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  1. Memberships

    Whilst the club remains a 'club' I will remain a member and supporter.
  2. The Great Annual "In" or "Out" thread

    Ok bit of a personal rant on the back of your question. I for one am very traditional in having loyalty to one club no matter what. Ehat I value is supporting a club that has a geographical meaning or a particular personal connection to me. Melbourne City certainly doesn't tick those boxes. However I've made friends through the club and it has been a way for my entire family to stay more connected. Beside the point, so far City has, at least on the surface, somewhat made me feel connected to the players and the vibe of being 'a club.' However this connection is dwindling and the more CFG continue to make it feel like a corporation than a football club the more I find reason to not support them. And if I get to the point where City continues to create a corporate business feel than a football club feel ill have no qualms in leaving. The club isn't there yet but this path they're on is making it feel like it's not too far down the track. To answer your question Team 11 would provide a geographical connection to myself having grown up in the east. I don't know whether I would ever become a member but I'd certainly go to games should my membership with City end.
  3. Wazza ' I pick teams to win games' Joyce

    He is definitely coming to the defence of Joyces decision. But his comments are very much out of touch with reality. Case in point below. I think comparing the dropping of Piovaccari for WSW and Bruno is ludicrous. Whilst both are marquees Bruno is a proven record goal scorer and club favourite whilst Piovaccari played 12 games for 2 goals and struggled to make his mark. Its this huge point of difference that make his last comment (in bold) below grate on my nerves. "Just because you're marquee doesn't give you an automatic position to start ... we're all in the mix to try and play. No one's position is safe," the defender said. "(Treat this) like you treated the dropping of Luke Brattan. It's pretty normal. "It's a selection issue and as players we don't know anything about it. Players come in, players get dropped and that's the way it works." Jamieson referred to the sidelining of Federico Piovaccari by then-coach Tony Popovic at Western Sydney in 2016/17, a season in which the Wanderers reached the grand final, for perspective. "I was in a team at Wanderers where the marquee man didn't play for pretty much a whole season," he said. "There's been more a song and dance about this issue. It's a bit of a laugh really.
  4. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    After his tantrum against us in the FFA Cup where he stormed down the tunnel and threw his shirt away for being subbed both him and WSW mutually agreed to terminate his contract. Up until then he was a contracted WSW player. Conventiently both his termination and OHallorans injury almost coincided and we signed him as a result. I take it we signed him due to the timing of both events and also keeping in mind the first round was under two weeks away.
  5. Wazza ' I pick teams to win games' Joyce

    Video from prior to the Newcastle game. Watch from 2.25 - 4.40...
  6. The sub he should have made the whole second half doesn't come until the 88th minute. This guy is a dickhead.
  7. No one has enough ability to improvise a goal. Atkinson needs to come off. He's been dog shit.
  8. I know. That's why I said the decisions he normally makes with his passes is in essence like what Mooy does for the national team. A lot of sideways and backward passes to control the tempo of the game. He's the last player we should be concerned or having a go at is my main point.
  9. I was just about to say I don't know why Baccus gets so much stick. He essentially plays the same as Mooy for the national team. So far most of his passes have been forwards.
  10. Atkinson defending well for Perth
  11. Our team is the most Anglo I've ever seen
  12. Anyone that knows this team would know that that 'stat' is bullshit and has no significance on Bruno.
  13. Lol I'll bite. I'd like to know what Wazza has done in the past week to prove he can deliver us a championship that has made you change your stance?
  14. Yes. He does talk about commitment a lot. That's fine, I'm sure we're all for that. But in the parts above underlined in bold it seems to be the crux of the problem. Bruno does not believe in the things Joyce says. He does not believe that whatever Joyce is implementing will benefit him or the team. And so far he's been right. Bruno has struggled under his system. It doesn't work for him. He's grown frustrated. And Joyce insisting that players have 'got to beleive' is not how it works. Not when you're dealing with your bigger stars. You can expect a Lauchie Wales to say yes for everything Joyce has to say but players like Bruno, Kilkenny, Brattan etc. have to be convinced. And if you don't convince them you'll lose them. His last comment in that article sums it up. Joyce's way. Or no way. In my experience working with top athletes in another sport you can have that attitude with younger players. But you can't have that attitude with experienced players because they'll tell you to fuck off. You need to be firm and a strong leader but you also need to gain their respect. You can't expect it will simply come as part of being a dictatorial manager.
  15. Yeh I noticed that as well but a little odd that he's not mentioned in the list for the 'INS'. Take it as being as being a mistake that's been added. Although the club does have track record of simply omitting players without a heads up.