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  1. Looks beautiful, and looks a bit like the new Liverpool home jersey, too. Oh, one can dream.
  2. Make that all red, and you've got yourself a kit.
  3. Suits him.
  4. There's only one Melbourne Heart, one Melbourneeee Heart.
  5. Jeez Louise. If he does become manager, then obviously he deserves a chance to prove himself, but if this goes all pear shaped...
  6. Welcome home King Euge.
  7. And, look, fair enough that people would be wanting a much more internationally recognised marquee player, but if Troisi fits the bill in terms of addressing a need in midfield, and with a (hopefully) World Cup year coming up, I can really see the benefits of this. Anyway, we'll just see what happens first.
  8. Yes plz to Troisi. People saying we can do so much better, well, in terms of proven performances in the league etc, apart from the likes of Mooy, can we really? He would add some serious grunt to our midfield, and at the same time, would weaken Victory's (though there's rumours about them getting Milligan back, but still). Not to mention the spice it would add to the derby, imagine all the booing etc at the Etihad derby, would be awesome to see. 😂
  9. Would lol if this happens.
  10. Would actually lol if that occurred. Oh god, please let that one be true. The thing I like about the green seats is that it provides a neutral colour for all four tenants that play at AAMI, however if the city blue seats did occur, it would show that CFG are in for the long term (not that they haven't so far).
  11. City Blue Roy Keane Mitch Nichols You know you want it.
  12. Fact: the A-League is barely half as entertaining without their active areas up and firing. And I'm not saying that people who choose to focus on the game are being fuckwits or whatever, but it goes without saying that more passion in the terraces = a much better match day atmosphere. Take for example a Visitor's home game that I went to recently. For forty odd mins you could hear a pin drop and the game itself was as bland as any that I've seen. Then, the back row North Terrace or whatever they're called now started to fire up, and bam, like magic, not only was it much better in the stands, but the standard of the game picked up too and the energy of the place became much more lively. I know using the Visitors is an extreme example, but they're the facts - active areas are a huge draw card to the league, and need to be embraced and not shitted upon. And that's my rant for the night.
  13. 😍😍