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  1. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    Also the lack of self awareness of the writer is pretty funny. For example the part where she lists schools, nursing homes and hospitals etc like its a wrong or outrages for them to do is so ironic. So lets tax the them to give to the government who will (if we're lucky) spend that money on building schools, nursing homes and hospitals.... but run them worse. Putting aside the stupid spending on 100 feet jesus statues and gay bath houses the church is a shining light on free market economics. They spend a fuck load in Africa, India and South America for example.. what have the governments in those places done for their people besides mass murder, steal and impoverish billions of people? Think about it, who wastes our money more and causes more harm to people overall... the government of the catholic church? On and btw you if you refuse to give money to the church they don't lock you up. I rest my case.
  2. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    30 Billion is a lot less than I thought. Thats about 1.6 mill per property. St Francis for example takes up a quarter block in the CBD which would probably be worth 50 million alone. They've owned that since it was built and purely from donations I suspect. So most of the wealth was simply people voluntarily giving them shit and the nature of property prices going up. Now I'm not defending the stupidly of people giving to the Church however the Catholic Church probably does more than the government does for most folks and even though they rape kids for fun I feel raped everytime my rego comes in the mail.
  3. Rd20 vs Sydney @ AAMI 10/2 7.50pm

    I wanted to see Redmayne's glove slap after copping a goal, forgot we were shit.
  4. Rd20 vs Sydney @ AAMI 10/2 7.50pm

    Some of these Jakobsen crosses tonight make Rutger Worm look like David Beckham.
  5. Rd20 vs Sydney @ AAMI 10/2 7.50pm

    Arzani decision making is shocking at times.
  6. Rd20 vs Sydney @ AAMI 10/2 7.50pm

    Thats because sydney have shape.
  7. Rd20 vs Sydney @ AAMI 10/2 7.50pm

    Sydney should've had half a dozen yellows.
  8. Rd20 vs Sydney @ AAMI 10/2 7.50pm

    Jakobsen is a defender.
  9. Rd20 vs Sydney @ AAMI 10/2 7.50pm

    Good timing.
  10. Rd20 vs Sydney @ AAMI 10/2 7.50pm

    any streams?
  11. Montague Street Bridge - 0 days since last accident

    inB4 insurance companies add another line to the fine print... act of "Montague" clause.
  12. Tim Cahill

    A solid 113 seconds of solid world cup prep under the belt last night Timmy. #gametime
  13. Dean Bouzanis

    Surely trolling? He was huge.
  14. RD 19 V Brisbane 7pm Sunday 4th Feb Away

    First time I've attended a game away from Melbourne so I'm wrapped. I gotta say 'Phresh Kuts' Bouzanis was fuckin brilliant, we could've copped 5 tonight. Some really shitty defending at times. Massimo Ravioli's goal was a fkn disgraceful piece of non defending, completely unmarked. Delbridge was poo, got beaten a lot and threw himself around like a rag doll, he should stick to breaking legs and getting sent off. Budzinski was pretty decent, looks like the confidence is building. Overall not bad.