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  1. dconder13

    MOTM vs WSW

    Obviously Maclaren gets the votes but Delbo throw a brick at him and he’ll head the fucker back
  2. Zlatan injury replacement for Maclaren
  3. Yep. So good to see him come around and thanks the fans and even give out some hugs and handshakes, love it.
  4. Florin useless Luna useless Cabrera useless
  5. He had 29 when the FFA cup started so he has to keep it for cup games. Wears 9 in the league though.
  6. When I purchased mine last week I had to type in my membership code then it allowed me to purchase my active ticket and also gave me the option to buy 1 more active ticket.
  7. Do they have any 10 year anniversary details on them?
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