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  1. EM has started him in every game that Metcalfe was available, I think it's clear what he's thinking. Metcalfe should start he has deserved it.
  2. AXIOM

    Lisa De Vanna

    Does anyone even care?
  3. Youth player Luke Duzel just signed with the enemy WU. Another quality player gone.
  4. That's reads as it's the scholarship salary payment are not included...which has been the case all along. It's just now they have increased the number to 9. They may have had to increase the amount of 150k to 225k (outside the cap).
  5. 19/20 bouza bashing season.
  6. I'm surprised with some of the scholarship signing. Why would you sign Taleb? Also players like colacovski, Graham, hatzigeorgiou, Varga, duzel etc, what going on with these guys?
  7. That's one of his biggest problems. Until he can fix this he will never be a starting player. Unless off chores Mr. Joyce comes back.
  8. It's bottom 6 from npl2 east and west. This will create NPL3 as such.
  9. Yeah a bit rough. Is it fair to say that our senior youth have dropped off over the last year or so? I remember a couple of years back we were pushing top 3.
  10. Both Pierias and cavallo came off the bench in there second game and both had a goal each and 2 assists each.
  11. To bad as it's NPL3 for us next.
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