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    May be reading far too much into this, but I think it's significant he's apparently doing his rehab here and not back in Glasgow. Do we have longer term plans? For myself, I think he'd be an excellent pick up if we can secure him for next season.
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    I think he's probably better off doing his surgery and rehab down here, regardless of whether he gets back on the pitch in time. We have very good surgeons down here and our rehab team are probably quite good too (insert joke about the Germano Treatment Centre here).
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    Don't think there's much doubt about this. IMO our turnover of players and assistant coaches has been horrendous. I also get the feeling that there's a significant turnover in administrative staff as well.
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    After all of this I’m starting to think that one of the clubs major issues is that it changes too much from season to season.
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    Noone is a huge disappointment in my eyes. A one-trick pony.
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    For me, it's this. We're pretty much fourth or fifth once the byes unravel, and we're falling not climbing or holding our own. That's just as mediocre as every previous bloody season, when we are promised so much more. The faustian pact with the Abu Dhabi devil was to get success. We've paid with our identity and culture but got nothing back.
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    Noone imo is a victim of the same problem that the fans have of the club; the fans own lofty expectations aren't being met, but objectively theyre still better than average in almost every aspect. He definitely needs to have more impact, but i think there has been some good steps forward in his contributions over the last month or so.
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    FWIW Noone has scored in 3 of the last 4. The 4th was a 0-0 draw. I know its not everything, but theyre still good numbers for a winger.
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