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    The club can't win in the medias' eyes and are quite an easy target. Top of the league - Media Reaction: Where are the crowds? Sign Australia's Melbourne-born first-choice number 9 - Media Reaction: Not a big enough name. Plays experienced players - Media Reaction: Need more Youth. Plays the Youth - Media Reaction: Just a Youth Farm for CFG. Signs proven A-League players - Media Reaction: Recycled hacks. Signs overseas player - Media Reaction: Who? Sign Zlatan. Wears Sky Blue - Media Reaction: Should have kept Red and White. Wears Red and White - Media Reaction: No crowd there to see it anyway. Beat Western United - Media Reaction: Meh WU beat Victory - Media Reaction: A new Derby is born! The only way to shut everyone up is the win the toilet seat.
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    This thread reminds me why I left the forum for a year
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    Win toilet seat: CFG's proxy clubs do damage to legitimate local teams
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    As pointed out by someone else, this guy doesn’t have a thread yet, so I’m fixing that. Borm in late 99, he’s just turned 20. Been associated with the club for about 5 years but more specifically a scholarship player since 2017. Like most here I like the look of him. Going forward seems to have game smarts, has a decent cross and knows where the goals are. Defensively does the work. Now he’s still young, that means a few things. Firstly he’ll be inconsistent- frankly we’ve seen that already this season. Secondly he could go off the rails quite easily, if he reads this thread and thinks he’s made it and doesn’t need to work hard anymore, for instance. Thirdly a forum member earlier on the year said we should only play him when he’s ready. For kids if you don’t give them a chance, they’ll never be ready. Now some won’t take that chance but some will and that’s why you do it.
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    IMO you can put that down to the weather, which was dreadful all day. When I was having a bite to eat before leaving for the match it was wet and windy and just 7 degrees down here in Bayside. With much of level 1 at AAMI exposed to the rain, only the rusted-on fans are going to attend in last night's conditions. And I suspect most who did last night were from the Heart days. It really was wonderful to see the boys in our true colours again. We completely dominated, perhaps held it in defence a little too long at times, and missed a whole lot of chances up front, but overall it was great to see. There's so much young talent at the club coming through that the days of having a weak bench seem to be over. Some great individual performances last night as already pointed out by others in this thread. My only adverse criticism would be Bouzanis' kicking. Finally, on a personal note if I may, a big thank you to the Forum lads who came over to see me at half-time. It meant a lot to me, and I hope to catch up with you all again at some stage.
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    Put your time to better use and make some quality City Simpsons memes.
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    Unless SEN decides we're useless, yes
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    This is why I am encouraging you to be quiet...
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    Did anybody, like me, feel last night a sense that we'd got our club back? Great football, fabulous active support (I mean it guys, bloody magnificent), red and white. Big message for the club. Recognise the history, bring back our colours, and the old band will reform and rock the place like we always did. Bottle last night and label it vintage. We are red and white.
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    One of the most complete performances I can remember and in the red and white
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    I'm still trying to figure out what the Tards identity is other than they were the first Melbourne club to get a license and were fortunate that FFA/FFV had a stake in them initially and were able to use their database of players to recruit fans.
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    Great work guys.....but one huge glaring error at 45:00.....Bart ZERO goals. Bart scored the goal that produced the single greatest piece of commentary in A-League history (which the a-league website geniuses cut off) https://www.a-league.com.au/video/bart-schenkeveld-wins-it-city
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    Just got home, so some more thoughts. We were excellent all over the pitch. A few shout outs- Curtis was a rock, Brillante- wtf were Sydney thinking? How did we prise him out of there? The bloke is incredible at breaking the opposition down. I was stoked to see Luna score. Actually I though the first half chance might have been easier, but not if he’s one footed I guess. Hopefully that goal will give his confidence a much needed boost. No JMac. 6 goals in 2 games, 6 different scorers. Active- Heart era like. Just killed it. Finally I thought CFG would have to leave for us to play in red and white at home again. How sweet it was.
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    Deservedly, top of the ladder. Positives: Excellent performance across the pitch, Le Patrone has transformed the team. For the first time ever, we are varying our pace of play: slower buildup, the quick attack. This has been made easier with good movement off the ball that opens space in attack, shuts down opponents and closes passing lanes in defensive transition. It brought tears to my eyes to see us playing such positive, attractive football in red and white. Dominant midfield tonight, Griffiths, Brilliante and Metcalfe controlled the game, usually played the useful pass - forward when necessary and back when we needed to slow the play. Good use of subs, maintained the pressure on the field, attacked until the whistle Crowd was loud, particularly active. Well done. Negatives: Sloppy goal to concede Should have scored more goals from the number of excellent chances We're collecting quite a few yellows, we'll pay for that mid-season as quite a few players may miss games
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    Delbo has had a lot of hype this season but I reckon Good has been his equal, if not better.
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    Arzani has hinted at leaving Celtic. Although I'd rather he stay in Europe, imagine though if he comes back here on loan in January 😍 A forward line of Arzani - Jmac - Noone, coached by Mombaerts makes me very moist.
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    Club probably estimated a longer lay off so he wouldn’t be picked for the Socceroos.
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    I just sat there trying say 'Just to be sure' out loud in an Irish accent like 6 times. Wife walks in the room like wtf are doing dude...
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    It’s an unusual segment. Most at least try to pretend they don’t favour a particular club. I imagine a lot of the prisoners at Ravenhall would be frustrated that their club isn’t getting a look in.
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    When was that, I can't remember? Must have never happened....
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    Players wouldn't celebrate a goal under Joyce because scoring a goal means you you lose possession
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    Wazza still reckons those 4 goals could've been passes backwards.
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    I really believe that bullshit tackle that wrecked his ankle in the FFA Cup game was the start of the decline for Bruno as a player. Of course the big fallout didn't help, but I think that was a consequence of the injury.
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    In hindsight this is looking like a good deal for us. If the whole Bruno situation didn't unfold we would've been highly unlikely to be in the market for MacLaren in January and he would've gone elsewhere. After 5 games against what includes 4 sides that look like they'll be bottom 4 (Brisbane, Wellington, CCM and Newcastle) Bruno's got a solitary goal and has been a peripheral figure in most of the games except the Wellington game where he scored and probably should've had a few more. Getting dragged with 15 minutes remaining yesterday when a goal down for a 16 year old debutant is hardly a confidence booster, but he's lucky he's got Castro and Ikonomidis to provide him service so he'll score goals but right now Perth look a shadow of the team they were last season and the pressure is starting to mount.
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    As far as I'm concerned we're the only club that has an identity. Ours is the only club that actually has a formal link to the city in our name, our badge being a taken from the Coat of Arms of the City of Melbourne according to a formal agreement between the club and the City.
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    Yeh pretty much. As others have said, metrics are such a fucking pissing contest that it seems Australians are the only ones that care about it. Obv its to do with the code wars bullshit many like to perpetrate cos we have so many options here, but at the end of the day who gives a shit as long as youre having fun, and the club isnt in danger of financially folding.
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    The negativity surrounding our attendances is ridiculous. Claims of numbers being fixed and inaccurate figures is such a stretch. As @rasssaid our last home game had over 5000 but many are claiming it couldn't be more than 3000. I don't know if the number is entirely accurate but some of the claims are ridiculous.
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    If only that Adelaide coach would wise up and play him in the wing. Then he could get a lot more involved in wide defence, instead of wasting his time scoring goals.
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    This McGree kid getting lucky again. 4 goals from 4 games. It's gonna take more than a few lucky strikes to get a big move to the South African Premier Soccer League like Baccus. I hope any club that thinks of taking the risk on him gets Wazza's opinion so they save themselves the time on a guy who tries to score goals at the detriment on maintaining a 95% pass completion rate.
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    The responsibility has to lie with the Victory board. Appointing a coach late and missing out on the best free agents as well as recruiting foreigners who are far inferior to what they had last season. Going from Antonis, Honda & Baena in the middle to Broxham, Basha and Poulsen is like going from a Porsche to a Daewoo.
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    I dont fear any fixture bar Perth and Sydney on the road tbh.
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    We're not dropping another game this season #bookit
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    Fuck me. The weather was shit but otherwise a dominant display by the boys and probably the best terrace in years.
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    This thread makes me wonder why I bothered to come back
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    Isn't 'Gronk' a Sydney thing? And yes totally agree, how is it even considered an insult? It sounds like something I'd need to buy if I had a plumbing issue in my kitchen. *googles* "leaking tap + kitchen + rubber thing + Bunnings". Google Machine: Bunnings Warehouse: Iron Dolphin Tits 2" Gronk Seal, pack of 12 ($6.95). *Jumps in car to purchase 'Iron Dolphin Tits Gronk Seal'*
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    You don't think that interest would wear off over the course of the 5 home games? And furthermore you think expecting the maximum capacity of crowd every game is realistic and conservative? You're looking at the best case scenario. That's not what being conservative is about at all. There's no room for error in your model for Zlatan to come here and be a good investment.
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    Round 4: Wellington Phoenix album is available, more will be added down the line. https://behindthelensmcfc.blogspot.com/
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    Clearly their listeners at 7-8 Tuesday are rock bottom
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    Second on goal difference @CityHeart"told you we were shit"
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    I actually watched most of their game today and they are slow and ponderous and are super lucky they have a quality striker, the rest of them are bog standard average. If they continue like this they will struggle to make top 6.
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    "Won't somebody think of the hamstrings!? "
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    I think there is more chance to sign Messi than Zlatan. And that would be zero.
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    Some of you people are crazy Building a new stadium won't solve the problem. Sure, a smaller stadium will cost the club less to run in the long run but won't solve the problem of attracting more fans. FWIW too aami park is a great stadium, I see no reasons to move from their. The only way to attract more fans is through success. Anytime that this club has had a continued run of wins or some success during the regular season, we manage to fuck it up somehow. A demoralising loss or an underwhelming performance, book one of the two in anytime this club gets on some type of good run of form. Even though a club like Sydney may not be selling out every game with all the success they have had, they have still been getting more than reasonable crowds due to their success. Big money marquees will add a temporary boost to attendances, but the only long term sustainable option to crowd success is to build a successful football club. Hopefully the club is now turning the corner with mombarts as our coach but oh boy, have I been sucked in before by this lot This club has either fucked up/ had so much change to it since it's inception (Forarali saga, running the club on a shoestring budget, colour changes, tying the longest record in Australian sports without winning a game) that the only identity with been able to consistently have is the identity of always disappointing when any type of expectation is put on us. As much as I hate the vistors they have been constantly successful as a club throughout most of their history and a large fan base has also followed (them also being the only team in Melbourne for a while may have also helped them corner the market but continued success has brought back their fans constantly) ATM on the field we are doing well, but we need to put together more consistency to bring more fans to our games.The FFA can also take some responsibility because any cunt who thought it would be a good idea to schedule games late on a sunday is a muppet. 4 and 6pm kick offs before a work day? Get outta here. TL:DR: Win more games=more fans
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