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  1. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    Scott Jamo and Nelly Yoa having cracks at each other on Twitter
  2. New York City FC

    Brattan is incredibly up and down. I remember a few games back at home it was obvious his effort was off. Not sure what it is with him.
  3. Surely not. Please no more English coaches or advisors for the love of God.
  4. New York City FC

    I'm curious where you think the plays rate now. I'd rate Jamo around 5th within the league. McGree with his 11 games last season reminds me of Kamau in a way. Not totally established or proven for the previous team he played for however comes in with a bit of hype and ironically both scored wonder goals in the finals series to increase their hype. So far this season Honda, Troisi and Antonis are ahead of him and that's from just one team. Agree with both wingers. Our defensive mids going into the season seemed solid however are questionable now. Griffiths and Baccus I wouldn't rate near the best in their position. Probably closer to middle of the pack. And just to go back to it we had Lachie Wales as our striker majority of the season. To me we had a handful of positions that were not more no where near the top. We could keep going around in circles with this. It's always an interesting point to debate so happy if you want to dispute any of these if you'd like though.
  5. New York City FC

    I'd say back to that, the club placing culture over ability to coach a team to win trophies is a flaw in itself. Because ultimately the lack of success will affect the culture within the team and the club as we've seen. What we needed was a coach that could win us trophies. It's a simple perspective but I beleive totally accurate. They looked at culture but clearly overlooked/failed not only Joyce ability to win trophies but also his playing style. Who are they? Who made these decisions? This comes back to my post in the Scott Munn thread which I won't go into here. Regarding the squad I beleive our current position reflects accurately just how strong our squad is. Yes depth wise we are one of the strongest. But first eleven? No way in hell are we near the top. Left back, DM, both wingers, AM, our forward. Easily rattle off 4 or 5 positions alone where we would be middle to bottom of the table in strength. Edit: MacLaren is up there with being one of ten best forwards. I was thinking of Wales playing majority of the season when I wrote that.
  6. New York City FC

    Referring to the point in bold I think that's the interesting part. What parameters are they? We signed Joyce for what purpose? He struggled at senior level but was successful at youth level. No proof he could win anything. Natural to assume that perhaps the club saw him as someone that could bring through our youth players as well as win the league? This is one of those decisions that shouldn't be an issue. It should be to win trophies. It's one of those decisions that doesnt feel right. Another point, it's been painfully obvious we desperately need a playmaker since Mooy. I've felt all along the club has chosen the development path with this position, signing McGree, Brattan, etc. instead of a bonafied proven playmaker. Again the club has chosen to go down a certain path with this based on the parameters they set out. It's no accident this position still hasn't been filled properly. Im not asking for endless money to be poured in. At the very least I understand the basics of how club finances work and am not ignoring them. Im also aware of the FFAs control over the clubs. However I'm simply asking for total ambition to win trophies. And right now I'm just not feeling this is the case with the club.
  7. New York City FC

    @bt50 Yeh I prob overstepped my own logic there. You're probably right in theory I think, with DaLaet etc. I'd assume we have spent a decent amount on him and with Bruno on top of that, the club would be one of the biggest spenders. I say in theory because do we include Bruno in the equation seeing as he's not on the pitch? I've mentioned it before but I get this feeling the club don't put everything into trying to win trophies. I can't quite explain it but there's just something off about the club and how they're going about things. I feel like with youth development, their current philosophy with the club and their ongoing stance towards FFA, winning trophies gets pulled back and the attempt to do so seems harder than it should be.
  8. Scott Munn

    This is the thing we still don't know about the club. Who has what say in club and football decisions. Somewhere there someone has dropped the ball with Joyce. This may have gone above Munn. My comment wasn't directed specifically at Munn only but also the rest of the top guys at the club and group. Right now the club as a whole is in some serious damage control. Someone needs to be held accountable for not steering the it in the right direction.
  9. Scott Munn

    Perth Glory hire CEO Tony Pignata and sign Popovic and they're flying. The people at the top make the biggest decisions. They have to be good at hiring people that will be able to make the right personnel decisions below them. If the coach and thereby the players are not right two times in a row then questions need to be asked of the people at the top.
  10. To save us all the time why don't you really come out and say what you think about your standing amongst others who couldn't go or won't go. I am to assume that you are suggesting that my opinion doesn't hold as much weight. I'm won't go into why I can't go to events like this which you deem the barometer to someone's weight of their opinion. Nor will I go into things I've asked players and officials at events I've been to in the past. And now that you have given me your resume as well I can see why you have earned the right to be critical of things on a public forum and also feel that you can be the adjudicator on who has the right to be critical and who can't.
  11. I am not suggesting anyone should ask anything they don't want to ask so I'm sure this is directed at others. However i was critical of these people....so I'm highly doubting you could be suggesting that in order for my opinion to hold any weight I should criticise the club, coach or management openly at an organised event to the faces of these people?
  12. New York City FC

    Same as us here. When you have the option to bring in a bigger player to help you succeed wouldn't you do it? The club is capable. They have the money and resources. They willfully choose not to make the team the best it can be. And another thing, this whole not signing a big name because they're focusing on players giving 100% is bullshit as well. They just don't want to front up the money. It gives me the shit's and is another reason im getting tired and disinterested with the club as a whole.
  13. Chosen to do something else tomorrow night. The feeling that I won't miss anything grows with every game.
  14. Western United FC

    Fair enough. CFG have really stretched many to their limit for many reasons. And that's on field results aside.
  15. Just had a flashback to Newcastle vs Heart and losing with half their squad out and them playing with 10 men