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    ========================= Time for some detective work: ========================= 1. His last location was "Ristorante La Nepitella". 17 hours ago 2. This is at Lago di Bracciano, about 45mins from Rome International Airport 3. From the attendant in the red hat on his tv, I assume that's Emirates. 4. He posted that story 40 minutes ago, although it looks like it wasn't taken directly on Instagram (not sure how Instagram works) 5. Let's assume, that he did take the image and posted it immediately. I also assume that he posted this while boarding, not in the air. 6. Therefore, what Emirates flights took off from Rome international airport between 3pm and 4pm CEST. 7. At 3:25pm CEST, Emirates EK 98 departed for Dubai. If he was flying elsewhere in Europe he wouldn't be going through Dubai 8. That flight arrives in Dubai around 11:30pm Dubai time. 9. Since Dubai is the flight hub for Emirates, I doubt he would be changing carriers (ie. Etihad), hence now we look for Emirates flights from Dubai. 10. A further Assumption is that the average transfer time is between 2-4 hours. So what Emirates flights take off (there will be heaps) during between 2am and 4am Dubai time. 11. Flights of interest are, EK408 Melbourne - 02:40am and EK420 Perth - 02:45. ...... I really have no life. But my conclusion is that if he is indeed coming to us, the announcment will be Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.
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    In other news I went to see Melbourne Storm for something different today. 16 thousand in the stands. Dead and dull atmosphere. Made me proud of what we do with 8g in the stands. What needs to be done to grow support for the club? Its going to be very slow - probably generational. You chose City for a reason, if you feel those reasons are justified to stick with City, then stick to City, promote City, be present and be part of the foundations that (I Hope) are going to last for many generations to come. About culture: do not trivialise it. Culture grows, it is not manufactured. It will only grow if we feed it right. We live in a Victory dominant city. We are the lesser team. But not Forever. Keep the hope alive, keep supporting and project this passion another 5, 25 and 50 years into the future. Thats right son, I was there to see the Aaron Mooy. I witnessed the clubs greatest striker, Bruno Fornaroli. I was there when we won our first FFA cup. I was there when we won our first A League championship. I was there when we won in Asia. I was there... History is being written lads. We are part of it. Be proud.
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    Give me my money cunt.
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    100% agree on the dickhead bit.
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    In amongst all the doom and gloom...I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It seems as though club-supporter relations are at an all-time low, and whatever happens in the short-term, I sincerely hope that we can get ourselves out of the mess we're in as quickly as possible, and get back to enjoying football and all the good things it can bring. I regard the Forum as a valuable resource, and again, I hope we can find some optimism soon. All the very best to everyone.
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    CFG will purchase a number of low cost Hawks. We will use them to deter the Seagulls, once they have become effective they will be moved onto Manchester the be sold around Europe to the highest bidder. We will then start again and continue develop birds for CFG to sell for a profit.
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    Precisely. The cultural change we needed, and still need, is in the brains, or lack of them, of our owners. Just as we, the fans, are half-hearted in our support for the club - and that's on a good day - so are many of the other people connected to the club, including the players. On the field we stand for nothing except being the antipodean branch office of Abu Dhabi. Joyce himself is just a wrecking ball. He has presided over the departures of a long list of senior players, and introduced a mind-numbingly boring style of play that has almost no attacking intent whatsoever. He may like to blow his own trumpet about McGree, Wales and Atkinson being a part of the recent U-23 squad, but he had fuck all to do with the development of either McGree or Wales, and has to have his arm twisted before giving genuine City youngsters such as Pierias and Metcalfe a few minutes - just as he had to have his arm twisted to start Arzani last season. He's a total fraud.
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    Obviously applies to yourself as you continue to post the same material over and over and over again...
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    We were lucky against roar? If we were lucky, then I'll counter by saying roar were even luckier X 50 that they even got within 3 goals of us. Just because we played an unattractive, defensive 25 minutes doesn't mean we were lucky. Starting to get a bit sick of these same old posts week in week out TBH.
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    Off you go mate https://www.melbournevictory.com.au/news/memberships-sale-now
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    Then you would make two players less effective. i get the whole nostalgia surrounding Ross. But we are fucking lucky to have Fornaroli. A player with his class loves the club and loves Melbourne are very rare. I remember back in the heart days we were screaming out for a long term player to be a club legend and we finally got it, so savour it
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    LOL what a joke. Club legend, record holder and fan favourite gets dumped for unknown, unsuccessful coach with a horrible CV. Couldn't make this shit up.
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    Well if Wazza does get the lemonade now he can have no complaints. That display really summed up why no one apart from insomniacs want to go to City games. If the bloke had had kahunas he would have brought on mcgree for Baccus the minute they scored and actually try to attack. Basically Joyce sees football as a completely different game to me and as s fan it hurts to watch him first destroy the team, then the supporters and last of all the club. If management had had vision they would have moved him on last year (& got Popa). We’ve already missed Ante. Now we need to move him on immediately and do whatever it takes to get Ange here. Joyce Out!
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    I swear to God if we don't sign anyone in this transfer window i'm going to get really mad and write a really mean post on here and than continue to watch us as normal
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    Look I'm no Joyce fan but fuck me if this isn't the most pessimistic forum. We have won 3 on the trot. I actually thought we were the better side for much closer to 70 minutes. The last 20 mins we looked deadset average. If Wales was a little more composed we would have won that at least 3 - 0. For all the ribbing he is getting I thought wales had a good game outside of his finishing. He is certainly getting into good spots. Our combinations to get forward seemed much slicker than previously. I think the players (and coach) actually deserve some credit for making roar look average for most of the match. I find the Fornaroli thing strange, I saw him walking into the stadium he gave me a smile. I agree with BT on this we don't have all the facts and should let this play out as annoying as it is. End of the day we got the result and are equal second. The doom and gloom on this forum is actually killing me to the point I check it less than I used too.
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    Sorry its meant to be a generalisation of AFL clubs ability to communicate compared to City's. Since consistently in the AFL every club is pretty good at all those things, I am putting it down as an AFL thing. City seem to be a worse version of the rest of the A-League clubs in this regard. To your second point, I agree. While both the issues themselves and the way they are not communicated are both bad from a supporters point of view, if the club communicates whats going on better then it's easier for us to accept them. If from the start the club comes out and says "LaRocca is battling an ankle injury and is out for 3 months", or "Bruno has been dropped for disciplinary reasons", or "With the departure of Caceres the club has now signed Baccus to a permanent contract", or "O'Halloran is now fit and eligible for selection", instead of us finding this out 2-6 weeks after it happens it would make being a supporter much easier. And those are all easy issues to explain, nothing which gives the opposition the edge and nothing that breaches any kind of privacy. Atm the club releases stuff all information so either we have to wait for a commentator to tell us a tiny bit of gossip during the next match or otherwise wait until someone talks to some random hairdresser to find out so and so has hurt his shoulder and is out for 3 weeks. What happened with LaRocca last season was like it was from 1984. One minute he was a starting regular, the next it was like the club was making every effort to convince us he never existed. Turns out he was injured. FFS just tell us. I'm convinced we could have one of our players die in a training mishap and we wouldn't hear about it until 3 weeks later when Theo Pizzalaria brings it up mid match as they replay another failed short corner while Ned Zelic makes noises in the background. The club shoots itself in a foot by distancing itself from it's supporters. It wants to be engaging but then acts like it's some kind of huge secret organization which will only tell us what it deems we need to know, and the rest we can remain oblivious too. Not the best strategy for a club that has inherited a disenchanted and somewhat alienated fanbase from takeover and fails to deliver on any other front.
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    Foundation member here. Please don't say that.
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    The wankfest over Toivonen is hilarious. The guy hasn't scored more than 7 league goals in a season since 2012. Perfect example of the mentality of the fans and the media in this league to be honest; the name of a signing is apparently the most important quality they provide and anyone who aims for less than a glitzy and recognisable one isn't aiming as high as they could. Let's not let that narrative get in the way of the fact that the Victory won a Grand Final last season thanks to the heroics of a VISA winger who many people scoffed at and Sydney's recent dominance has been on the backs of players with considerably lower profile than guys like Honda, Toivonen or Cahill. They're more than welcome to their over the hill target man who's been struggling to produce a decent scoring record for years and their Marquee attacking midfielder who was basically stopped in the parking lot on his way into his retirement party. Signings like that being considered evidence of superior 'ambition' are a large reason why this league is struggling at the moment IMO. More Fornarolis, Berishas, Georges, Ninkovics, Schenkevelds and Adrians please.
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    Yea but people might not want to play for peanuts in Australia. Some Victoria's Secret Models are single, but doesnt mean they'll date me
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    Thank you to everyone who voted throughout the season After 28 games the votes have been tallied And the FORUM PLAYER OF THE SEASON FOR 2018/19 FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW IS BART SCHENKEVELD
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    Disregarding the opponent.... Isn't it ironic that the most attacking game we've had for months is after Joyce missed most of training with the shits.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/sport/ng-interactive/2018/dec/07/david-squires-on-keisuke-hondas-impact-at-melbourne-victory LOLz, Squires nails it. He's been reading this forum
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    What is pissing me off is that now any team can declare open season on Fornarolli and teh ref will be afraid to call a foul because O'Rourke has gone public. As far as I'm concerned Melbourne City should launch a protest against O'Rourke's behaviour and should publicly be held responsible for any injury he sustains during the season.
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    Let’s all just take a moment to laugh at Victory who just lost to APIA Leichhardt in their FFA Cup match
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    Given the all clear apparently. Great news.
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    How about something phresh, like: 'Drain the Swamp'?
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    Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like? You've got to be kidding me. I've been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that?
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    Mooy was the reason Bruno had that amazing season IMO
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    Absolutely perfect signing I think What's the worst that can happen? He sucks and we're in the exact same spot we are now The best? He stars and loves it here, and although he will go back to spurs. Who knows about the future if things don't work out for him in UK I can't see any downsides to this, its almost a no risk throw at the stumps
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    Bart is objectively speaking one of our most talented players on our list. If marquee money is the difference between him staying and going, please throw every penny we have at him - irrelevant to the fact he’s a central defender. It could be possible that some people are undervaluing how many scoring situations he prevents. He can beat any striker in the league one on one with his pace and strength.
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    "The biggest City-aligned media outlet, podcast Talking City" we've made it baby.
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    This forum mentality: Tard signings v Our signings
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    Yeah fuck off @Embee you dick head. If you have time to quickly google the Melbourne Victory website instead of spending your time ranting about how shit our club is based on a new signing none of us have ever seen play then you're clearly not a real fan of this club. Cunt.
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    I dont think too many people would have a problem with the FFA being proactive in chasing marquees, however they are making major fuck ups on two fronts; a) stop telling everyone who your targets are, because it looks fucking amateur when the league comes and says we're after you and then you fail. It looks amateur because a league is supposed to be a bigger entity than a single club, and if an entire competition gets outbid by some tin pot club in Japan, you make everyone look pathetic. b ) whilst marquees have some impact around the hype of the league, and attendances and ratings in the short term, the way the FFA carries on about them is like they think its the solution to all their problems. It's not, and give us something a bit more palpable to think that you are actually looking after the long term future of the league and the game here in Aus. As a former (guest) marquee once said, "show me your vision"
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    A decent win over a hapless opponent. At least it wasn't 1 nil or 2:1, we really did put some distance between us on the scoreboard. There's plenty of upside in our the team even with the current crop of players but we're not going to see it if we continue with the mindset that's been instilled by Joyce. A couple of simple examples of much that's wrong and can be corrected - it's all between the ears stuff. Harrison sees Baccus in front of him with nobody around and calling for the ball. But the safest and laziest pass is backwards to Ritchie. Two options here. A positive forward pass or a lazy negative backwards pass. The Foxsports commentators spent some time on this short passage of playing highlighting the negative mindset. The second passage is also brief but again symptomatic of our problems around mindset. We see this every game. Brats lays a nice pass to Baccus in the middle of the pitch. Griffiths is immediately to the right of Brats. Baccus has practically nobody around him and can turn and run up the pitch. But heck no. Baccus decides to play a lazy ball back to Griffiths and ignores the opportunity to progress up the pitch. In both cases we waste opportunities to pressure the opposition which means we give them time to re-group. It appears that Joyce's preoccupation with defence and clean sheets has meant that (some) players are reluctant to attack and feel more comfortable playing safe.
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    There's a very simple explanation. We have a fuckwit as a manager.
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    Couldn't resist...
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    There's only one chant we need: "Give him the Sack" "Give him the Saaaaack" "Get rid of Joyce" "Bring our Sausage Stand back"
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    I love the guys running this club! They have a clueless manager running the team and crowd numbers into the ground and their solution? Sack the best striker to ever play in the league. i wonder what he actually did? Presumably kill some cunt because otherwise the crime doesn’t fit the punishment. CFG. Could find their arse in two grabs.
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    My highlights of the night include Berenguer getting hit with the ball in the warm up DeLaet winning a corner The beautiful passing sequence that went from our corner flag to Galekovic The game changing sub of Larocca on for Griffiths The final whistle
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    In seven years of supporting, I don't recall ever feeling bleaker about where we are heading, or less engaged and enthused about the club. This is another season which will amount to nothing, almost certainly a worse outcome than the previous three seasons. We could well be down at the level we were as Heart, and at least then we had no expectations. Merry Christmas.
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    Novillo without the off-field baggage. I would take him. Helluva front line - O'Halloran, Fornaroli, George.