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  1. Welcome to Melbourne, Florin Berenguer

    If he's going to play that position, he needs a couple of more games there. In his 3rd match he must show his skills in both attacking and defending. Then I'll be in a better place to judge him. One thing is for sure, he's shown, he is better there than on the wing
  2. MOTM vs Wellington

    Did not realise that this was how they selected the team of the week in my opinion a bit stupid. So the best team could have four centre backs as the best defenders of the week . I believe the best left back of the day should have been selected. Is it always 4:3:3
  3. MOTM vs Wellington

    DeLaet and Berenguer make team of the week. Berengeur defensive midfield ?????????????
  4. Watched the formation very closely. It was definitely a 4:1:4:1
  5. MOTM vs Wellington

    2 DeLaet
  6. Who selects Man of the match. I thought Wales did ok but there were a few I would have voted before him. He contributed an assist but his crosses and distribution need to be better. Were we good or were they bad. I'm just going to enjoy a win and the three points we scored 2 and conceded 0 happy with the result
  7. Need to take control again. They are knocking on the door
  8. At times he is his own worst enemy. A number of times, he has had a chance to lay it off but he always wants to hold the ball and ends up loosing it to the 2 or 3 that shut him down
  9. I see the formation as 4:1:4:1 With Baccas holding and Wales and Atkinson wide. Anyone agree or any other suggestions or
  10. https://vipbox.im/watch-melbourne-city-stream-1 This is working in Cyprus Looks like a back 4 with Wales and Atkinson playing wide
  11. Well done Melbourne "We shall remember them"