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  1. Good first half. Hope he does not decide to park the bus
  2. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    May not if confidentiality clause in mutual termination
  3. Joyce learning his trade as an assistant manager https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGk_skwxYHM
  4. Joyce too rigid. He was playing against 10 men and still played 2 defensive midfielders. Never looked like beating 10 men.
  5. Posted as 4:4:2 but I believe it will be his usual 4:2:3:1
  6. I will miss this game.I do not see Joyce changing his 4:2:3:1 at this stage especialy away from home, he has persevered with it playing numerous players out of position. His problem is still a left winger
  7. Maclaren off with 7 mins remaining. He could have played for that length of time. He is our only striker do not take him off unless he is injured.
  8. I my opinion those substitutions tell me Joyce has settled for 5th in the league
  9. Why take off your striker unless you are happy with a draw
  10. I do not think we will any change to his formation 4:2:3:1 ......................Galekovic De Laet, Delbridge, Schenkeveld, Jamieson ................Griffiths, Brattan ..Wales........... McGree.............Berenguer .......................Maclaren
  11. Welcome Shayon Harrison

    No it's not no d in Shayon it's Rash on hairy son
  12. He will not start Harrison, he is a smoke screen. Someone brought in to appease the supporters. He has had very little football over the past 2 years and that was mostly as a sub in the English 3rd and 4th tier. I also recall a post stating he was injured for a long period this season and played minimum football for QPR development squad.
  13. They will practice penalties just like other set pieces. I would guess he was the best in practice. But as a good coach will tell you, taking a penalty in practice where there is no pressure is completely different from taking one under pressure in a match where you must score.
  14. There goes Joyce's last positive of the season, we are no longer the best defensive side in the league now conceded more goals than Perth. Strange as we are the only defensive team in league, we even play a full back as striker
  15. More than WJ need the sack. You can start with him and his coaching staff and work your way up.