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  1. HeartFc


    I'm against BLM as movement but I support them as a sandwich. I think the world has moved on from BLT's and the Bacon Lettuce Mayo is the sandwich of the future.
  2. Wow, seriously impressed. Dominated all over the pitch. If we finish 2nd we are a genuine crack at the granny.
  3. I'm seeing a fuck load of VIC and NSW plates up in Brissy this week. Gold Coast is even worse. Plenty of Mexicans jumping ship, only a matter of time before we cop it up here too.
  4. Are you concerned about the lack of herd immunity?
  5. Coronavirus is the best thing to happen to Australia since seat belts.
  6. That very cash is why our leadership is on their knees sucking that china dick. China spent years creating heroin addicts, slow inching away at us, making us sell our souls at the expense of our own country. Thats the whole point, we gotta suffer now to benefit in the long run. We're extremely educated, mineral rich and well geographically positioned. We could easily be self sustainable and build a strong military. All we need is some nukes and a strong missile defence system and we become a pretty decent foe. (Oh and the bonus is, have already 250,000 soldiers guarding a Northern land invasion... Salt water crocs!) That may sound extreme and unnecessary but trust me, based on our current timeline we either become a mining and food hub for China through corruption or through war. Id rather set up the defence blocks now. History shows now turns to never pretty quickly.
  7. Its funny how China are threatening a trade boycott. Go ahead mother fuckers, it'll only help Australia in the long run. 3 step radical move and we completely flip the switch. Nuclear power Bring back Australian manufacturing Stop food exports We'll suffer badly from mining exports, education and a real estate but fuck it, lets save this country and stop letting our poli's sell us off to China.
  8. I'm in shock that 1 million people downloaded a government tracking app within 4 hours.
  9. There's something fishy going on. Look at the pattern and mass manipulation at play here... Stage 1: "Wash your hands with alcohol based sanitiser". Stage 2: "Wash your hands with warm soapy water". Stage 3: "Wash your hands with cold soapy water". Stage 4: "Wash your hands with water". Stage 5: "SuBmiT to BiLL GaTeS Led NWO maSs vaCciNaTion/MicrO cHippinG PrOgrAm".
  10. Ye I saw the hot mic footage on Rogan. That was pretty weird. They claim it was a joke but unless the guy "joking" has autism it really didnt sound like the correct tone.
  11. Ye I know about Bill Gates and his dodgy vaccines. He has a god complex. That's not proof that Covid-19 is fake.
  12. More and more evidence coming out pointing to a Wuhan lab leak.
  13. Exactly. Nothing more real than having a family member in a serious condition. Your uncle's experience seems to be a pattern, slow recovery and sudden turn for the worse. Unfortunately health care workers seem to be getting exposed to higher viral loads and therefore suffering stronger symptoms. Hopefully years of exposure to all sorts of bugs would've strengthen his immune system. I wish him a speedy recovery.
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