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    Who's cock will be inbetween your legs?
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    What a missed opportunity not to have a members function/open day or equivalent at CFA this week while the Argentinian squad was based out there. FMD, the club can retweet a picture of Munn holding the Stradbroke Handicap trophy but hasn't got a bloody clue of how to connect with members.
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    I heard a rumour from a friend who has a Macedonian hairdresser, whose second cousin is married to a Greek construction worker , who said he hasn't heard anything about the upcoming season and I still went and purchased my membership a fool and his money are soon parted
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    Do you have a healthy green tinge?
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    NFI what you are on about, but I will give you upto 24 hours to reply before I ban you, just because I can.
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    Tbh I much prefer the CFG way of utter silence until something is announced to the Heart way of Scott Munn saying we were going to sign David Beckham and Grant Holt and then it never happening.
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    Just rock up Monday morning and ask where your office is.
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    I'm glad your not contributing to it.
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    I'm a Newcastle fan, so I hate Pardew more than most. But to say that a former Premier League manager is no better than John vant Schip, John Aloisi or Michael Valkanis is absolutely ridiculous. Also can you name me one manager better than those two who would actually consider taking the job at Melbourne City? Because I think you're overestimating just how big a drawcard for top class managers we are...
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    So CFG have just sold Mooy for more than the total value/investment/purchase of the Melbourne Heart club. Just puts into perspective how minor (in the grand scheme of things) the investment here is - but positions them front and square for the best talent in the region. It will only take that 'one' kid to return them on their investment in spades. How good is it gonna be watching Aaron in the PL for Huddersfield!
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    That's tweet he senr to George whatever his name is 'some say 5 is a lucky number' lmao what a lad.
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    Your a pussy you won't show. Your all talk strider. All talk.
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    The declining quality of this forum
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    Mornin' all. We are going to run short off season episodes for things like new manager and signings sporadically, as we've mentioned before. We will also have a quick segment at the end called "off season, off topic" - give us some topics you wanna see us tackle.
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    Funny that. He was there for the fist half of the season, but seemed to be missing in the new year
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    You are delusional mate. Valkanis is the greatest manager in the world. He would manage the world team in the Intergalactic Cup. We all know this so stop with the crap posts.
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    Lol saw someone on that train wearing one. Would have guessed you actually!
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    Who is your source
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    i have it on good authority that the bullshit on this thread is starting to pile up
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    I miss munn constantly saying stupid shit on Twitter
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    Probably a touch on the TMI side haha
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    I have hidden four posts. I don't think we really want to know that sort of stuff.
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    Keane and Pardew aren't great options but miles better then what we've had in the past. Of course it's still not the preferred option but I'd rather a Keane/Pardew then another Valkanis/JVA/Aloisi...
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    *You're If I get invited I would show -- with a 6 pack of Furphys and a thick cock between my legs!
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    You gotta learn to listen Lou.