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  1. If your arms are within "the silhouette" of your body you're not stopping an attacking play. If Denis doesnt have his hand there it smashes into his face...wtf is going on? Why was that given?
  2. The last penalty has to be one of the biggest fuck ups this season. Genreau could easily get knocked out by a shot like that, plus that ball was heading for the carpark. Shambles.
  3. I just sat there trying say 'Just to be sure' out loud in an Irish accent like 6 times. Wife walks in the room like wtf are doing dude...
  4. Melbourne Smiley till I die. I beg to differ, check this out...
  5. Williams on the Mars mission via shots and young Lachie on moon duties with his crosses. Problem Solved.
  6. Anyone actually going to Redcliffe to watch this? I'm 40 minutes away and still cant be fucked.
  7. Its gonna be a tough battle between AFL, NRL, Super 15's and Elon Musk hiring Wales to launch rockets to Mars.
  8. HeartFc


    I don't want to get all Alex Jones on yawl but this is the worst Victory team ever... the season where Western Spartan 300 United enters the league with the most alpha team in A-league history. Victory team summary will tell you all you need to know.. - Ola is the only class player, their next 2 best are injury prone (Kruse, Nabbout) - Their euro imports look so slow and disinterested. - Kenny Athiu and Kambosa look like headless chooks when they get the ball, absolutely clueless. - Donachie and Deng at CB must be giving victory supporters nightmares. - I don't see any young talent pushing for a place in the starting 11. - To top it off, the slippery gypsy returns to haunt them. FFA has paper bagged this season, they need the new boys to crush the Melbourne (Xerxes Persian Army) Victory this season, so far so good.
  9. Wazza still reckons those 4 goals could've been passes backwards.
  10. Ye gotta 2nd this. Very loud of TV, they did a great job.
  11. Luna looks so timid. Never wants to dribble or take a player on. Fuck I miss Arzani.
  12. So it seems Lachie Dolphins has some photos of Warmfarts doing some gay french shit back in Parrrry. How is he starting? I'd prefer Stefen Colonoscopy starting tbh.
  13. Isn't 'Gronk' a Sydney thing? And yes totally agree, how is it even considered an insult? It sounds like something I'd need to buy if I had a plumbing issue in my kitchen. *googles* "leaking tap + kitchen + rubber thing + Bunnings". Google Machine: Bunnings Warehouse: Iron Dolphin Tits 2" Gronk Seal, pack of 12 ($6.95). *Jumps in car to purchase 'Iron Dolphin Tits Gronk Seal'*
  14. Wales gets worse every week. How is starting for an A-league team?
  15. Perth are having a nibble.
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