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  1. The money nor the marquee status doesn't worry me. Our best players ever have not been marquees. Hence why I didn't bring it up. The real issue is having a visa player that is bordering on not being a starter because of his average performances. Any criticism toward him being marquee, his wages or contract should be directed at the club.
  2. It's all dependant on what expectations are placed on him. For sure he had a solid game. Nothing special but did most of the simple stuff right. What expectation should be placed on a number 10 visa player? With so much of the ball last night what should his output be? I brought up Florin because playmaker is willing to be so harsh on 2 of our youngest players.
  3. n i k o

    Tom Glover

    Yeh but it's dawning on them now? In pre season? What about when he was here with us last time. And is every player being looked at with the same critical eye? And what is that comparison between keeper based on? What have the others done that Bouzanis hasn't? Happy for you to 'open my eyes' and show me what I'm missing...
  4. n i k o

    Tom Glover

    Is it me or is there more hate for Bouzanis than is warranted...?
  5. Much like their supporters?
  6. This game will tell us where we are at
  7. I have a suspicion we'll also find out how much delbridge performances relied on having bort next to him
  8. n i k o


    Not sure. All i know is I'm expecting mildly better football this season but outside of that I'm basically done with any expectations concerning results.
  9. n i k o


    Their midfield is questionable but on paper they're shaping up to be top 3. Front 3 well proven to be top players in the aleague and defensively with Cory Brown gone and Traore there they look strong. Western United doesn't look any better than us but Rudan the cunt proved he can make an average squad work quite well laat season.
  10. Of all the things you mentioned the bolded part is the most the only thing that is of importance to us. The rest is just white noise jw to be perfectly frank. And like all things in life it's how you choose to respond to situations. So the club decided to mention we were playing a closed door friendly. Not sure what the big deal is.
  11. Undeniable that Bouzanis fucked up. But spare me if you think delbridge is free from responsibility. Had delbridge done what you learn when you first kick a ball and kept a simple back pass on the deck would Bouzanis have made a mistake? Instead he gives him back a ball 2 feet off the ground that ends up being a half volley that he couldnt clear first time and had to first gain control of.
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