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  1. It is easy to find negatives and there are plenty of them. But this morning I enjoyed a very entertaining game. Yes we left ourselves a bit exposed at the back when chasing the game however what did come to light this morning was when we attack, we can score goals with or without a striker. How many times do we score 4 goals with Joyce in charge, he needs to get the defensive block out of his system and play a more balanced tactic.
  2. That was entertainment with a capital E
  3. Keanu Baccus It was he who helped us the most. Great header.
  4. Looks young Baccus is coming to us. He gave us the first goal and now gets sent off to help us play against 10 men
  5. We are chasing the game we need all the attacking players we have Not Berenguer one of the defensive mid players should have come off
  6. Just as I thought playing his strongest team. I believe it will be his favoured 4:2:3:1 With DeLaet up front and McGree, Brattand and Berenguer Behind him. With Baccus and Grifffiths sitting midfielders. And a back 4 of Atkinson Good Bart and Jamieson.
  7. Is this a choice or a necessity due to injuries and as we are missing a Marquee and visa player. When we are injury free and get in a Marquee and visa players, I do not expect many to be named. But it is always healthy to have your youth have the experience of being in the squad even if they get no game time.
  8. I realise we need to rest players but do you think Joyce would be so adventurous as to start those two in a must win game. If we get a 2 goal lead he may sub them on but then again if we get any kind of lead Joyce will park the bus. In my opinion, he will play what he believes to be his strongest team.
  9. In my opinion it is about striking a balance between attack and defence. Too much defence and you finish up with boring football (Joyce). Too much attacking and you leave yourself exposed to the counter attack. As someone mentioned Arsenal won with defensive football. Their fans had a chant "1v0 to the Arsenal" but this was not all defensive football they had attacking players who scored the goal not hoping for wonder strike out side the box or a set piece. Can Joyce find the correct balance I doubt it. Therefore he has opted for the safe option of defensive football with very little attacking football. He loves possession therefore play back or sideways because if we have the ball they cannot score. But has forgotten we need to score.
  10. Welcome Kearyn Baccus

    Totally agree, I am 40 with 22 years experience
  11. The players have to start being more disciplined as suspensions are on the horizon and they could cost the team points Delbridge has 6 yellows Jamieson on 4 yellows Baccus, McGree, DeLaet and Brattan have 3 yellows I believe 5 yellows and a player is suspended for 1 game. In Delbridge's case does he revert to 0 after 5. In some leagues it is 8 or 9 yellows and a 2 match suspension
  12. Watched it. It was an entertaining match lots of attacking play, goals etc. Night and day compared to our dull defensive game at home. Wellington had only one thing in their game plan and it was not to go away from home and play for a draw.
  13. Can you ask him why players who have completed a season of 40 - 50 games. Go off to world cups in places such as USA, Mexico etc and the next in Bahrain where compete twice a week for over a month in similar temp conditions. Look at Brazil, the number of teams in their league and the distance they have to travel. I am saying if the management and the players are professional they overcome the difficulties put in front of them, not use them as an excuse.
  14. The boys were tired?? They are supposed to be professional soccer players. Other players around the world play 40-50 games a season. Playing twice a week is not unusual for a month at a time. Also other teams in the league have the same schedule. So let's not start to look for excuses. We are supposed to be one of the fittest teams in the league under Joyce and he has his sport scientists around him. His big problem is the size and quality of his squad. He is a marquee and visa player short and because of this he now does not have any attacking options as the only options available to are to use defensive players or youth in attacking positions.