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  1. Well as the title says, a place to discuss whats happening in the tv show. Season 3 has me very excited! Dragons gonna dragon.. No discussion from the books
  2. Heart job opportunity

    I won a title with Barcelona on football manager, if that counts. I didn't actually though
  3. TV spoilers mate - for those not up with the books
  4. Yea, what a cunt. :'(
  5. 2013-14 Membership Thread

    The trick is a beer in each hand and they won't even ask lol
  6. Agreed ^ Bitch needs to learn what to do with her hands
  7. Melbourne Heart - Stadium/Facilities

    We have been though this so many times before...even assuming that other venues meet FFA requirements (which they don't) if we draw a crowd of 6,000 to AAMI Park, which is a central location well-served by public transport, do you seriously expect us to do better on the northern boundary of the metropolitan area at a stadium where there is next to no public transport at all? Likewise, do you seriously expect us to do better in Geelong with a population of 500,000 as opposed to Melbourne with a population close to 4m? Interesting point. I think though that if you are going to play one regional game a season, playing it in the biggest regional city in the state would make a lot of sense (as opposed to morwell) There are plenty of heart supporters in geelong, who rarely make the trip to Aami park, but would definitely attend in geelong (plus a lot of neutrals). Then they're barely Heart supporters. I know people who do regularly travel from Geelong to watch matches - it's not far! If they're unwilling to do it now, we're not going to gain much in the future by having the occasional game there, I can't see them then coming to the missus.

    What's a kop?
  9. Australians officially torrent the show more than any other country - per capita. I think it was over 10% of the worldwide downloads for this episode came from Aus.
  10. Are you kidding FFA

    I'm not sure if people understand how football works, as I stopped reading midway thru this thread. The penalty decision was wrong. BUT, when he gives the decision, he HAS to send him off. That is how the sport works. That is never going to be changed by the MRP/FFA/Gillard/etc.. 1 week is the minimum ban and that is that. As for JA, we don't know enough about it to make informed comments.
  11. Congrats Hammer, I think the first time I've genuinely lol'd on the forum!

    Busy that night..
  13. I think Margery is smoking, dont get me wrong - probably the best on the show, but am I the only one who thinks her face tends to look a little weird? Did rewatch s02e10 before this and glad I did - even having watched it about a month ago it was still good to get fresh knowledge of it Also, does the author have a thing for redheads or what? Seems 90% of females are rangas
  14. Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

    SPOILERS (srs): http://mhfcsupporters.com/topic/1827-game-of-thrones-episode-discussion-spoilers/
  15. Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

    what a fucking show! will probably watch the episode again tonight. so good!! the ending <3
  16. Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

  17. The amount of 'apostrophes' in that reply is crazy.
  18. Aloisi OUT Mike Basset IN

    I believe he has his eyes set on winning another Mr Clutch Cup and is unwilling to consider changing clubs until that happens - thus, should be available in a season's time.
  19. Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013

    Saw Paul Foot last year on a whim, think we picked the tickets up for like $10, wasn't expecting much. Was genuinely impressed. Not the funniest bloke ever but was still very good, and at that price can't complain
  20. Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013

    Going to see Arj, love him. Will pick up any other cheap tickets that I see pop up - there is no one else, bar Ross that I really want to see, but think that ship sailed while I was in Europe. Plus I'm poor
  21. New Season - New Badge

  22. City in the headlines

    Probably the end then. If so club/fans need to give him a great send off when the time comes. We do?
  23. One for the ladies

    He'll be the only one tesla'ing for a while no doubt