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  1. We should definitely anticipate the possibility of a third Victorian team coming in because like has been said there is plenty of backing with Team11, South Melbourne etc and it would would make sense for at least one of them to come in. It's as simple as this though - win. Winning the league is really the main thing that will bring in a bigger support base as well as obviously an Iniesta type coming in. Something different must come in next season to generate excitement that's for sure.
  2. Melbourne City 2017/18 Kit

    Yeah, that. Obviously with my username I prefer the red and white but this season's kit did win me over with the sky (City) blue!
  3. Melbourne City 2017/18 Kit

    This season's was easily our best kit, nothing boring about it.
  4. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    We're a good club. Big club. The league better be scared.
  5. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    This also sums up the club :/
  6. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    Eight seasons and all we have to show for it is an FFA Cup win. And... fuck off!
  7. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Biggest game in the club's history, because we're a legit chance of winning tonight.
  8. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    2-0 win, just a feeling. Reckon we've learnt from past finals series and I trust in Wazza to get us there.
  9. Anyway, I think the important part in all this is to acknowledge that we're a very good chance to make it to our first ever Grand Final, and therefore the players need our full support regardless of all this off field stuff. Would lol if we did make it and it was against Victory. Good memories of what the terrace looked like in that infamous semi final a few years ago at Etihad. Flares, colour and all. It was great, apart from the result.
  10. Couldn't agree more. 7,000 crowd for a Friday night crowd is fucking abysmal, but let's talk about that one flare that got ripped because clearly that's what's stopping people from going to games! Even our owners are acknowledging how stale the league has become. Will always support City etc because I want this sport to reach its potential but far out it's stagnated/gone backwards over the last couple of years. I understand that people are getting frustrated because it means there'll be tighter restrictions on the terrace next year, but next you won't be able to cough at games and anyone who does will get escorted and get the club fined $50,000 and docked three points. No cough no party.
  11. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    Yep. Funny to think the club is nearly ten seasons old, too.
  12. THE DECIDER Melbourne Derby 2/3, 7.50pm

    If we scored goals, and stopped other teams from scoring, we'd actually be decent. Oh, and if we had decent facilities, we'd be pretty good too! No wonder Timmy left, I mean we just don't have the resources, so being mediocre is definitely fair enough... ...by the way, I was being sarcastic.
  13. THE DECIDER Melbourne Derby 2/3, 7.50pm

    This warrants a green line, imo.
  14. Marcelo Carrusca

    Was laughed at a couple of weeks ago for originally suggesting that it wouldn't surprise me if Joyce wasn't a fan of Bruno because of his flair etc (which I actually meant as a compliment to Bruno). If it does head that way, then I'll be done too. Carrusca leaving is very disappointing as far as I'm concerned but good on him for going to a club where he'll be properly utilised.
  15. Would have to agree, I honestly hope that CFG have learnt from this and actually properly invest in a decent manager, because it certainly doesn't reflect well on them. One person already on our books who imo will make a great manager is Kisnorbo, however it'd be best to wait a couple of years for him to get more experience etc, but he definitely has the makings to be a top manager one day.