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  1. Bouzanis might have something to say about this!
  2. Does this mean we're unlikely to sign a marquee attacking mid?
  3. Instant replacement for Mooy when he's picked up in the January transfer window
  4. If the team plays well he plays well,needs that confidence in his teammates,unfortunately doesn't happen often enough
  5. Great, no clash with the F1 this season
  6. Just heard no announcement for 48 hours and none concerning Lampard, BBQ off.
  7. Just heard on the radio Lampard rumoured to be announced today, if true I'm having a BBQ!
  8. Oliver bouzanis is my guess, currently in the swiss league
  9. Absolute class act when he plays, deserves a good send off (not literally) against WSW.Goodluck to him.
  10. First home game I will miss since the clubs inception, thanks FFA for the F1 clash.
  11. Ian Holloway, love his passion, got 2 teams promoted to the premiership on a tiny budget, would be my pick
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