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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    For forgot about Christiano Ronaldinho.
  2. The "Where are they now?" thread

    Rip my auris interna.
  3. Scott Galloway

    Not sure why so many people are confused as to why he moved. Got offered more money.
  4. Thank you Melbourne City for making Essendon vs Melbourne watchable tonight.
  5. I wonder...

    Studies have shown batteries are not only inefficient but worse for the environment in terms of waste. The rebuttal to that though is "batteries will improve in time", which of course is true but the problem is most people don't even know the negative environmental effects. Why would a mega corporation spend money on R and D when the PR is already sorted? Now every car company is making an EV even though TESLA is basically going broke. Tax payers have made the electric vehicle possible and every car company on the planet wants a piece of the tax pie. Of course there are many benefits to direct torque control, mainly safety and automation but I never hear anything about that, its all about "Zero Emissions". That phrase is fast becoming the biggest oxymoron in modern human history. EDIT: @haz good point, this whole stop IC engines by *insert date* smells so fkn fishy. Before you can replace something you better have a far superior solution or yawl can go fuck yawl selves. Ladies and Gents (and 72 other genders) NWO is in full swing.
  6. Joyce looked on the verge of tears after the game... LOL. Cya cunt.
  7. I thought we folded. Disappointing to see we're still a club.
  8. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    They're linked for a reason using evidence, they're not just linked for the fuck of it. Are you saying every mosque in the world has been wrongfully linked on the bases of that fake word, "Islamophobia" ? The fact that so many are linked is the whole point, there is major issue which needs to be addressed. I'd argue the doctrine and interpretation of Islam is problematic. Here is why I brought up that article: The mosque in Christchurch had radical links, radical links lead to terrorists, terrorist kill innocent people and this creates opposing terrorists which then walk into mosques and kill innocent Muslims. Not only do the right wing terrorists kill Muslims but at the same time they bait the left wing to blame and alienate any genuine critic of Islam. This is designed to anger the fringe radical right wingers and tempt them to join the fight. Terrorist blow back on both sides will end in civil war. A civil war which could wipe most Muslims in the Western world. I'm actually trying to warn innocent law abiding Westernised Muslims (so 99% of em) to do something about their communities. Speak out, protest, boycott etc. I don't want to hear this bullshit that its not your responsibility as a Muslim. Yes it fucking is. Your religion is either fucked up or its been hijacked and turned into a fucked religion by a small %.. why would you not want to talk about this and fix it? Here's an example of what I mean: My mother was treated like absolute shit within our Church by "Loving Christians". She was bullied so badly that she ended up in hospital as she had a heart condition which flared up. I was so fuckin angry I wanted to lob bricks into the church. I came to my senses and decide to boycotted the Church over 15 years ago, I have never returned. I no longer go to church based on that, the hypocrisy within the doctrine, the kiddy fiddling was the nail in the coffin. I still consider myself catholic and respect the good teachings but thats about it. I personally believe the Church (and partly the Vatican) was infiltrated by paedophiles in the 50/60's and recently by communists, its a sinking ship. Instead of playing the victim I'd like to see Muslims stick the boots into Islam. Mohammad Tawhidi did and he gained a lot of support by non-muslims in this country... death threats with the Islamic community though....
  9. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    The best part is the left linking this disgusting act to Trump and any critic of the doctrine of Islam. Convenient and suits the narrative. Now try and get them to link violent jihad to the core teachings of Islam. They won't do it even though its writing down, practiced and preached. Speaking of preaching.. OOPS: https://www.newshub.co.nz/nznews/christchurch-mosque-linked-to-alqaida-suspect-2014060417 Not justifying that sick fuck's actions but why hasn't this been reported on the mainstream media..? Seems a pretty important talking point if you ask me.
  10. Snooze fest. Sydney will wake up soon and pop in a couple.
  11. Who on here would be a better manager then Joyce

    Genuinely 1 star thread.
  12. I was a little worried there thinking Joyce might survive. Bye Wazza!