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  1. It should have the PTT 1. Lig badge on the sleeve but unfortunately it'll have The Süper Lig one. They'll look pretty good with the UCL badge on it later in the season... Oh wait. Why should it have the Lig1 badge on it, when we won the league last season by dozen points over your ragtag mob 6alatasaray could only dream of having the finaicial clout to launch a kit without sponsors. How much was it you lost last season, 100 million lira??? :oops: Looks great already with that Ay Yildiz championship badge on it, will look even better after this season when we go back to back and get that 20th title and 4th championship star :up: It should have the Lig 1 badge for the same reason why you're banned from UEFA competitions... FWIW, technically we have launched our kits without sponsors. Yes, the club are looking for sponsors but I think the reason why Fenev don't have a shirt sponsor is because no brand/company want to associate themselves with such a disgraceful club that are rightfully represented as cheats. We'll just have to wait and see who receives the fourth star first. Going to be an interesting season. Btw, on a more serious note, who's going to be your new manager? It's become abundantly clear if you follow Turkish politics over the past 3 or 4 years, that all this sike/cheating bs and why Fenerbahce and Besiktas have been targeted has more to do with the strong secularist supporter base of both clubs compared to the more rural/Islamist supporter-base that follows GS, then anything to do with cheating. Makes me sick what's happening to the country at the moment. All of the top 4 clubs have records of cheating stretching back decades. Need I mention GS 92/93 season & and the 8-0 whitewash of ankaragucu on the last day to win the championship on goal differential? So spare the sanctimony. Carsi and GFB leading the charges respectively in both Kadikoy, Besiktas and both were united in Gezi Park fighting the Islamists. Ultraslan were no where to be found, probably slumming around the airport area selling merchandise at the crossings. Ataturk flags will always fly freely in Sukru. Where is the Spor Lig thread? New kits are gorgeous, will be picking them up at Fenerium in person at the end of the year, along with an actual canary and FB Bird Cage.
  2. Cancelled mine since I won't be here, looking at international membership, but it should at the very least include live streaming, discounted flights and a 7 day stay in Qatar + Russian escorts. Essentially paying 60 clams for a lapel pin and 3 games on the other side of the world ffs. Where's the love CFG?
  3. Hendo

    Bay 16

    I really hope everyone has been practicing goal avalanches during my absence. Minimum 5-7 rows, and I typically try and hurl myself at the german from cologne, I encourage all of you to do the same.
  4. The bloke is quite literally fucking messi on the training paddock, apparently.
  5. The problem isn't just the capo, but also the chemistry he has with the drummer. I don't mean to come across as some pretentious musical genius, but the drumming has been below par for some time now. It's such an integral part of the terrace in keeping up with the tune, holding the tune etc, and is perhaps one of a number of reasons why y-side isn't fulfilling it's full potential. It's literally the heartbeat of the terrace. Really don't think we've had anyone decent on the drums since engin, I'm not having a crack at the current drummers, I for one appreciate the work and effort you put in, but we need better. In regards to the capo, you can't really implement a system of rotation unless the current singular capo system is changed, it's a position where stability is key. I don't even think we've even had the same capo for more than a season, the longest iirc being Ando. The solution of the cadre system was toyed with I think shortly after season one, I believe this is the direction that needs to be taken to rectify some of the longstanding issues. Ideally 3-4 committed lads, preferably a mix between both young and old, with each giving 100% on their time on the mega, whilst the others support them both verbally and physically when not on the mega, dividing the time between themselves. This eliminates the problem of capoless y-side, allows the blooding of future capo's without too much pressure, and the cadre groups themselves won't put up with the same shit a singular capo sometimes puts up with. Also the trumpet has been a welcome, refreshing addition. My 2 cents.
  6. Don't know if anyone noticed during the little melee which ensued after Traore fouled Williams just before half-time. Paddy sprinted like 40-50 metres towards the melee 100% ready to clock someone with his head, already on a yellow mind, Robbie came just in time to direct him away, shouting and pleading with paddy rofl, then he managed to calm everyone down in time. Loving the Kisnorbo - Weilart partnership, it's so beautiful. Great touch of both passion and leadership intertwined.
  7. Hendo

    EURO 2014

    Albania vs Serbia. Bosnia vs Israel, lol.
  8. Fucking terrible, need to bring back the flames of '98.
  9. Hendo

    TV Series

    Just finished the end of HoC S02 last night. I don't think I've ever personally physically, verbally reacted consistently to a tv show until now. Fucking brilliant.
  10. Hosgeldiniz brother, Ben 6 ay için geçen yıl fenerbahceliler bilkentli ultras ile tribün benim zamanımı yaptım! Looking forward to meeting you mate, I'll try and show the same kind of hospitality your lads did to me. IBNE 6ALATASARAY.
  11. Davey, T speaks perfect english, the smurf bastards just wanted an excuse to dish out a message banner in russian. Ultra fantasies were fulfilled.
  12. Asia includes Saudi Arabia, Iraq (Ali Abbas), Israel, Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, China, UAE, Qatar, Japan, both Koreas, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc. For some reason people everywhere (including SBS commentary team) seem to believe that Asia ends in China and only includes Japan and South Korea. by my reckoning Asia has about 4 billion people - so I am sure that there will be some talent there to choose from. Japan, Korea are the only two markets where we are going to find some players who will make a notable difference here. Israel, Russia and those other circassian nutjobs aren't in the AFC mate. I'm an advocate for pushing Israel into Asia though, the festivities.
  13. Jesus fucking christ, we are not fucking fiorentina or manchester.
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