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    The fans need to lead by example on this one. Once we are allowed back into AAMI park you lead the charge for a mass nude streaking... Everyone else will be right behind you.. we promise..
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    telegraph saying players are being told/asked to take %80 pay cut. And Lucy Zelic on TWG saying that she spoke to someone "in the know" who says that 3 clubs don't want the season to be completed. Money will be the determining factor in the end. That might be fine for MCFC with their coffers but the rest of the clubs at the lower end cant exist with no income. Slater saying August, but IMO the players who line up to play will be vastly different to the start of the season for some clubs. This will mean the outcome is not a real reflection of the game especially mid and lower table fight for finals spots.
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    I think it’s not the crowd, it’s that you have no connection to the match. A few years ago when fox lost the premier league I gave the Bundesliga a go but fell away quickly as my interest was manufactured (didn’t help that my friend’s team was and still is rubbish). This time though I’m more desperate.
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    Chianese is 30 YO. we would break him with a hammy or Soft tissue injury for sure. Dagastino would be Ok but only if we got him at 100K or less. Although the whole wages and pricing situation will change significantly with the reported 50% cut to any Foxtel deal. So we could possibly get a better player than both of them at a lower price. There would be plenty of players out there who have noticed the continued payment of salary to city players. Some may simply want personal financial security.
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    Just go straight to finals and leave the ladder positions as is......
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    Yeah, nah. It's hardly decimation. Victory will still be shit and Sydney will win the thing. As usual there's plenty in the press with a vested interest in claiming the sky is falling in (good news does not sell), but it'll just be good to watch some football. A little slice of vaguely normal in a thoroughly weird year.
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    Agree, but my point was more from a neutral standing and possibly with a slight bias being formed during a game and then maybe watching more. Over the years I've watched thousands of games (not an exaggeration) and my point was that I couldn't connect to the game itself not so much the teams or league. It felt like a pre season friendly and unless it's my team that I got a prior investment in I won't watch normally. So what I'm getting at is that going forward "ghost games" IMO will have little attraction to anyone that is not a direct supporter. I'm not sure how big a percentage of viewers generally are neutral so maybe my point is irrelevant but the game without a crowd is very different.
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    I am impatient for some games again, it feels like ages since I watched any football.
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