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  1. Hurley out, Lovett murray out, Jetta get a stiff talking to that he isnt a superstar as he thinks, i love the kid but still cant try take on 3 players every time. This week has been a very weird week of footy, Carlton, the mighty dons, and wce losing. Hawks are back and swans are hard to beat at home even without goodes, but really how bad are doggies? there horrible. Collingwood doing it easy, just like a training drill.
  2. he might get his chance this week.
  3. Justin87


    bet your missus now would love to see this ahahaa don't look back no regrets, gonna get u no were bud
  4. this week has smashed tipping... carlton, dons losing
  5. thats what you want lol
  6. Cunts a waste? mate he was bog. LMAO nice comment tho ha ha ha
  7. bendigo destroying 3rd place willy... gwc playing a hell of a first half against geelong, were 2 goals up at one point. Love to c cats lose to gws at hme
  8. Gumby will be a superstar if he can stay fit, played half a game in the vfl against collingwood, and did well, watch the bendigo bombers tomorrow at 1 on sbs and tell me then the same.
  9. Justin87


    very good, got the club saying they dont no where the rumor came from lol...nice one
  10. Justin87


    https://twitter.com/MelbourneHeart/status/208424693718454273 says there not making any announcement today
  11. We'll see from here on in then
  12. I didn't relise anyone asked me the story and the story isnt that great, The isnt happy with him about the striking charge against Freo. And He has been asked by the club to go and Say sorry to each and every WCE player. I never once clamied the story to be breaking news, Its whats happening. And yes i'am a Essendon fan, I'am not getting ahead of myself i never said we will win the flag this year, If we keep injuries away, and gumby comes back from injury and gives up height we will be there come finals and we could do some damage. I have never said WCE arent a quailty side i just think things arent falling into place for them atm and this season might be over soon enough for them, they will obviously make finals, but i dont think theyll do to much.
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