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    I think it's time we create our own rumours again, shits getting boring.
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    Honestly it's 6 weeks out from EPL kicking off and those squads are still being built. You don't really hear them bitching about gelling after the first 2 weeks of the season. The point is really that gelling is bullshit. If you haven't gelled during training you have a shit coach. It's the reason JVS teams never really 'gelled'.
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    The last time we played an international club team was against Man City in the Gold Coast, almost no home fans saw it. The only other time we played an international club team was when we played Everton in our very first ever game. That's it.
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    The issue isn't the time available to sign players - it's getting a strong well-drilled competitive squad together ready to hit the season with a bang. Not having players still "gelling" at Christmas time.
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    Lost 4-2 away today. A win would've put us in 2nd.. Hard one to take, we almost had it in the bag
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    Still have 3 months untill the season starts. Plenty of time to sign players. We will probably start signing in the next month
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    TTDIM: the memes that come out on facey after Richmond lose.
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    CFG said they would spend what is appropriate for the League which is fair enough. Our ability to sign players has more to do with the restrictions put in place by FFA rather than CFG's unwillingness to spend. E.g "the Lampard Rule" ect.
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    Nah my parents just enjoyed procreation and had the misfortune of being genetically predisposed to twins
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    Hey @Tesla you remember you and I went to Pizza Hut in Sydney CBD (A Frequent YSIDE Haunt) and the Asian PPL working there (Most looked like students) had to kick out some Russian Women out because she was stealing food from the All You Can Eat Buffet. She went fucken nuts and on a ten minute rant against Asians, Asian Immigration and then ended the rant by telling them they were fucked cos she was related to Peter Costello... which really was not relevant because: Peter Costello had meekly retired from Politics (If he hadn't he would be PM right now). And I knew for a fact Peter Costello had no Russian Relatives.
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    You havnt seen anything until you witness two aboriginals having a root on a park bench while walking home from school in Grade 10.