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  1. Travel.... Interstate and Overseas.

    Orite fuck it, ill go. Besides the waterfall Iquazu is boring as fuck. EDIT: btw you guys might be happy to here I had a horrible night sleep due to those racoon things smashing the tin roof above me, then this arvo I shit myself while chilling by the pool when a couple of giant tegu lizards were having sex/fighting next to me. Couldn't even relax after that coz I was paranoid one would run out the jungle a bite my cock off. Thongs also broke while walking down the street and the supermarket had fuck all food so I literally ate 400grams of cheese by its self for dinner and now I'm constipated.
  2. Travel.... Interstate and Overseas.

    I was going to cross the border while I'm north and check out Brazil/Paraguay but I'm fucking scared now. I am going to Tucuman next week which has an insane crime rate so I figure that might cover the stabbings and muggings id cop everywhere else.
  3. Travel.... Interstate and Overseas.

    Ye googled it and found a few banks, cheers. Managed to get the bus in, thank fuck for that... but I cant be fucked going out tonight and getting eaten by the massive mosquitos so I'm calling it a night. Na haven't seen those jungle racoons fuckers yet but I've been warned. I'm staying in a bungalow 10 min out of town so I'm sure ill have a run in soon enough. Might cross the border to Brazil coz so I'm done with Argentines. I found that the only decent Argentines hate Argentina more than me. The whole country belongs at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, like their submarines.
  4. Travel.... Interstate and Overseas.

    Yes sir. Already hating it already. They only except cash to take the shuttle bus and the ATM wouldn't take foreign cards... At a fkn airport... I asked a local who was dropping someone off if I could jump in with him and negotiate a price but he said he isnt allowed coz the shuttle company will complain to the police.. WTF So had to beg someone for 40 peso coz thats how much I was short of cash. Of course when I was paying cash I saw they had efpos but the cunts didnt want a paper trail. BTW the ATMs only give you $2000 peso per day ($150 AUD) which is a about 1 night stay, food, taxi etc. per day. In a crazy hyper inflated shithole where everyone wants cash you can easily find yourself stranded. This place is basically tailored to piss you off. NEVER AGAIN.
  5. Travel.... Interstate and Overseas.

    If you're thinking about going to Buenos Aires anytime soon... don't. Absolute shambles. Thought it would be rough around the edges but fuck me its 95% 3rd world with 1st world prices. The arrogance of the Portenos people (Whites) is staggering, to the point where I thought they were joking around. The first day I rocked up, the place I had booked said they gave my room to someone coz the payed cash and didnt give back my deposit.Ok WTF does that even mean?? So I justifiably kick up a fuss and the skinny little Di Maria look a like faggot calls the cops on me. I had to drag my bags into a taxi and sleep in some flea ridden shithole in the worst part of town with shared toilet that didnt flush. Luckily I found another place (still shit) in a better part of town the next day coz I got warned Id get stabbed on the street eventually. Couple days later my ferry to Uruguay was fucked up coz the ferry company didnt send me my tickets via email. Of course when I got to the ticket office they fuck up the dates on the ticket and when I complain they said it was too late to change them even though they were the ones to fuck up... Of course I had to buy a new tickets ($70 AUD for 1 hour ferry). Had no idea what the fuck was going on, I almost fell on the floor cried like a toddler at the supermarket. Fucking nightmare gets worse, back in BA phone goes missing from my room a few days later, hotel knows nothing and doesnt want to help at all. Obviously the cleaning lady pinched it. Cops don't help so no point even calling them. Don't have travel insurance coz VISA (debit card) changed their insurance policy since my last trip but I wasn't informed that I'm no longer automatically covered coz I used my debit card to purchase my flights... not my credit card. Loving life. Now I'm off to Iguazu now so thank god I'm leaving Buenos Aires. Hopefully its a little better.
  6. Fernando Brandán

    Brandan wont go back to Argentina after being in Australia... trust me. I'm there at the moment, fuck its a shit hole (and expensive too)
  7. Domestic Politics

    Isn't that government in a nutshell. Fuck something up then open a new department to fix the fuck up but fuck up that up too... its ok though because we just "created" 12000 new "jobs". #Recession2018 #1776willcommenceagain
  8. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Ye he kinda doesnt make his opponent work hard enough and gives up and walks off. Looks a little unsure of himself at times.
  9. R2 Etihad Derby 14 October 7:50pm

    Marcin not even on the bench... must be really unfit.
  10. World Cup 2018 - Russia

    Ye I was meaning to pop Chile is there. Thats huge. South America looks really weak this time around. Argentina don't play as a team. Uruguay are beatable despite their beast strike force. Columbia are ok. Peru are shit. Only Brazil look good. Germany/Belgium/Spain will have a field day this world up. Iceland the dark horses again.
  11. The "Where are they now?" thread

  12. World Cup 2018 - Russia

    Poland being 6th in the FIFA world rankings will probably mean a POT A seeding. Looks like a huge opportunity with lots of strong teams missing out. Europe: Netherlands, Czech Rep, Wales (hopefully the few more after the playoffs) Africa: Ivory Coast CONACRAP: USA Asia: Australia*
  13. I wonder...

    ...when Jane Bunn is gonna go all out "South American weather girl" and get the cannons right out. These conservative outfits are very frustrating.
  14. The road to the 2018 WC

    Kruse, Milligan and Troisi all rubbish.