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  1. Are they? And if so that would be a rather new development though, and may not be the case any more with the low oil price.
  2. Who gives a fuck about lives in tier 100 countries
  3. If you don't think being the fastest player in one of the best leagues in the world is an important attribute then it doesn't say much about your football knowledge.
  4. Dont know why people bag him, he is an important player for the NT.. He was the fastest player in the Bundesliga at one point, not sure if anyone has overtaken him yet.
  5. There is a simple solution for the Liberal party
  6. TTIM : lefty pseudo economics articles, usually appearing in Cad's favourite newspaper, that claim certain jobs or other sources of income contribute nothing to society, when in actuality there is almost no (Or certainly none I can think of off the top of my head) actual case that fits that criteria. Feel free to try convince me otherwise.
  7. Wonder how long these home invasions will continue until common sense prevails and people are given the right to defend their homes and families by any means necessary. Don't think there is any more retarded law than the fact you basically have to sit there and let cunts beat you / kill you when they break into your house if you dont want to end up in jail yourself.
  8. This post sure does sound like passive aggressive bragging to me, two thing you apparently despise.
  9. Now that the ALP will increase the top marginal tax rate to 49.5%, are we officially a socialist country yet? Having said that, at least the ALP's policies you can make some sort of sense of, as much as I disagree with them. The Liberals on the other hand are just making shit up as they go along. Eg cut corporate tax, while increasing personal income tax makes little sense already, then you throw in a crack down on foreign investment into that mix at the same time and it's possibly the most nonsensical policy mix I've ever seen.
  10. Also calling BS
  11. Couldn't agree more. Cultural appropriation is actually a good thing and the key to a successful multicultural society. Also fuck did I read: "QUT Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation Matthew Rimmer said the latest controversy highlights the need for reform to laws that better protect Indigenous intellectual property in Australian and abroad." I didn't realise you could patent sticks for thousands of years. How the fuck does this guy get a job as a professor of intellectual property, and do people seriously pay to go to a tier 200 university like QUT.
  12. If she makes enough money it is.
  13. Definitely, and as long as the states need to beg to the fed for money, the fed can continue to take their power. It's a fucked cycle that only keeps eroding the power and finances of the states.
  14. Dunno about cancer but Magic Johnson got the cure for aids so it must exist if you got enough money.
  15. The earth is round, convince me otherwise.