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    sorry but i totally disagree with you. delbridge has a lot to learn in both phases. he got caught to many times not tracking back or ball watching at the back post (he did make some brilliant interceptions however). Bart was at times our only genuine forward ball playing player. not really sure how you could not see that if you watched every game. All of his passes were effective. he took space and played forward when the timing and opportunity was there, nearly always. Good and Delbridge would hoof it down the wing after three side to side passes (no patience). When players dont present for him (jmac, wingers, we had no 10 all of the season as well), he cannot hit a cutting pass. Doubt you watched every game if you couldnt make sense that we were trying to build from the back every game but had no real idea about movement or creation of space in the final third, severely limiting the ability for a player like Bart being able to create play. It is a symptom of the team when a cb can take 10-20 meters of space in a field and still have no options to play an effective pass. If Bart had the quality in attack that we will have this season, he would have been even more immense period. I wont have anyone tell me otherwise that Bart was playing for the whole of our team in many games last season.
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    I swear Playmaker is just here to troll on this topic. “The super scout who brought us the delights of Koren, Budzinski and Flopperin” Delbridge is not the defender Schenkeveld is of course - he might develop into this. Bart is only here to get his body right and is a genuine starter in the Dutch league if he is fit. Didn’t Bart win several club awards or fan forum votings? I think we aren’t alone thinking Schenkeveld has been class for our club. Your stats are leaving lots of critical parts out of it - such as did we remain possession after an interception? Schenkeveld wins balls often cleanly by running attackers of the ball and returns possession. Delbridge however intercepts with a big tackle, toe poke or heads the ball out of play or in his own goal! Only looking at their first touch you will see a big difference. Its not even a debatable topic really. People who struggle to admire, recognise or see the need of quality defenders have little understanding of the teamsport
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    What I want my centre-back to do on list of importance: 1. Stop the opposition scoring 2. Stop the opposition scoring 3. Stop the opposition scoring 4. Get away with a dirty foul on Broxham in a derby 37. Have quads like a power lifter 52. Take a shot from 40 yards that hits row Z just for comedy value 86. Make a key pass
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    Kit is junk. Bring back the red and white.
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    I'd ignore bt50 mate, he's the biggest bandwagoner on here. Clearly just follows the club due to all our success
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    Has a sick YouTube montage, 10/10 signing
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    Turkish Super Lig side. This is great for us that he issnt going to Sydney
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    I prefer my South American wingers to have dirty mullets. All will be forgiven if he feigns injury to get Broxham sent off in a derby.
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    Not sure if i want him to come anyway.. Luna was the name of a cat of a chick i was seeing.. hated the cat and hate her
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    Obligatory 'unpopular opinion' intro but I really like it. Initially the all blue looked a bit odd but I've come around. Might even be my favourite in the City era.
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    No news or rumours whatsoever. Eclipsed, perhaps?
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    I don’t want him to come back give the promising younger players a chance. Use the last remaining pennies on a forward player. All these players leaving is part of our revival process- our new style football will be quick and technical.
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    Good interview. He's intelligent, enthusiastic and articulate. I'm getting this sense of anticipation of something special, so hopefully it's all going to come together for us this season.
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    Prob trying to hype it up as a 10 year anniversary kit imo
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    Club has essentially leaked the 2 out of the 3 kits themselves which is laughable. 10 year anniversary this year and a 3rd kit to come.
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    He's the Man In Black, the Johnny Cash of coaches, Walking the Line for us.
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    Except you don't know what went down in either situation and neither do I. That said, obviously whatever the approach was it didnt work, but it certainly doesnt mean that theres no fault attributable to the players either. Hopefully you're spot on re the second point and this is the beginning of our golden era
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    i would be starting genreau alongside brillante as our 8. he can battle it out with metcalfe. florin or cabrera can play 10. dont need griffiths when we have brillante and the kids will work their asses off to be the best. metcalfe was great last year and by all knowledge, genreau is even better
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    Look there's no secret i totally disagree with Joyce's strategy and approach to the game, especially down here. Players are people too and very few enjoy that military style discipline, esp when they likely could earn better dosh elsewhere. But that said, throwing your toys out of the cot the way Bruno did is hardly professional either, and at the end of the day they were the standards the playing group set, Joyce was just the enforcer. And again, Joyce did himself no favours by being a terrible communicator when it comes to that stuff either. The blame is on both 100%, it just annoys me when people treat Bruno as if he was some can't do no wrong demi-god when it was his petulance that was one of the key ingredients to the shitstorm.
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    Agreed. And these guys are not "youngsters" on today's football standards - Genreau has turned 20 and Metcalfe will do so in November. They can hold their own in the A-League.
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    I have a lot of faith in those youngster, rather see that last spot go to all in attacking player.
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    It was pros and cons with Bratts. You'd get half a dozen belters a year, some games when his eye was in and he'd make killer passes, but all too often he was the nexus of the slow transition forward that frequently killed our attacking potential. He wasn't the only one, but for a midfielder carrying an attacking role, he all too often didn't.
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    W-League kit also just released
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    Good, fuck off you giraffe on stilts.
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    Clear enough there's little demand! Pinning my hopes on the third kit and those red training tops we've seen so much of. The bigger issue is a fan voice. The club too often do what they want, and there's little organised way of letting them know what we want, and what really hacks us off. Sometimes they seem to have started listening, but the new kits have made me question that a little. This is my club regardless.
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    I’m happy he plays there now, if he won’t change his game plan quickly he will struggle again. Attempting to hold up play, falling over, loosing the ball, going for the right foot curler. Easy to defend if he doesn’t change.
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    And that friends, is how you respectfully disagree with each other Not sure what to make of Cabrera as a signing. South Americans are generally pretty hit or miss in this league as a rule and its difficult to judge whether we will play him as a 10 or a RW. Here's hoping.
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    And if the club has any ambitions of developing younger players these two should get a minimum of 10-15 games each this season. If not they will both leave at the end of the year.
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    There were many a time when players looked to make a pass and there was no one forward because everyone was in defence. That was according to the game plan devised by Joyce. Can't blame him or any other player for having a bad manager. I do hope he can find a manager and team that will let him create the play but certainly Joyce was not one of them.
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    This thread has required an update almost every day for the past two weeks. So at the moment we have the following 20 players signed to the senior squad for 2019/20: So probably one more visa player to come in (Luna?) and a number of Scholarship players yet to be announced. IIRC we are ahead of where we've been in past seasons, and the squad looks pretty solid to me.
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    Doesn't have a mullet or look like a tip rat.
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    IIRC we're still subject to "moderation" by the A-League web-site managers. It may not be the City media department's fault at all.
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    Dutton at the airport arrival gate.....
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    Griffiths is no big loss, I'm looking forward to seeing what the likes of Metcalfe and Genreau can do instead of old and overrated A-League journeymen. I don't know heaps about Luna, but I wish we'd go for someone with a greater pedigree of the ilk of Diego Castro, Ninkovic or Toivonen who all had either profound top flight European league or international experience. Obviously Fornaroli was a big unknown before coming to us and proved to be a huge success, but with our supposedly rich owners backing us I'd love to see us land a big fish just once. Luna really just doesn't strike me as being marquee quality without first proving himself in the A-League, he played for Veracruz which was by far the absolute shittest team in the Mexican league last season (they won 2 games and were 22 points off the pace of second-last) and hasn't played for any reputable clubs before that.
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    More game time for Metcalfe I see, good result
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    This is a bit of thinking out loud, but it'll maybe spark a constructive discussion. It's pretty clear to me that by degrees our former identity and colours are being erased. I've got a fair few red and white City tops, but only one Heart era one. And I have no Heart era merch such as scarves, hats etc. It's possible to buy replica historic kits for many clubs, and indeed some clubs themselves market them. I suppose what I'm getting to is exploring interest in, and the practicalities of, making a replica Heart era kit, and or something like a scarf. So chucking it out there. Thoughts?
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    Businesses are generally successful due to being focused around the customer. Obviously not in this case.
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    I'll be happy to see a 10th anniversary red and white kit, if that what happens, but I'm not happy with the sly demotion from second to third kit, which apparently happened last season without us being told. CFG haven't changed the colours of clubs they have more recently bought into, and it was a huge misstep to change ours. It's not going to get any less a problem for me however many years they keep putting us in baby blue. It isn't a small point, that is the point. They still don't get how much the original colours matter to many of the original fans.
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    Sound strategy. Sell/sign up as many as possible before we play a proper game.
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    Nope. When Joyce arrived (June 17) Montemurro was chief assistant and departed late November 2017. Smart move.
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    Important, but we also lacked movement off the ball with players running into space or running to open up space. Of course, we need both the quick transition movement and pass, much more likely with Le Patron than with Wazza.
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    Puma footy latest IG video 👀
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    Club confirmed there will be a 3rd kit
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    wasnt good enough often enough. had it all some games - when he wanted to. get he impression that his head is not totally in the game sometimes
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    And Bruno. Very much made the rod for his own back.
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