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  1. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    If we win I will be happy. If we lose I will be sad.
  2. Daniel Arzani

    Congrats mate.
  3. The flare was orange which matched Roar's jersey. Get blue flares.
  4. MOTM vs Brisbane Roar

    Bort. Mauk. Visosic.
  5. Fkn me, Brisbane were 'numbers falling off jerseys" shit tonight.
  6. If we only score 'One Goal' tonight and lose the irony will be strong.
  7. Domestic Politics

    Because being in a centrist in todays political climate is being a pussy to be completely frank. To be honest the centre is pretty much the lazy left now. Ten years ago my beliefs were considered centre (ish) now my beliefs are considered far right and they haven't change a whole lot. So how is that you're still in the centre? How is it that you think Shorten a stable "centre" candidate when he clearly sides with the Greens a lot, uses gay buzzwords and has virtually no right leaning policies at all. How'd we go from Gillard saying she supports traditional marriage to Shorten just about riding the giant dick float with the sailors at the mardi gra.... Are basing your opinion on what Shorten did and said 15 years ago? Are you completely ignoring what's going on in world right now? BTW left leaning Liberal men have as much testosterone as a 12 year old female gymnast so at least you jumped off that wagon. I attack feminism because its topical and relevant to many serious aspects of our lives as young men these days. Being a stable, sensible, employed and happily married man (I assume), you probably think its a non-issue and that only basement dwellers complain about it. Its their excuse to why they cant get a girl or high paying job. True, just about anything is used by those types of people in society so irrelevant what the hermits of the world think. The real world stuff involves, nasty break ups where money/kids or the law causes guys to neck themselves at unbelievably high rates. Losing your job because of a crazy anti-male policy doesn't help either. Add the pop culture of shitting on men and claiming a pay gap based gender (which Obama even talked about, wtf???) and you have some issues which warrants a serious fight. Now I'm not in any of those categories (besides a money dispute which I'm winning anyway) so I cant say its directly effected me. I'm 32, bought and sold a house, ran a small business, been in long and short relationships as well as moving, travelling and working overseas/interstate so I feel like I can quite easily join the "feminism doesn't effect real men" crew. I wouldn't consider myself a very successful guy but a lack of ambition is/was my problem not blue haired dykes. Truth is it'll really effect the 21 years olds of the world more than us. Our kids even worse. So yeah its important and seeing as women only ever really stoke up two emotions in me (lust and annoyance) then its gonna come up. Judging women based on their racial profile is probably the single most effective way of knowing what you're gonna get in a relationship as well as their relationship with their dads. Sorry if that's racist/sexist but I won't sit here and deny the most objective reality know to mankind. My 2 dramatically emotional latin girlfriends of the last 10 years are my antidotes which I hang my hat dick on. Those who have fucked a couple extroverted bimbo Chinese girls in the western world haven't broken any barriers, it only takes a handful of finger wagging black single mums called Shaniqua to restore parody. Btw being hyperbolic can seem like weird or aggressive behaviour to some people but those people are usually bland, uptight or just don't know what funny is. Lighten up, pick a side and stop fart surfing in the wind.
  8. Domestic Politics

    Well what I meant which I might've not made clear was he won't last as PM, either he'll get knifed or resign due to the scandals. (I agree that a lot of dirt will be exposed before the election but something big will be left as insurance for the future). Labor may retain their position in power but I don't see Shorten being a long term leader. Would you like me to point out some of trendy SJW buzzwords Shorten has spat in the last couple years? Is being a hard nose conservative, alt right nerd or anti SJW become too mainstream now so pretending to be the bulls eye on the political political spectrum is the new edgy thing to do. "I pay my taxes, haven't got a speeding fine in 10 years, supported the invasion of Iraq but not anymore, support true feminist, think both bikes and cars need to respect each other, have Muslim friends but hate ISIS, I like both crunchy and smooth peanut butter and think Trump should be more respectful to women. I'm a Centrist".
  9. Domestic Politics

    I know a little about his political background after digging around so I understand why you CBF but my point is he doesn't stick to what he believes in. He has the capability to flip flop and go all the way to almost Greens levels on the spectrum. He talks like a fucking SJW when he gets the chance, its embarrassing. The guy is a complete fraud, how anyone could possibly support that fkn slimy worm ill never know. The next 4 years are gonna be rough but ill take odds very short odds that shorten will be a one term PM and disappear when all that dirt comes out.
  10. Domestic Politics

    Sold out workers while union boos, spouts SJW platitudes and plays identity politics. Despite leading the right faction 10 years ago the guys as left leaning as the come now. Its the fashion and Bill Shorten has all the latest gear. Btw explain this....
  11. 1-0 Roar. Clean out of dead wood will proceed, followed by a handful of mediocre signings and Muscat getting a contract extension. See you guys in 6 months.
  12. Domestic Politics

    Not sure if srs.
  13. Domestic Politics

    Woweeeee ABC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwC3v49Xxx8