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    I remember the days when there were complaints about the clubs lack of media presence
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    Alright enough Greek, or we'll need to bring in the cannons.
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    Some people need to be put in a coma for the offseason imo
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    already sick of the constant fucking spamming on social media about our fixtures and how people should sign up, how about announce a signing and actually get people excited than seeing who we play in april
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    Yep. Joey Nepotism finally timed out. Wazza beginning to make his mark.
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    Yes they definately reminded my ass about the auto renewal via email. Something like "Strides, u ain't gotta do shit G we got u on dat rewind dawg but if you wanna change or ain't cool I feel ya". All glory is to God
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    Almost caught me there @Shahanga. I hadn't realised that FFA had finally made a decision on that. But it is scheduled to come into effect next season (2018/19) rather than this one. http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2017/01/16/ffa-introduce-asian-import-quota?cid=inbody:41-rule-good-for-aleague-and-australia
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    I've worked with Saudis at an international level and last year I decided to be host to a Saudi student. I have also worked with people from various countries and backgrounds, and there is always a thread that I can connect to: alcohol, food, sport, women, music. Except the Saudis. These blokes were alien. Hence I thought if I hosted a student things may be different. Nah. The Saudi's would never have started civilization. They are infantile because an imam tells them how to wash their dick they just never grow up. As for North Koreans - well I expect that the people (rather than their psycho government/bureaucracy) would be no different to the South Koreans. The Pakistanis have internal domestic problems but at least they know sports and quite a few drink. And the DR Congo is a civil war but at least they drink.
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    The problem with this is that "not guilty" does not mean "innocent." It means that the Crown has been unable to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of the charge. The Scottish legal system allows a verdict of "not proven." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_proven
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    Ah. Now I see it. You've all apparently been caught by the terms of the City Opt-in facility. The terms and conditions that apply to Opt-in are listed in detail here: https://cms2.performgroup.com/dct/ffa-dtc-performgroup-eu-west-1/Melbourne City FC City Opt-In Terms and Conditions_1l2017lyp79va1l062kiqyfc9x.pdf The critical section is section 2, which reads as follows: 2. If you pay your membership fees by MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card, unless you elect to opt out of City Opt-In in accordance with directions issued by the Club from time to time, you authorise Melbourne City FC to automatically renew your membership each season into the same seat (if applicable) and package (or a reasonably comparable package) and to deduct the applicable membership fees from the MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card used to purchase your previous membership. The underlining is mine. In essence, it's an "Opt-out" system rather than "Opt-in." The question is whether you have been contacted as per section 4, which reads as follows: 4. If you participate in the City Opt-In program, the Club will contact you prior to processing any renewal. You will have 28 days from the date of the Club’s notice to advise the Club of any changes or upgrades you wish to make to your membership package, or to notify Melbourne City FC in writing if you do not wish to roll over your membership into the next season. Strict timeframes apply. If you do not notify the Club that you do not wish to roll over your membership during this period, you will be taken to have agreed to your membership being rolled over. I don't keep my e-mails long enough to check whether a reminder was issued - I would think if it was it would have been in early May. Maybe someone who keeps their messages for longer could check?
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    Thank you your Royal Dankness
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    Still got the "I am a Cityzen" on top
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    TTIM: That we don't have a thread that we can post random thoughts in. I was just thinking that acknowledging wait staff at restaurants is selfish, inefficient and borders on theft. The 10 seconds you spend on "please and thank you" type pleasantries really adds up. If you have a nice sized restaurant that's putting out 500 meals a night then that works out to be almost an hour and half of wasted time a night. That's over 500 hours a year. What business couldn't use 500 hours of productivity for no extra spend? Stop being a cunt. Treat waiters like they don't exist. Edit: Could have just been TTIM: People talking to waiters.
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    The competition needs more teams. It gets very boring playing the same team 4 times, possibly 5 or 6 if the teams meet in the FFA Cup or finals. Only in Victoria....
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    People who complain about complainers make me sick.
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    Fuck we complain a lot on here. So i'm going to complain about complainers Damm complainers, yous sucks
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    Spoke to him 2 months ago and he told me he'd likely leave this preseason as the daily trip from Geelong to Bundoora was beginning to take its toll. All the best JD, thanks for your service.
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    Here's a story: i was coming home from work on the Caufield line to flinders street then South Melbourne. The flat next to me was being rented out by a nice young couple. At Richmond some bogan with his shirt off got on with a suitcase. He had a rats tail and all and head to the back. He got his e-cigarette and started puffing away someone told him to stop and did while swearing at him. I then got off and head across the road to the tram stop. This 'bogan, followed and got on the number one. I heard him say I'm going to the new flat. I got off and walked to my apartment complex which this guy followed. He got inthe same elevator which was quite awkward. I then went to my appartment and this guy says 'Howdy new neiborgh hope ya don't mind a bit of bong smoke!' I thought oh god. A week later I could smell a smoke scent coming from his room. I knocked on his door and the 'nice couple' that had rented the apartment to this guy all smoking weed together.
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    Read the title as he was re-signed and wondered why everyone was so happy
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    At first I didn't have a particular opinion on JD hiring his brother. Then I found out (or was led to believe) he not only didn't have his coaching licence, he failed his exam (a post by someone on this forum, presumably true). Add to that a decrease in keeper performance after his arrival and I started to wonder what was going on. All in all I'm happy to see the back of Joey Nepotism. Hopefully he won't be hired by family for his next gig.
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    Even Neuer couldn't transform Redders into a good goalkeeper
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    Great news. Let the cull begin.
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    TTIM : freezing windy Melbourne weather TTDIM : less the a month till I'm posted on Lake Ohrid enjoying 30 degree weather, smoking the finest freshest $3 packs of darts that were still growing on a farm down the road a week ago, drinking the coldest $2 beers (bar/restaurant prices), eating the most BBQed porks, and watching the leftiest of socialists get beat up. If that's not heaven then tell me what is.
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    Hello Tommy Sorensen Our new Goal Keeping Coach
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    I had a mate that genuinely belived dry cleaning was a scam and would just use his hair dryer. So for the puffer crewe just blow dry your jackets to maintain the desired puff.
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    Thought about this, but DR Congo (Africa in general), North Korea, and Pakistan would be close
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    Wasn't sure if in this thread or the bullshit thread. Anyway, has a nice symmetry about it. Would have both in our squad TBH
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    any puma kit is horrid
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    Tim Cahill uploaded an Instagram video of both James Troisi and Matt Ryan at his house in New York... Matt Ryan to City confirmed
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    Whatever is wrong with you is no small thing
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    There we go, much better @jw1739
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    Perhaps I'm being an absolute cunt, but am I the only one who's extremely irritated about this who Barbarouses saga? Is allowed to walk away from a marquee contract without his club receiving any compensation and sign for the league runners up. And people get annoyed about the shit we pull. The sooner this league allows transfer fees the better. Can't expect teams like Wellington and Newcastle/Central Coast to be competitive when players keep walking away for nothing.
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    I once had a few too many beverages of the alcoholic nature at a bar in the city. In my drunken state I decoded to catch the train home by myself. I got on the train at Flinders Street at 11:30pm. Next thing I recall was waking up on the platform of Bayswater station at 3:45 am. I don't live on the Belgrave line. That was a very interesting night.