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  1. Good ol Fortitude Valley. You can get aids just walking through there.
  2. Firstly, sorry to hear about your wife, that puts my pissy little complaints in life right into relative perspective. Mate, I'd go straight to your local government representative and present the case. Every Poli is looking to gain browny points by dumping on the banks, take advantage of that. If that doesn't get the ball rolling go to the press or current affair shows. I know that sounds lame but it could be your best option.
  3. 0% win record. Worst in the history of the club. EDIT: Clown cup doesnt count.
  4. Kone, Diamanti, Gulum, Berisha, Durante and Rudan. Western United might be the most alpha team in a-league history. Meanwhile at Melb City HQ....
  5. Ye according to Archie, Nabbout was struggling due to Scott Jamieson's constant talking. Huh? He kept calling VAR, VR. I think alcoholism is catching up to him.
  6. I think 0-0 without J-mac at Marvel is a decent result.
  7. We'll lose this game if we keep passing the ball like this.
  8. Movement needs to improve a little. Victory left a few gaps that half but we have 2/3 guys in the same space. Wales off asap. Doesn't offer a lot outside the box and offers zero inside.
  9. Your post count is low so ill let you off mate but everyone on here knows this is actually a political forum with a couple football related threads.
  10. ...When you're 12 Angkor's in and you see hot local with a big bulge...
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