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  1. Western United v Perth was postponed 3 hours. Surprised ours is still going ahead. Will enjoy seeing live football for the last time in a while.
  2. I saw the slow motion from another angle. I stand corrected. Apologies. Damn I tried hard to be diplomatic and give him benefit of the doubt. Another balls up effort from Jamo that had cost us.
  3. Not completely his fault really. He was basically rugby tackled all the way during that contest.
  4. And miss out on the melodic soothing tones of Andy Harper, Archie Thomson? Tough decision. *yes for sure would tune in to you guys
  5. A woman lined up outside the local woolworths at 6.55am dressed in her pyjamas, runners and dark sunglasses claims she jumped out of bed to come here and is a fast runner and will get to the toilet paper first. Proceeds to sprint to the back of the store amongst the hundreds of people to claim her prize. Then goes and lines up to pay. Then goes to her car and returns to repeat the process again. Then repeats the whole process a third time.
  6. Well yes however my point was more toward him and Suaseta switching. At very least on the wing Wales mistakes are less problematic.
  7. Which position mitigates Wales ability, or lack there of? Being in the centre of midfield or on the wing? If anything is questionable it's why he even gets a run. He's hopeless. Give the position to Colakovski at the very least.
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