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  1. 12 degrees and raining.
  2. TTIM: Getting back from the Gold Coast to Melbourne today, 12 degrees and raining. Get fucked.
  3. Jokes on the 2 blokes dating those women. Think about it, no bitching and crying, no responsibility or walking on eggshells. Saving your cash and you can fart and shit your pants without a worry in the world. Of course, no regular sex, but regular girlfriend sex gets boring fast, better off rooting once every couples months and actually enjoying it or finding a friendly chick who doesnt want anything serious. Dating woman is for phaggots anyway.
  4. Back in the A-league in 2 years.
  5. UP THE FUCKING HAWKS (box hill)
  6. Any truth to rumour we're signing MZ Gorteen's attacking midfield Anders Ludwig Van De Hokenberg? Looks handy.
  7. Yep. Spot fucking on.
  8. Great use of our God Emperor Trump however I strongly stick to my statement. Not only that but ill add fried dim sims to that. Vile.
  9. Yes I find a spoilt bunch of drama queens a rather big problem.
  10. Racism is underrated.
  11. BattleBots is a good show. Potato cakes are horrible. You're probably better off eating a high salted piece of dead skin off the bottom of your foot.
  12. Jones is a round earthier however he needs to be because he's basically the gate keeper of conspiracy theories. If he goes off the deep end then people will label him a nut bag, most already have. The better tactic (which is the one he uses) is staying mainstream about the "fully woke" stuff and just simply giving a platform to those who are 10 level deeper down the rabbit hole eg. Eddie Bravo. Jones is still GOAT. Just youtube "Alex Jones meme compilation" and sit back and enjoy.
  13. I guess the reason I bring it up is because marriage imo has become shambolic. Half end up in divorce, women initiate 70% of those. Why? Because they can. No fault divorce and a bias family courts system means women have been given the golden ticket. If you give the golden ticket to hypergamous bunch in more and more materialistic society you end up with domestic assault, broken families, climbing suicide rates and over decline in civilisation. I'd go as far as saying women are so emotionally driven its just too dangerous to allow them so much power. I'm not advocating violence or oppression however I do believe there needs to be a balance between the sexes.. and balance does not necessarily mean equality. Problem is so many men out their no longer have a firm set of plums and bow down to the all mighty vag at the drop of a hat. At this rate I'd never marry a western women.