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  1. That's because only anglo dads give a fuck about what their sons do in their spare time.
  2. I played tennis for about 8 years growing up. Shit sport. My dad didn't give a fuck and only time I remember him coming to watch me was when he congratulated me after I lost a match. Not because he was being a nice guy but rather because he was reading the paper the whole match and just assumed I won. Still better than one of those tennis fag dads who shit on their sons coz their wives wear the pants.
  3. Mauk hates this club with a passion and for that reason I like him. Welcome back Stef.
  4. Seriously. If you want the best meal on the planet then head down to your local deli with a tenner. Thick crust euro rye bread with a 2 inch thick butter spread and 3 layers of hot hungarian salami. ...and no its not just a fucking cured meat sandwich. Its life. End of discussion lads.
  5. A true argument none the less. Interesting how it took a muslim guy getting rolled by white guy for acid attacks to get on the map... even though there had already been over 1500 in london alone since 2012. With something like 90% of since were in heavy populated muslim neighbourhoods. Political correctness is literally allowing (mostly young women) to get acid attacked, FGM'ed and marry off to pedophiles. No one has the balls to tell a brown person so stop being a fucking barbarian. If we don't don't swing that pendulum back quickly than it'll create more and more right wing terrorists and possibly lead to all out civil war in some countries. BTW just check out the stats regarding Poland and terrorism. They have the balls to tell the EU to get fucked, they don't care about being called racist and as a result they don't have a single muslim terrorist attack despite have the 8th biggest population in Europe. Strongest economy since the GFC and birth rates are rising too. Ladies and gentlemen... the triumphant return of the great Kingdom of Poland is upon us!
  6. Audible lolz @ the hot pirate chick. EDIT: The things id do to the stump though!
  7. Update on my life: Facebook Marketplace is fucking fantastic for weeding out retards. Jumped on tonight and saw a decently priced and modded vy SS ute, figured it would've been driven with some spirit coz the seller was some muztech/arab gym self type from the northern suburbs. Didnt quite expect videos of himself trashing the complete fuck of it. Sadly not the only spastic selling his 3th trashed car in a calendar year with profiles looking like an episode of "blokes world". ----- EDIT: Actually that reminds me of a "TTIM". I was watching an episode of "blokes world" like 10 years ago and they had a bit where some 45 year old crack whore would pole dance for 5 minutes. I guess it was an "ad" or something for a strip joint (can't remember). Anyway she was sloppier than taco bill cubicle but being in my early 20's I still cracked a sneaky and decided to knock a quick one out before bed. Surprisingly her snaggy tits and cottage cheese arse were no match for my giant forearms and low self esteem. I was just about to wrap things up when she finished the strip tease and it went straight to "robbo" whatever the fuck his name was, in a garage working on car, ultimately ruining the wank. If the timing wasn't bad enough already, my old man started walking down the hallway and into the living room. Managed to blanket the situation in time and he only popped in to grab something and left. Afterwards I realised I was only about 2 seconds away from being caught by my dad wanking to an over weight bogan changing the oil on 4x4. TTIM: Weird wanks.
  8. ...but ultimately just like everyone else you'll head down to woolies saturday morning and grab some celery sticks, savoy crackers, black swan tzatziki dip (and humus 2 for $5 special), red rock deli chips (mostly likely sweet chilly & sour cream) and a couple bottles of sprite. You'll sit down with a few mates and watch these too fuckers make more money in 25 minutes than everyone on this forum will for 5 lifetimes. Once your semi settles down, you'll fuck everyone off, clean the kitchen before the mrs starts going off and jump back on the forum to say what a waste of time it was.
  9. He might start ok even have a moment of brilliance but ultimately he'll have no consistency or stamina. Both the club and La Rocca will walk away feeling empty and as if their time could've been used more productively.... So basically another signing which resembles my sex life.
  10. Didnt watch the game or read anything about it but the hawks were clearly robbed.
  11. Don't know we only go to gay clubs. The music is better
  12. I've had a few catch ups with Strider at "Poof Doof" over the years ... What? A couple straight guys can't head to a local homosexual establishment for a refreshing lime and peach spritzer? Fuck you.
  13. Floyd is such a cringey dude, I've never seen such a rich and successful dude act like a such an awkward cunt. Mayweather has never fought a guy like Conor before, he doesn't know what to expect, no one really does. Most likely Floyd will jab, shoulder roll and weave to a points win but Conor knows that and he might just go absolutely nuts in the first 3 rounds knowing he can take Mayweather's counters. If Mayweather gets knocked out I'll crack bigger stiffy since discovering tentacle porn. I'm excited lads.
  14. A State 1 Marcon training kit looks better than that shit. Putrid.
  15. Ye Facebook marketplace isn't bad. I've used it for furniture before and I like how you can suss people out eg. This bloke is wearing a "Tapout" t-shirt, he's from Ballarat and wall posts consist of pictures of his 14 year old girlfriend and calling his own mother is a "dog cunt". Conclusion, ice junkie.