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  1. Deano needs a song: Stays on his line like he's gotta fat gut, Back to barber for the weekly fresh cut. Bouuuuuuuunzanis When he cops one, he usually cops another, 'bout to lose his spot to big Tommy Glover. Bouuuuuuuunzanis Half time Ouzo, we gotta get tipsy, 'least called Besart dirty fkn Gypsy. Booooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuzanisssssssssssssssss.
  2. Only bloke who felt like a winner tonight was Tom Glover. Surely gets a crack soon.
  3. Fresh cut boourns at it again. Thats about 4/5 goals copped this season which could've been avoided with a simple punch or keeper sweep.
  4. Thats pretty 'omega' dude. TTIM: Used cars salesmen spamming marketplace. They park their cars for sale on residential streets and pretend to be private sellers. To bad their profiles on marketplace show the 27 other cars they have listed. "Female owner, highway kms, selling car due 2 moving overseas". Ye good one buddy.
  5. Ye its no joke. Sounds like you know what you're doing considering you've got past experience in Nepal before. One of mates told me the towns are full off yuppies who go coz they wanna tell people they did the Himalayas. These morons have never trained in their lives so in the end they burn out 3 hours into 1 day, end up spending the rest of the trip at bars talking about their trekking adventures.
  6. HeartFc


    They should've told the council the facility will predominantly seek to develop transgender and/or questioning youth prospects.
  7. Get a bum hole heater. They help with getting frozen shits out. In all seriousness, I hope you did some cardio training, running, rowing machine, boxing etc coz you're gonna feel those lungs burn when you get up there. I haven't been but I had some fit friends go and they said its pretty taxing on the body. Smash some vitamins over the next couple weeks too.
  8. Surely back to Europe next season. Macca is having a Lewandowski type season, everyone else seems like their in slo-mo. If we cant win a trophy with this guy upfront we should just fold.
  9. Ye its good shit no doubt but I'm all over the middle eastern these days. Smashing grilled lamb balls with yogurt sauce, mountains of tabbouleh, crispy pita bread drizzled with olive oil, dipping that shit in Baba ghanoush like mother fucker. Anyway I've haven't eaten since 11am so this convo is just getting me straight up horny.
  10. 3-1 Melbourne City Football Club. You heard it here first.
  11. If your arms are within "the silhouette" of your body you're not stopping an attacking play. If Denis doesnt have his hand there it smashes into his face...wtf is going on? Why was that given?
  12. The last penalty has to be one of the biggest fuck ups this season. Genreau could easily get knocked out by a shot like that, plus that ball was heading for the carpark. Shambles.
  13. I just sat there trying say 'Just to be sure' out loud in an Irish accent like 6 times. Wife walks in the room like wtf are doing dude...
  14. Melbourne Smiley till I die. I beg to differ, check this out...
  15. Williams on the Mars mission via shots and young Lachie on moon duties with his crosses. Problem Solved.
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