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  1. Study is conducted by ugly men for sure
  2. CCM, Wanderers, Sydney, Newcastle and I'm pretty sure Wellington are all based in NSW at the moment. Sydney is also a central point between Melbourne and Brisbane. For Perth and Adelaide it's pretty much the similar travel time. Makes perfect sense to hold it in NSW to me.
  3. https://www.smh.com.au/national/china-s-man-in-canberra-has-unmasked-the-regime-s-true-face-20200427-p54nhj.html
  4. I'd like the red to have stayed, one because of following the club for so long but also because the colour was good so I wanted it to stay and still would like it. But I would have been ok by now with the colour change if it was almost anything other than sky blue. It's a god awful colour.
  5. We do. City blue.
  6. What's the feeling towards having mandatory vaccine shots for all adults?
  7. Is say yes and no. Those things are incomparably important. However it's not as simplistic as that. There are question marks over a number of things about this corona virus.
  8. Something I'm not knowledgeable enough about is what kind of testing is being done for Covid19. How do they separate Covid19 symptoms and those of the any other flu/cold/pneumonia to determine what virus it is?
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/209TimesCA/status/1244768513199206400 This could be some random nut job but there are rumours going around of Chinese people with small containers going to stores and public transport touching everything they can come in contact with.
  10. Western United v Perth was postponed 3 hours. Surprised ours is still going ahead. Will enjoy seeing live football for the last time in a while.
  11. I saw the slow motion from another angle. I stand corrected. Apologies. Damn I tried hard to be diplomatic and give him benefit of the doubt. Another balls up effort from Jamo that had cost us.
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