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  1. The name on the back is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the front.
  3. Most exciting game since our FFA Cup final
  4. This actually made me laugh
  5. Sky blue is one of the worst coloured kits out there but kudos to anyone who's convinced themselves otherwise
  6. Watched James Brown and Jason Trifiro play for Nunawading against Eastern Lions today. Got spanked, I left at 5-1 down.
  7. Tweet from Adam Peacock: "They had an allowance for the $80 buffet at their 5 star hotel. But blew up because they couldn't get the $110 seafood buffet. True. Story."
  8. With that said let me take this opportunity to introduce you to playmaker
  9. Fined 17k by the AFC
  10. Have to remember that there are people that probably knew deep down it was coming, lived in hope it didn't, but were ready to rant the moment it came to fruition. Clearly this fake jersey is the trigger point for some. Where this point about the sky blue jersey has a purpose to be raised is in Soriano original comments about the club not being a mini Manchester. IMO this seals the deal that it is.
  11. I wonder how cadete and others seem to be onto who CityBlue4u is
  12. Can anyone off the top of their head produce a list of all our visa players under city?
  13. I can understand that perspective. And given CFG have been pretty good (at least from last season oneards) in visa player selections. My point is it's fascinating how the hope of potential in a player can cloud the reality of how successful they will be. Given the fact they haven't even set foot in this league before.
  14. It can be so hit and miss with visa players. Reserving judgement until round 1.
  15. I was going to comment but wanted to give HeartFc the honour of posting his thoughts first .