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    I think I might give the gloves a miss, but I have a growing collection of obscure and weird football kits, so this would be perfect
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    I don't think sugar free beverages even qualify as soft drink.
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    Idea behind this is to distract strikers bearing down on goal. Wouldnt be surprised if it had a bit of an effect
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    Like assistant to the championship winning w league coach?
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    UPTIH: The Bulldogs Side of last Season will not be a side remembered as a great Premiership Side, rather as the side that got lucky in a very even year. In the same way the 1997 Crows side got lucky in a year which had no real stand out sides. Why? They werent/are not that great a side and they got lucky in six distinct ways: 1. The Bye Round should be prior to the GF to have the best GF, not prior to a month out from the GF and before the finals to allow lower ranked sides to get players back as the Bulldogs benefited from more than any other side. 2. The Bulldogs GF opponent in Sydney's has a list that is unbalanced with their top older players being very good and their being some good kids but their last six players demonstrate why they are great side for Home and Away Games and Finals but IMO your bottom players are what wins you a Grand Final. It is not a coincidence the Swans keep making the GF in decent form and then losing them. 3. I wanted the Bulldogs to win that match but I dont think anyone who watches enough footy could label the umpiring as up to standard you would expect from the league's best umpires in the biggest match of the year. It did not decide that match but the Bulldogs def benefited from the umpiring more than the Swans and the bigger the game the bigger the impact umpiring decisions can have on the game's flow. 3. Sydney as Flag Favourite should never of lost to GWS in the first place in their first final which would have meant the dogs would have had to play an experienced good finals side in Sydney in their Prelim Final. Instead they played an inexperienced GWS side who they only just beat because... 4. The Bye that GWS and Geelong received only hurt their chances in last Season's final series, Geelong still would have gotten canned by Sydney but considering GWS had never played finals until last year the whole concept of a Finals Bye would have been very hard for the young team to adapt too... Which probably goes a long way to explaining why they just choked to the Bulldogs. 5. As this Season has shown Hawthorn who the Bulldogs had to beat to play GWS were clearly still heavily overrated like Geelong has been for years now due to an ability to snatch games in the regular Season. As a Geelong fan I can assure anyone that these wins leave your side usually exposed in finals... even to opponents everyone expects you to beat. 6. Finally if Isaac Smith had kicked straight then the Bulldogs would have had to play against the side they had by far the worst record/worst match up record with from the Top Four. This was Geelong who had beaten them both times in 2016 by over 20 points and four of the last fives time they have played. Geelong were def not a better side than the Bulldogs but being able to not play the one Top Four side who had your measure best during the Season is a luxury very few Premiership sides get these days with a Final Eight system.
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    Unpopular opinion: my life took a step forward when I stopped drinking soft drink.
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    Why consume 160 more calories when you can easily avoid it with a drink that basically tastes the same? (and in my opinion as far as Pepsi Max goes tastes better)
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    Crap each to their own but I've never understood why people pay money for these drinks. I find them horrible. As to the dieting benefits? I think the well known philosopher and deep thinker Paris Hilton summed it up when she said "only fat people drink Diet Coke". For those on here that don't fit that, hey you are the exception that proves the rule.
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    Where? That's definitely got bashed and left for dead written all over it. Especially if your trapsing around with the gloves on.
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    Ask @Embee, I'm one of Milligan's biggest fans, but tbh I think I'd prefer Troisi purely based on positional needs. Milligan is more of a DM, so if we signed him as marquee we'd need to either use Caceres as the 10, or pick up a Visa mid that can play in the position. As it stands we already have Killa and Brattan, and even Malik that can play at DM ranging from really well to somewhat competently so I'd rather we invest in a proper AM and for mine Troisi fits the bill perfectly. In saying that, I wont be at all disappointed with Milligan : the blokes a gun and can cover any of the roles decently. I'm really hoping someone from Europe comes for him and he doesnt end up at the mongs tbh.
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    Here's a realistic assessment of our squad based on recent history. 1. Eugene was really good- perhaps past it 2. IF - was good- perhaps past it. Jako- great! 1000 years old. Tongyik- can pass and dribble! Can't defend. Scott- solid. Killer- good, solid. Bratty boy- potentially fantastic. Also potentially slow, lazy, ponderous Attacking Mid- who knows Kamau- potentially tops. Also just as likely to lose the ball 9/10 times he gets it. Bruno- lord.
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    TTDIM stay at the same hotel in Auckland as the British and Irish lions Things that make me feel inferior; going to the hotel gym at the same time as their reserve half backs (smallest blokes in the squad)
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    Hard to tell so far out. A lot comes down to who we sign, and so far we've only signed two players. I'll be happy if we stay up.
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    I don't think it's possible to totally cut out sugar since it's in most things but I used to eat a fuckload of chocolate, lollies etc and have 3 sugars in my coffee. I just make a conscious effort to have as little as possible, I think Chobani is the the most sugary thing I eat now and I'm way healthier as a result.
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    Exactly. Until we play we look unbeatable. We still have 3 major players to bring in. All depends on their quality and how they adapt to Australia. I'm confident 2 of the 3 will be guns but if all 3 are then we can give it a good shake this season.
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    Sounds like we've still got a few additions to come. If they're decent, and Wazza can bring the best out of what we have (eg. Developing Tongyik's potential) we could indeed be a force. Fingers crossed at the moment, as I've been in this supporter game long enough to know that peak optimism tends to coincide with this part of pre season...
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    TTDIM; that cnn didn't realise doxxing and blackmailing someone wouldn't backfire spectacularly
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    Galekovic franjic-jako-tongyik-jamieson bratten-troisi-kilkenny fitzy-Bruno-brandan(when fit)/kamau. wazza will turn Ruon into a black Vidic. Mark my words. Title is ours. Fk u negative kents. Believe in yoof. Forza melbourne. Sky blue
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    Thanks. Interesting. Walkers thread will be a few pages back if you want to read about the changing views on him (he started well at Heart, but lost his way and then his spot to the professional but hardly outstanding The Hoff)
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    I'm assuming you don't travel in the country very often
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    That was a very long story to explain something even I know and I don't speak a lick of Greek.
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    The public lynching of Fahour has gone too far
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    Wouldnt be the first time the Greeks have been bad with numbers and economics...
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    I spend most of my time on here and use breaks to come on here
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    I prefer a haircut you can set your watch to.
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    Coffee is the most over-hyped, over-engineered load of wank of all time and tastes terrible.