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  1. Domestic Politics

    Here are the facts which may give an insight into if it was (A) a hateful bigoted "no" voter or (B) a hoax by a "yes" voter determined to get on the news... - The letters were found by a lesbian teacher living Brunswick. Case closed.
  2. Domestic Politics

    Because issues concerning our deplorable political system and everyday misery of life is still more positive than this clubs existence.
  3. Domestic Politics

    Ye spot on, this whole postal vote is a massive farce. Waste of money and its not legally binding, its basically Turnbull virtue signalling. Should've been added to the ballot papers for the next election.
  4. Domestic Politics

    So I heard rumours on social media of letterboxes being broken into all week and people stealing voting slips. Well I get home tonight (living with the folks) and their locked letter box door is ripped off the hinges, no mail today. I guess its wasn't rumours. #itsanoforme
  5. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    I have a different spin, besides the obvious time saving factor, running or even better riding down a platform and JUST making it is worth the risk. Whenever I do it and make it my self esteem goes up to a level where I longer want to kill myself. Also, I reckon chicks respect men who run, you risk the humiliation and or injury but if you make it you can look at everyone on the train and think "fuck you all, you wanted me to fall over and rupture a testicle, yet here I am sipping my McCafe late with a plastic bag on my shoes so I can put my feet on the seat". Thats super alpha, pheromones n shit.
  6. Domestic Politics

    Frustrate us with shit smart phone batteries and shitty banking practices for a decade then slowly introduce these awesome new chips which make life soooooo much easier!! Now the government and banks can cut me off financially or just up straight leak cyanide into my nervous system coz you know.. #thisisthefuture Well played Bilderberg group but you wont be implanting shit into my hand, head or even my asshole (which i was perviously open to).
  7. Domestic Politics

    http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/09/11/18/54/sydney-tech-heads-implanting-microchips-in-hands Ok so here am I thinking we currently don't have enough privacy as is it and now the 'Mark of the Beast' has become a reality. Interesting how they're gonna market this shit to the brain dead masses... "WOW! You'll never need to charge a device ever again!"
  8. Domestic Politics

    I hate that about Facebook. You can control just about everything about your account but doesn't allow you to comment without your friends seeing it. That stays in the back of your mind and ultimately slows you down when it comes to discussing certain topics and giving your honest opinion on what you really believe. I remember making a few pro Trump comments just before the US election and my friend count dropping pretty rapidly. Meanwhile I don't even bat an eye when half my friends list are borderline communists/radical fem bots who openly discuss "taking down" capitalism... OK 32 year old single women with 12k in the bank and binge drinking problem, what the actual fuck are you doing to bring about this "revolution" besides posting selfies with "your squad" and sharing every second buzzfeed video.
  9. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    TTIM: The comments from dumbcunts on Facebook when ever someone gets attacked by a shark. (90% are from women with nose piercings who seem to get moist over news of a young man losing a limb.) "serves him right for swimming in the sharks natural habitat." "stay out of the water you moron duhhhh" These fucking genius' have combined virtue signalling, snobbery and a mind boggling lack of self awareness. Half these sluts stumble around *insert capital city* drunk as a ukrainian skunk every weekend but if you suggest not to do so due to rape, they'll loose their fucking minds. Not only that but when do cunts ever talk about animals and their natural habitat when someone gets fucked up by a dog or snake.
  10. Australian kits (national and club)

    That kit makes em look like fat cunts.
  11. Domestic Politics

    I was actually thinking about this the other day. We're so isolated, not only comparative to the world but our own cities. We tend to not really do much away from our own city thus not meeting different people and hearing their opinions. This creates group think and bubble logic. I think Melbourne is the worst at this and recently having spoken to people from other cities we're far and beyond the most hated in the county. For good reason too.
  12. Unpopular Opinions That You Have.

    They'll remain overpaid and a massive influence on pop culture as long as we have retards willing to fork out the cash to see them on a consistent basis. The dumbing down of society only helps those who provide "the arts"/entrainment e.g.. Actors, athletes. Couple that with fake useless jobs like hedge fund mangers and 90% of the banking sector and you end up with a pretty shitty outlook in the future. Look at wage growth in the working class sector compared to the entertainment/banking sector (approx 2% vs 15%). Its fucking frightening. The illuminati have got this shit down pat. Well done Miley Vyrus.
  13. Domestic Politics

    I present to you... the ALT left's thinking process on marriage equality.... So you're against love? How can you be against love? Love is what humans do. If you don't like love you hate humans. So basically you're a human hating evil bigot. Thats like pretty much what nazi's were... So you support Hitler... There's no room for Nazi's in society. Nazi's shouldn't have a platform. PUNCH A NAZI !!!! The End.
  14. Marcin Budzinski

    No longer listed as a player on the clubs website so you'd think confirmed... I'm still not convinced its here that he's coming though...
  15. Strider's "The Earth Is Flat" Thread

    I guess that settles it then.