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    When was the last time we had 15 players fighting for a starting 11 spot where you wouldn’t mind if any of them were to start?
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    Plastic bags have been priced in the UK for years. 5p when i left (years ago). Gives consumers the choice, pay a minimal amount which covers the manufacturing, environmental and disposal costs or bring your own. I dislike new taxes as much as the next person, but at the very least i prefer having the choice to avoid them. ^ as @Tesla had said above.
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    "MELBOURNE City’s Osama Malik has been cleared to play in Saturday’s home clash with Wellington Phoenix after his bruising derby cameo." "Fellow midfielders Luke Brattan and Neil Kilkenny are fully fit and available, Tim Cahill is training fully after returning from Socceroos duty and marquee super sub Marcin Budzinski pushing for selection with his stunning strike." http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/osama-malik-reveals-apology-from-rhys-williams-after-derby-tackle/news-story/201d4be12ea8951c67a43828b976e05e So, our midfield options are: Malik, Brattan, Mauk, Kilkenny, Budzinski, Carussca, Cahill. Maybe Jabobsen. We've got enough midfielders for 2 midfields. Big selection headache for Joyce this weekend.
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    Wake me up before you go-go Who needs Triosi when we've got Fernando? https://www.instagram.com/p/BaWJ5gRnhCe/
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    Definatley was a tard because when we turned around a guy in a victory shirt had a water bottle open and said sit the fuck down.
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    8 Melbourne City players will be going to Vietnam to play for the young socceroos early November, it was meant to be hosted by us, but the government stopped it because they didn't want North Koreans on our shores. https://www.myfootball.com.au/news/young-socceroos-heading-hanoi
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    DM @Embee or @Hackett they run the Melburnians
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    The side that we field has to be the best 11 players who can play the tactical game plan. I suspect that Wazza will be keener on a more possession-based game against Nix who doesn't keep the ball as well as the visit0rs. He's said that the team have trained to play a variety of formations that presumably reflect a variety of styles so I wouldn't be surprised if the formation, tactics and lineup were all different
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    Will be an absolute pleasure handing you your heads in the next round
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    Details here: https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/how-claim-your-kids-go-free-tickets
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    I agree with the unchanged side, so Malik - Brattan - Mauk in midfield. The last game's bench was Bouzanis, Cahill, Budzinski, Carrusca, Tongyik. So the likes of Kilkenny will need to fight to make the bench, or miss out. Also if the captain Jakobsen isn't needed in midfield (and presumably gets moved back into defence), then someone of Jamieson, La Rocca, Schenkeveld, Muscat needs to be dropped. La Rocca and Schenkeveld have been a super solid pairing throughout all our 2 season games, so I don't like the idea of splitting up that pairing. Jamieson provided a team high 41 passes last game (more than twice as many as Mucat and with good passing accuracy). However Muscat was strong in defence, with 2 good tackles (other defenders only registered 1 each) and 5 interceptions (La Rocca had the high of 7, the other defenders had 1 each). The defence is arguably the toughest to pick (how to change something that's been working so well?). There are probably a few very good possible lineups, but I'd like to see: Jamieson - Jakobsen, La Rocca, Schenkeveld We'll learn a bit about Wazza with how he solves this selection headache.
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    The best bit is that the two major supermarkets already decided to get rid of them. The state government is literally just trying to look like they're doing something. Fwiw, they should have just put a tax on them rather than banning them.
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    I think that will depend on his fitness. I agree with an unchanged lineup. If malik is fit malik plays. Loving his form this season, hes a completely different player.
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    Genuinely exciting match to watch today. Hugo made some huge saves. Edge of my seat the entire second half, but to keep madrid only scoring from the spot is a great performance. On to Liverpool!
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    I see where you're coming from but i think you're missing the point of what the South end is. The south end was everything the north terrace wasn't. A bit of fun, didnt take themselves too seriously, chanted when they felt like it and cared more about the club than mugging a bunch of teenagers after the game. Having mates in the south end it actually sounds like a bit of fun. That being said, we only having the one terrace and imo should be in between both the north and south end, to reference our rivals.. We can have a bit of fun, but also seriously make some noise and get behind the boys as well as put up some serious tifo displays over the years.
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    Victoria to ban "single-use plastic bags." FMD - another regulation. This state/country is so over-regulated. The answer is not just to ban something - the answer is to learn how to use something properly.
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    You are overlooking all the officials from Oceania on the FIFA gravy train. No way will they want their meal ticket dissolved.
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    Strongly agree on the absorption of Oceania and the split into East and West Asia.
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    Surely Oceania should be dissolved and absorbed into Asia? Ideally id spilt Asia into West and East a la the ACL with 3 spots going to East and 2 to the West after an absorbtion of Oceania into East Asia. IMO thats a win for every party in a 32 team world cup. The intercontinental playoff can then be between CONCACAF and CONMEBOL if need be, or a meritocracy can take place and give South America the 5th spot in earnest.
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    New Zealand need to bite the bullet and join the AFC. Alternatively, FIFA need to dissolve the OFC. I don't see the long-term benefit of the Kiwis in remaining in Oceania. They play one meaningful game every four years when they reach the playoffs. Surely the fans must wish they played some actual footballing countries outside of friendlies...
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    New ep https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=148297
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    ahh the old wing swap tactics.. gets the defence every time.
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    I'm surprised that there's so much surprise about a Hollywood producer and sexual harassment claims by actresses/wannabe actresses etc. When I was a lad pretty much everyone joked about actresses auditioning for a part via the "casting couch." It's nothing new, nor surprising IMO. Show biz is like that. I'm just getting rather tired of all this "outrage" about the sexploitation of women, when said women deliberately trade on their looks, spend a fortune on cosmetics and plastic surgery, spend a hell a lot of time endeavouring to make themselves "attractive" (to whom?), and deliberately wear as little as possible and expose as much flesh as they can at every possible opportunity.
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