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  1. I don't want to single you out but next person who mentions Baccus on this forum gets a lifetime ban.
  2. 2 Brissy fixtures 👌
  3. You might be in luck. I've spent the last 7 weeks on The Northern Mariana Islands (AKA Northern Pothole & Food Stamp islands), I reckon I'm due another Travel Thread write up. If I get time I'll a do full write up of my recent return to South America too. I had an even worse time this trip. (Spoiler alert: I shit my pants on a Peruvian bus).
  4. She Argentinian but ye all latin girls are default nut cases. Its not so much that it solves problems it just stops resentment building up in guys. For example, if some blokes mrs chucks a fit and she's a sloppy goblin he kinda just sits there going... wtf do you actually contribute to my well being? On the other hand a fit girl is gonna have you thinking, fuck you bitch but... in 4 days I'm gonna be horny as fuck and I need that arse in my face. We only give 100% when theres something worth pursuing, once we don't want it we sabotage our environment to seek a new beginning. EDIT: Oh and btw I've met those "she's more than looks" guys. Complete and utter BS, they resent the shit out of their fat wives and jerk off to their wives friends facebook profile pics.
  5. @strider I hope you're marrying a girl with a nice arse. I'm telling you right now if your future wife doesnt have at least a 8.5/10 ass the marriage will fail. All this bullshit about marriages failing because money, cheating, "growing apart" is complete and utter BS. Every dude I know who's divorced has an ex wife who either had no arse or some deformed monstrosity. Then the dudes with wives with tip top fkn a class bubble butts are going strong as ever. And btw a women should be able to maintain a nice ass well into her 50's (a 53 year old dentist gave me a semi a couple month back). When a chick hits 60 it doesnt matter anymore coz fishing and 4x4 magazines take over. Good luck.
  6. Footscray Perth FC United.
  7. Brattan on his day is fantastic player but I honesty don't think he's fit enough to be a championship winning mid. He runs out of gas by the 60th minute these days and unless he can drop 5 kegs and have a great preseason I don't see him as a huge loss.
  8. I reckon Scotty has fucked a few Indian chicks over the years coz thats pretty spicy.
  9. Good, fuck off you giraffe on stilts.
  10. Can we make a custom black over coat with the city badge on it so he can wear that at games?
  11. Maycon-esc quality youtube highlights, I'm nervous.
  12. ye but he has a 0% win ratio and thats just not goof enough. Yep I said goof. Can we just hire a wheel barrow full of cheese and call it a day. (sorry it was happy hour again)
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