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  1. Yeah show has a real SJW feel this season, also what's with them trying to make us vomit with every fucking Sam scene.
  2. True, but I'd rather have my dick than have Missandei.
  3. Well that one was better
  4. Wow Forum Hall of Fame required.
  5. So politicians are allowed to break some pretty fucking serious laws with no consequence? Forget you had dual citizenship? Lol fuck off, no one forgets that. Regardless, try forgetting to do your tax return, see what that gets you. Arguably a less serious crime than this. Or better yet, forget that you had access to insider information before making a financial transaction. I've made my thoughts about white collar crime clear before so I'm not going to say they should go to jail or whatever, but I think a $5k-$10k fine and 2-5 years ban from holding a political office would be more than reasonable. Realistically, under current laws applicable to other white collar crime, a jail term is probably reasonable though (not that I agree with it).
  6. Worst episode of GoT ever tbh, 90% because of Ed Sheeran
  7. Yes, I think he does.
  8. While on the subject of terrorism, seems acid attacks are the new fashion, just goes to show people that want to commit acts of violence will always find a weapon. You restrict guns they start mowing people down in trucks, you put bollards up to stop truck attacks they use knives and acid, etc
  9. No incentive to develop youth in this league so it doesnt really matter. Decent squad player on presumably a low wage, no issue IMO.
  10. Fuck me copying the UK's retarded laws agaisnt encrpytion now, this fgovernment is clueless. All the things the government justifies as helping fight terrorism is a far bigger issue than terrorism itself.
  11. Lol who gives a fuck about Floyd he can't even read.
  12. Interview rights are being sold for $200
  13. I'll put up $50 for charity to see @strider vs @AyeCee
  14. I don't think you get to complain about that one
  15. You mean you wanted to be one of the bois but were too much of a beta faggot to actually talk to anyone?