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    The pass for the second goal was world class ... No need to worry about a bigger richer club, CFG will lock this kid down and his value will eventually fund us a new stadium
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    Not surprised to hear that there is dodgy shit going on at NPL level. And some people think the saviors of football in this country are getting NPL clubs into the aleague...
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    Adelaide Kamau was better than Kamau
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    Thats just because our ship isn't as leaky as yours
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    The keeper must have some ancestry ties with Redmayne
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    From the World Cup vs France, to some shit ol paddock in rural VIC/NSW. Ah, the "magic" of the cup
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    But does he have a mowhawk/mullet/ratty and donkey kick advertising signs?
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    There actually is not. His attitude didn't do him any favours and I reckon a clean break elsewhere could be what he needs. As another poster mentioned he was spotted at Rangers rivals ground taking in their match and once you cross that line there is no going back. Good luck to him and Melbourne for the season and remember 55 is imminent. He's already signed. Come on do you lot not have any in the know people I'm breaking stories from the other side of the world for you
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    Most parents with talented kids will put there kids into a training academy ie: the Juve one out in Brimbank/Bulleen etc NPL clubs are an absolute disgrace charging well over $1200 (think south melb charge 2k plus) for juniors, the only problem with this you have 3rd world coach`s taking sessions who have very limited technical idea or corrupt parents putting money into the club in exchange for there kids playing time (it happens more then people actually think). It`s honestly cheaper finding an agent putting your kid on a plane and sending them off to Europe .
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    Hearing Fabio Ferrera just departed from SFC , he can play the wing position
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    Will surely join Sydney under the cap...