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  1. That was great, 2 minutes before that game, we have the ball in the middle of pitch and absolutely no one is forward of the ball. No interest in scoring. Warmfarts is tactically retarded at times.
  2. That was retarded Sunday league shit from Luna there. FFS a bit of composure please.
  3. Booooooooo we don't like it when offside is a rule. Boooooooooooo
  4. Got a feeling we're gonna win this comfortably. A grind for 60 minutes, Jmac scores and Noone puts one away late. 2-0.
  5. Funny part was, the long sleeve undershirt and the man bra GPS. Kinda looked dumb. Anyway, good on him, hopefully one of many "new golden generation" Socceroos.
  6. Often you see kids come on, show speed, creativity and skill but they rarely have the ability to take the game on show genuine physical strength against opponents. M.Toure showed all of the above and more. Future beast in the making.
  7. Believe it or not, that was holding back. I've always thought Cahill was a self indulgent knob, any excuse to stick a boot in I shall promptly take. BTW I didn't change my nickname when our Arab overlords took over. I'll take Rutger Worm overhit crosses, Alex Terra bicycle kicks and Vinne Grella's glorious 14 minutes over this money laundering scam of a club.
  8. The corruption, slavery, migrant worker death and general lack of human rights in this region of the world makes me sick. They had to find the most money hungry, slimy bottom feeder in world football. They found Timothy Cahill.
  9. TTIM: Social Media pushing "The Agenda". Last night the wife DM's me a work out routine over Instagram (hinting about my gut). The video she sends is some shirtless bloke doing burpies or whatever, I close it within 3 seconds and move on with my life. Today I'm browsing my insta feed and every 5th or so post on my feed is either a shirtless blokes posing, guys kissing on a beaches, trannies and well dressed Italian men drinking coffee. I generally look at soccer highlights, hot girls, car stuff and little bit of politics etc. but 1 little work out clip drowns all the out and makes my feed look like gayer than Elton Johns. I literally cannot open my insta in public. Fuck you Soros.
  10. Fuck its horrible to watch. Every time the ball goes over shoulder height and its a one on one he runs into his opponent and belly flogs to the floor. He's as weak as piss and instead of hitting the gym and becoming a real man he prefers to be some sort of little pinocchio looking phaggot that uses a shit tactic to win a free kicks. He's an absolute fucking disgrace.
  11. Solid besides Tom Glover's absolute fucking howler. And also suck shit Kruse you fkn tranny.
  12. Kruse cooked. 10 v 11 for the rest of the game. Surely we cant fuck this up.
  13. Great, we have 2 retard goal keepers. To think we let Birra go.
  14. Victory are going to come at us hard now. This is where we see if this team has a balls or just falls apart... again.
  15. Noone gets caught on the ball like that pretty often. Its like his brain slows down and he freezes on the ball. Just control and fucking shoooooot!!!!
  16. That came too fast at the defender to be a back pass. Wasn't in full control of the pass.
  17. Susaeta is the type of guy who rocks up to BBQ, well dressed (probably wearing boat shoes), doesn't drink or bring up edgy topics, asks his wife if she needs a glass of water or some roasted eggplant dip, every 20 minutes. She being a typical women proceeds to tell all the other girls how great of a guy he is and how they went on lovely wine tour the weekend before, blah blah blah... Then of course my wife rips the shit out of me in car on the way home coz I'm a piece of shit husband and never take her anywhere. Long story short, Susaeta is a nice guy. (For those who are not up to scratch with my theory, thats bad news.)
  18. If the government is involved 10x the cost and time.
  19. Thats a good point, I won't be doing again. My cars bluetooth fucked up, ordered a new one.
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