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  1. The "Where are they now?" thread

    I'll just leave this picture here...
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Yes. Yes we agree.
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I agree totally about having visas and marquees that are the best. This whole time you've just made completely incorrect assumptions without reading my comments. And I think you're just struggling with making your point. As above this indicates that you're saying the recipe is to 'splash out.' Splash out is spending more than usual, however as I pointed already no team up until now has 'splashed out' in order to win titles
  4. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Really? Show me where a club has 'splashed out' in the past and been successful. And can you show me where someone has actually said they would have a preference of young players developing over wanting a marquee of high quality.
  5. Daniel Arzani

    Not sure what your point is in repeating my answers and oversimplifying them. Firstly they're not the only reason I gave, re read my post again. Secondly instead of over simplifying my answers the idea is you can decipher what benefit Rogic has had from those points I made. Do I have to write a thesis on the benefits of playing in such an intense and cut throat environment where in fact Rogic has come through all that as one of the most key players in his team? Is it difficult to see that through this process Rogic set himself up to be in a position where he could move to a much bigger club, yet through personal choice he chose not to? And through this is it not evident that Arzani can follow Rogic lead in gaining these same benefits at a club where he is under a coach that will want to help him and support him? In turn setting himself up to take a step to a bigger league, one that Rogic chose not to take.
  6. Daniel Arzani

    What has Celtic done for Rogic? Firstly on a personal level they've helped him keep a clean bill of health so that he can continue to play regularly under a coach that likes him. Secondly, playing at Celtic has allowed Rogic to become a key player for his team which in turn has made him a recognised player within Europe. By playing for them he has also had experiences playing in front of massive crowds, high expectation and against other teams from Europe in CL. Now the only reason he is at Celtic right now is his own personal choice. You completely misunderstand this and somehow seem to think that he is there through no choice of his own. Like I said orginally, there's also a number of other reasons as to why this move makes sense right now for Arzani.
  7. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Well that's where you've misunderstood. Firstly my last post the point was Sydney and the tards didn't have big name marquee and still won titles, contrary to what you're alluding to. Secondly in the end of my original post I said I take pride in developing young players as opposed to signing a big name marquee. I never said anything about not wanting to win trophies any less though. You assumed that. Based on your comments I can only conclude that think that the club not signing a big name marquee means we don't prioritise winning any trophys. This brings us back to my example....which big name did Sydney or the tards have...
  8. Daniel Arzani

    I partly agree, as you said.... 1.You try to keep your talent. 2. And if you can't you need to replace them as best as you can. But why the mention of resources? This is my point. Resources has nothing to do with these two points you've made. They are separate entities in that they are not really dependant on each other. As you say you try to keep the talent. If you can't you replace them as best as you can. As to what benefit? Again slightly different outlook.... -CFG has made a profit which makes us viable as a club. This is important because our owners consider this important. Pretty simple. -As a club? Be known for attracting talent that will spend more time here than Arzani and could help win us the title. Arzani is definitely an outlier in the landscape. Most young talents won't spend 5 months in the senior sqaud then be sought after internationally. Most will spend that extra season with us. A perfect example of that is Mooy who stayed here with us an extra season and moved up into a marquee position. -One more benefit is hopefully in the future we will have a lot of former City youngsters in the national team. To me it would be a source of pride in this club that I have not experienced yet. Imagine. Melbourne City. The club that takes youngsters to represent the NT. That's a great image to have.
  9. I don't accept it as being ok. Never have. But they will be this way for a bit longer until football in this country gets its shit together. Then through youI generations growing up hopefully it will change.
  10. Daniel Arzani

    Personal view but how much resources we put into him isn't an issue for me. I'm actually proud we are putting so many resources into our players, especially our youngsters. So just to understand then, are you saying don't put as many resources into developing our young talent? What are you proposing we do then?
  11. Daniel Arzani

    The clubs resources have little to do with us supporters. It matters little to us if the club put in 50k or 5 million into developing him. Unless we have a large monetary input into funding his development and expect a return in results, which we don't, it's irrelevant to us how many resources have been used on him. All that matters is we have lost a very good player and now need to fill the hole. The only people that could make this comment is the resources (people) that are directly involved with assisting him for their own outcomes. Eg. Joyce has put in effort, time to help him develop to make his sqaud better and now Arzani has gone.
  12. This genuinely surprises me. How long have you lived in this state?
  13. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Which big name did Sydney have the last 3 season? Which big name did the tards have when they won last season?
  14. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Are you saying there's a lie from one article to another? It may be easier if you point out exactly what the lie is.
  15. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I'm just curious, what lies are you speaking of?