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  1. Just what the thread title says really. I am a Marxist so basically all of my opinions are unpopular, namely when it comes to refugees, been in many an online argument with bogan 'Strayans' about the issue, but I would like to hear from you guys!
  2. Not quite a foundation member, I actually started out with a 5 game membership in 11/12, then opted to get a full one in 12/13. I have renewed every year since then (Except for last season due to being overseas).
  3. Guy was so coked up that he needed to destroy the advertising after he scored. Looks like one of those guys who'd get into a fight over a cigarette outside Sunshine station. Love it, hopefully he can carry this form through the season. But he seems like a gun so far.
  4. Fuck yeah! I had a good feeling about the game, but I never expected that! Other than the usual suspects, I thought that Muscat played really, really well. Granted, Victory's attack sucked, but still.
  5. Eh, it's nothing new, they did it with Del Piero and Ono when they were here iirc.
  6. Channel 9 testing the waters for A-League rights maybe?
  7. I somehow misread the question when I first voted haha. I realised what a dumbass I was about 5 seconds later.
  8. Agreed. Space travel and colonisation is one of the only things that I am actually optimistic about tbh haha.
  9. Oh of course, I guess that it is pretty impossible to gauge which technologies will take off (no pun intended), and which ones won't. In the 60's people were hopeful about colonisation in the following decades, but nothing materialised (There were a few reasons beyond the technological limitations of course). I do think that most research will be done by government agencies like NASA and the ESA, but that research will be co-opted by people wanting to make money. Pretty unrelated, but if it is government agencies that do end up leading the charge, it must be a joint effort. If, for example, it was a solo effort by NASA, the colony could be seen as an 'American' colony, and not something that benefits humanity as a whole. NASA gives SpaceX contracts in order to build new spacecraft, yes. They also lease them launch pads etc. Right now, close co-operation between government agencies and companies is important, as research can be shared and such.
  10. My love of space, and colonisation of space trumps my political leanings haha. Although, as I have gotten older my tolerance for capitalism has increased a bit, I can see the benefits in markets, etc. I am no Tesla haha, but I am not the insufferable Marxist jerkass that I once was.
  11. UOTYH: With the news that SpaceX is wanting to colonise Mars, it got me thinking: It will be private companies that lead the way in space travel, not government institutions like NASA. Of course, whether or not SpaceX's idea will succeed is a whole other issue, but the lure of raw materials (some of which are rare on Earth) to be mined leads me to believe that it's only a matter of time before large companies start to seriously look into it.
  12. TTDIM: Being given 48 free light-bulbs by a guy going door to door.
  13. Geez, our advertising for the upcoming season is better than the FFA's haha.
  14. I think that it just highlights the fact that our national team's active support sucks. Really bad.
  15. I'd guarantee that the majority of those 30k supporters were just Australians who wanted to see (arguably) the best team in Asia. I also don't think that many Japanese people would fly down for the game in October anyway, especially not that early in the campaign. It is unconfirmed that the game against Japan will be at the MCG anyway. So it's pure speculation at this point.
  16. Well, the Japan game will be on the 11th of October, the AFL season will be over by then so the pitch should be fine. You'd assume so anyway.
  17. Yeah, it is growing on me, I can only hope that we get something that slick for next season. Unfortunately we'll probably get stuck with Nike's stupid new 'vapor' template.
  18. Swansea City. Not entirely sure how I feel about this. White kits tend to walk along a fine line between 'classy', and 'bland', I am not sure which one this is. I do like the collar though. The second kit reminds me of Sydney's ACL kit haha.
  19. I wouldn't look too much into it. Those have always been Yokohama's colours, and their kits generally look like that every year.
  20. China uses 4+1 if I remember correctly.
  21. Studying abroad until March. Managed to find myself a subscription service where I can stream in high-ish quality.
  22. I am pretty sure that I pissed off my neighbours with how loud I was haha, I banged my wall in frustration when Fornaroli missed. But still, awesome win, awesome feeling. Even if it gave me a heart attack.
  23. This match is going to give me a damn heart attack.
  24. Great first half, but seriously. Sorensen really should have saved that. He just kind of stood there.