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    Mooy was the reason Bruno had that amazing season IMO
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    I think you’re being harsh on Petrillo. Berenguer fits our philosophy, culture and style of underperformance, mediocrity and laziness perfectly.
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    Change blue to red. K thanks
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    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/may/14/football-fans-have-long-been-treated-with-contempt-and-there-is-no-sign-of-that-changing Noted this may need merging or moving, but I felt this needed discussion. I've seen enough inside AAMI to suggest that security and policing is awful. Examples: - Fans of WSW and City sitting together as a group of friends at the pre-season FFA Cup match being asked to separate by security staff - Active supporters constantly being hassled for what looks to me to be nothing - 'waving a flag', 'getting too excited', 'throwing a ball about' - there was even one memorable occasion this season when the capo appeared to be ejected, or at least taken out and spoken to - And the one time a robust presence was needed, when the Victory active arrived beered up at Gate 2 and proceeded to shove waiting City fans out of the way, security were nowhere to be seen Really glad this is finally getting the coverage it deserves. We are law-abiding, sensible fifty-somethings. But I and Mrs F are constantly alarmed at what we see inside the ground - including the unnecessarily overwhelming police presence around Active, and the apparent contempt in which soccer fans are held. Especially when all the violence is at the AFL.
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    Any of those would be great even the return of golgol
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    Fucking VAR. Dont want Sydney to win, but jesus what's the point of it
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    Bart is six years younger, made the A-League Team of the Season, and we're saying try and hang on to him in preference to considering Milligan. The club has indicated it wants to keep Bart (and Curtis Good) and is negotiating with those two players.
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    I don't think so. The problem was that Shorten was firing from the hip with his policies and taking a scorched earth approach. In that he didn't care how much collateral damage there was to others as long as he hit his intended targets. The only problem is that his supposed policies were poorly thought through and would more readily be circumvented by wealthier people. Where as middle income earners and small business owners would be fucked over. It also didn't help that his policies, whilst being touted as "equitable" would still look after unions, in that NG would still be available on new housing, industry funds would still get the full benefits of franking credits (where as an SMSF wouldn't) and unions would still get a full refund of franking credits. Throw in the fact that he called certain deductions a rort, which the Commissioner of Tax stated was not an issue after the ATO had looked into it. I am going to put my neck out and say that more labor voters engage in tax fraud than liberal voters.
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    Yeah the fucking boys! Socialisim, Australia says no.
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    To be fair the AFL doesn't have organised groups of upto 50 people roaming the streets before/after games looking for other fans to fight...
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    What's also going to be strange is that the bulk of the squad is already locked in. For me my main interest will be on firstly the new coach. Then what happens with Brattan and Bart, and depending on them what new visa/marquee will come in. So instead of 10 to 15 big announcements as usually maybe only 5 or so. Ultimately the off-season and my interest will depend on the Coach. Just putting it out there, do we have any chance of getting in Arteta. From what I've read recently he is highly regarded and tipped to be a future replacement to Pep, do we have any chance of getting him for a few seasons and if so would he be still too raw. I really hope we start to sort our shit together and it all starts with the Coach.
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    LOL. It is probably in direct respobse to everyone bitchibg about memberships being sent out late
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    John Crawley I think his name is
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    I would love the active end to be called Heart, Hearts or something similar! Then a little bit of red on our kit somewhere and I would be really happy in terms of heritage.
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    The way to tackle the negative gearing issue would have been to implement a similar system to that of deferred non-commercial losses. So essentially you would need to be under a certain level of taxable income (before deducting the net investment loss) to be allowed to deduct it. If you weren't then the loss would be carried forward to only be offset against future investment income or if your taxable income dropped below a certain level. This would have utilised a system that would be familar to tax accountants to also allow middle income earners to NG and build wealth. Regarding the franking credits (and my position on this has changed in that i am full opposed to scrapping credit refunds), the correct and 'equitable' way to have implemented it (as it was largely about SMSFs receiving refunds, and adult chikdren receiving them via investment trusts whi h i will touch on below) would have been to simply deny franking credits based on either the actuary percentage or whether the assetsderiving the franking credits were seggregated pension assets (dependent on what method is used for tax purposes). This would signal that the policy intention was for it to be equitable. Regarding the trust withhokdibg tax a more simple metjod to achieve what was the true target, which was essentially giving trust distributions to adult children (usually at uni and earning next to no income) and for the money to actually end ul with the parents is to remove a sub paragraph in s 100A of the 1936 act, which carves out ordinary family dealings from the 'reimbursement' anti avoidance measures. Now ig the kids sctually receive tge funds from their paper distribution then we shouldnt care if they get a refund because they have actually received the income. On your point about mortgage interest being deductible there are some european countries which allow this, however they also have a notional rent that you declare as income. That way it doesnt distort the benefit of the deductions towards ownership and woukd largely keep ownership and renting on equal footing (albeit you would still have CGT Exemption for main residence). Without having thought about it too much I think bringing to account a notional rent as income would be the way to go if you were going to allow deductions for main res mortgage etc. Finally, The distinction between fraud and minimisation is that one is illegal and one is not (as when you push boundaries too much it becomes avoidance). The actual tax fraud I was specifically referring to was nearly every tradey (experience and anecdotally) doing cash jobs and not declaring that income in their tax return, not remitting the GST on that income or who runs the cost of material in renovating or extending their house or garage through their business and claims a deduction for it.
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    Heart & Yarraside is dead as is red also. Pun intended.
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    But will he get your arse tattooed on his head?
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    That's fine. I'm very positive about what we appear to be doing so far. We've made it clear that we want to retain 16 players into next season, and that we're negotiating with four of them (Schenkeveld, Good, Brattan and Vidosic) and that the other 12 are under contract. We've signed Galloway, and we've stated publicly that we are focussing on signing attacking players to build the squad. All this actually before existing contracts expire (31st May). We seem to be quite well organised so far, and I don't recall us being previously so open about what we are doing.
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    I still hope there's a chance that we're not going to be "Clone FC" again this season. If we have to have "Shitty Blue" please could Puma come up with something other than the most boring of designs? FFS.
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    @Harrison I've been up-country for a few days. I'll think of a hopefully succinct title for this thread to cover all manager/coaching appointments. Pleased that he's going TBH. Need to get someone in such as Tommy Sorensen.
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    They might not live in Adelaide though, that kind of business throws a spanner in the works.
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    Made the PFA Team of the Season. Absolute weapon.
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    Visitors -> Mariners for gametime Mariners -> Wellington because Mariners were a rabble Wellington -> Adelaide because Wellington were a rabble Now he's had an exceptionally good season at Adelaide we've picked up a top quality full back. Would be happy for him to be first choice on the left or the right.
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    I reckon Macarthur is a great location for an expansion club and they've honestly done really well with the name and logo imo, I'm excited for their arrival. With them being only 45km away from Parramatta Stadium and 40km away from Kogarah Oval it sets up a two really nice Sydney derbies and then being only 55km away from WIN Stadium really sets up a strong platform for a Wollongong team to come in during the next expansion phase. It's a relatively risk-adverse choice and then with a stronger league hopefully we can get some of the more romantic types (Wollongong, Canberra, Tasmania etc.) into the competition.
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    Agree about getting the best out of the keepers but a swine of a man. Well 2 down now. Hopefully Kisnorbo sees the door next.
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    *Petrillo lays back in his chair and breathes a sigh of relief, he pours himself a glass of bourbon and wonders why his job is so hard*
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    Fox wasting its money. These "League marquees" do absolutely nothing for the game.
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    To be fair? Griffiths got hired in the offseason byJoyce and Baccus just before round 1 I believe. I'm not talking about the drop in form here, contracting Baccus stuffed up our salary cap and recruitment for a balanced team. We were stuck with 2 adult players on decent wages for the same position. One biggest reason the season failed.
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    The problem with mature-aged squaddies such as La Rocca, Vidosic and Griffiths is that they take too much of the salary cap for very little return to the club. Even if the youth players are not quite at the squaddie level IMO they are a better investment because they come at a lower cost - in some cases much lower - and they still have potential to develop.
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    Mooy for me, I don't think we'll ever see another Australian player dominate the league quite like he did for consecutive seasons. If only he'd play as #10 for the Socceroos instead of having to accommodate Rogic because he can dribble past some farmers.
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    I’m not being funny but is there anyone within the club we as fans could talk to about players to sign? We’re a small club in a small league surely it wouldn’t be the worst thing to do to help the club
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    It would great if we played more of our youngsters and gave them a greater chance to succeed. The fact we have only player with 100 appearances (Williams) and two would be considered somewhat genuine youth team players with over 50 games (Kalmar and Retre) speaks volumes to our clubs inability to keep (and produce) first team players over the years One of my biggest frustration with Joyce is that he never really gave our youngsters a consistent chance to shine despite Joyce having a reputation for developing them. I see this as a main cause for Cavallo, Delanov, etc., leaving. As for the money side, (a) the club doesn't have to sign him if he wants too much, and (b) the tards got around $1 million last time they sold IIRC. There are things that go our way too you know
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    Beause he is a Victory man and leaves every second year when he can earn $10 more. I want us to come with our own players and not this recycling shit. He won't be cheap either.
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    Shorten made a serious mistake in targeting the self-funded retiree/SMSF demographic, alienating not only them but indirectly their adult children at the same time.
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    Yes they could as this is what I would expect from Petrillo. Can't believe he is still there with all the stuff ups season after season. Come on man, our club needs to move on from crap like this. Bart destroys this guy in every respect and plus we need a marquee central attacking playmaker and not a defender.
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    And the "winning" is not the only objective of the Academy teams. It's about overall development, not only as footballers but in terms of life skills as well.
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    Yeah image this one with a red cross!
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    I think it's about time you start taking this seriously.
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    Hamill to Western United as well. Who thinks WU has a better squad than what had in our first season?
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