  10. Going back to Adelaide then? They just released Lia
  11. Someone who has had a collapsed lung is coming to play in a place with the worst air in the world?
  12. For all our scouting abilities, we really have very few ideas.
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