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  1. This is true. Rounds 2-5 we won 4 in a row. Since then we haven't been able to back up 2 wins in a row. We certainly ride the rollercoaster of results. Safe to say we are inconsistent regarding results.
  2. Right now, whilst being second, we are the third placed team based on number of games to be played. Perth with 2 games in hand are only 1 point behind. Wellington are equal points and games played. Adelaide, who are 5th, have played equal games as us. Based on our season so far, third seems to be a fair position to be in. We've been very good for a lot of games. We've fallen short in some others. Still the games that have hurt us the most from memory was the loss to Sydney against 10 men and the 2 games against Brisbane whilst they were still struggling. Outside of that the other losses we simply weren't in it to begin with (eg. Perth 0-3, Adelaide 1-3, victory 1-2) perhaps with exception to the Wellington game last weekend. One thing is we can't afford to drop points like we have because teams like Brisbane are riding a wave of momentum. In saying that, we are coming up to an easier run of games than we've had the last 3 weeks. We can not only hold third position but perhaps cling onto second. Otherwise if we don't capitalise on it then we could drop down the ladder very quickly.
  3. I don't know why, but I read the first part of your post in tune to the stone cutters song on the Simpson's.
  4. He doesn't hold the most responsibility for the loss. Just to make that clear. However let's just talk about him though...
  5. Fair point for sure. Shame our game changing sub is Wales.
  6. No. MacLaren is a top goal scorer. Florin I've already criticized in the past. And Noone I've already been critical of but he has had a few good games. Wales had had none. Zero. He's been shit every game. He runs a lot and does little else. Those others had shit games but they've had good games this season. Wales can't lay claim to that.
  7. He's nearly 24 and has no end product, can't shoot, can't score. He's cooked. Nothing personal at all. He's just fucking dogshit.
  8. For all of 30 minutes. The guy was a sub and we signed him because of one glorious moment when he scored. It was the equivalent of the heart days of looking at a YouTube video of a player.
  9. Jamo is making up for 2 years of no criticism. Being captain he needs to be better than he has been.
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