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  1. Playmaker ain't no hipster
  2. Muscat bothers me. Certainly our weak link in the back.
  3. Please elaborate......
  4. The main thing we can take from the last 2 pages is a charity fight is happening between DAM10 and rass
  5. His numbers suprised me a little. They're not great by any stretch of the imagination but better than I thought.
  6. Oh he's a very tidy player. I just don't recall much end product from him but in saying that he scored 4 goals and provided 8 assists. I'm very much 50/50 in my opinion of him.
  7. Not sure he's worth that either lol
  8. Nico is a good player but there a big circle jerk about him for some reason on here that I can't explain
  9. He's not really worth enough to warrant that level of effort, time and money
  10. So according to tards he's signed under the cap. Are we to believe he has accepted the lowest offer of the season...??
  11. Probably the Greek construction worker lurking about the facilities to get his inside information
  12. Lol at the 'no' like you were there. Could very well be the case but you saying there's no chance he and his agent used us as leverage?
  13. Was he using us for leverage?
  14. There's one incident that will never be knocked off as worst tackle and it isn't this one
  15. There's a Simpsons moment for everything. I couldn't think of which one it was for this. Much appreciated and well played.