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    Having to watch the shit cunt constantly under perform for Australia is enough. no thanks
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    Imagine the Mong butthurt if that happens haha
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    I predict people still won't understand
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    I must say I hope this isn't true because I quite like my username and changing the colour of the seats would make it completely irrelevant...
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    Add to Bullshit watch pls @Dylan
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    I find the made up or misspelt names that Anglos call their kids worse... at least with Wogs there are cultural/religious reasons for the names they chose. (Also I dated a Greek Girl and they were big on following the tradition of naming their kids after Grandparents, However I quickly learnt that with a lot of Greeks twenty five or younger they just use an Anglicised version of their name.) A good example of something that irks me is some Anglo Aussies naming a Kid: Jaxon... The kid's name meaning therefore is "Son of Jack (John really if we are honest)". Then on top of that they have misspelled it in a crap way with the adding of a "X" for to make it sound more interesting (But it just looks bogan) and even then its still just the misspelled version of a popular American Surname/Place Name that has no relevance at all in Australia.
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    Can we please not have this debate for the 400th time on here?
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    I'm hearing CFG have struck a deal with AAMI Park and are looking to change the seats to sky blue
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    I'm not a Davidson fan at all but I feel like he'd be a pretty decent LB at this level.
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    Everton's kit looks like a training kit.
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    Easy way to make it sky blue. Get a decent coach sign 3 or 4 proper players win more games than you lose reduce season ticket prices and play attractive attacking soccer. Very simple.
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    I took FOB to mean fresh off the boat. Fwiw I reckon all claims dhould go into the BS thread if they don't come into fruition well you get called out. If it does, but its just a vague rumour well then you get nothing.
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    Agree. In other news I have it from a good inside source that we will be signing at least one player before September.
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    I'm with the SJW's on this one. If I see blacks and asians wearing western suits it offends me. Blacks should be wearing animals skins and asians should only wear those fung fu weird collar ones with the massive sleeves.
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    Whenever this conversation comes up, I always think of this: http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/caravan-parks-unexpected-checkin-20130627-2oz5l.html
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    Do people actually care about this other than it being an issue that they can sink the boot into Labor for? My dad was going on about how he's a union lackie etc but couldn't explain what is actually wrong with the changes. I suspect he's no different to most Herald Sun readers. (Not saying I know either as I don't care)
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    nah brah. But in all seriousness surely the club would have a little bit more ambition than bringing in a coach who was sacked by the bloody Jets...
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    if we werent in such shit and in desperate need of someone to overhaul the egos i would want scott miller to come in. i thought he showed immense promise at newcastle. good signings. good shape to his team. stood up to the owner and got the boot. i would like one of the only 10 a league jobs to go to an australian. but there are not many great options right now. i really dont want to get some used up english football hack. it will be so dissapointing if pardew or keane or someone like hodgson comes in. also http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2017/05/16/melbourne-city-proved-you-cant-manufacture-greatness-so-whats-next
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    If you accept that principal aim of a socialist state is to eradicate inequality in income, status and standards of life, then differential taxation, which has the effect of reducing the net income of certain individuals, is indeed consistent with socialism.
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    According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EFL_Championship_play-offs (see "Format") there is no "away goals" rule for these play-offs.
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    Was thinking the same, and would love the change just see the reaction / meltdown
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    Couldn't agree. Shits me to tears as a school teacher when you see some bullshit name on the roll; it really makes you wonder about the quality of the parent, and sends off alarm bells about the kid being a bit of a spud as a result.
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    No... And I think the proof is in the fact that the PPL I know who are in the top marginal tax rate def would not say that Australia is a Socialist Country at all.
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    Seems like a first step toward a take over
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    I heard we'd also get a new kit... something about changing to a pale blue of some sort...
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    I've heard too that we may be getting a new coach....
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    That would be good. We really need an experienced coach with huge balls. One that will put a fire up the players asses. Would also be good to have Paddy learning off the new coach with a view of taking over. Paddy as an assistant would hopefully show these guys how they should play for the shirt rather then just cruise along like they did this season. It seemed like half the players didn't really want to be there or play...
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    Oh, thought it was. But it's May 29th.
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    If it is Tomislav such as in this example they'll usually just abbreviate it anyway to Tom or Tommy. More often than not though the kids are quite proud to have the wog name even though they won't use it as often for obvious affiliation reasons.
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    TTIM: PPL who give their children shit names... in particular boys names.
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    Perfect for a long winter.
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    Slippery slope. It starts like that and then next minute people are being legitimately recognized as "trans-species".
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    For the sake of my podcast and seeing me bomb those names every week, it's a no from me
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    says the bloke whos name sounds like the noises my arse makes after mexican night
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    ? isnt "fucked up" your normal state?
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    lol at people that go out to clubs lmao i get fucked up at 5pm in my own house butt naked
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    Provides a stable platform for raising kids.
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    Result was brilliant... Five in a Row. Take that AFL and your commitment to destroying all other high level local football leagues in Australia.
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    Edit - sorry @bellydrum not a dig at you we were just ripping into will in a group chat when I saw this. OG post - Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha @Embee @eric forman @[LIBBA]
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    ...and it suggests that they are getting serious, the new coach will have an active role in player recruiting
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    Especially when they're filmed and put on fb, am I right @Embee @[LIBBA] @eric forman?
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    Yeah those are pretty good. The ones that Brian Greene host are good too. Although I think he mainly hosts the ones on string theory Too late http://www.sciencealert.com/aliens-are-silent-because-they-re-dead-say-experts