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    For those saying that Bruno should leave. Do us all a favour and don't sign up next season
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    All rumors will be added to this post with dates and names. User with the most red lines will be crowned 'Bullshit poster of the year' ill start going through some threads, if you know of any put them here and ill add them. @jeffplz Manager to be announced on 31st of May. 17/5 @jeffplzhas really got his nuts in a vice now. CFG have struck a deal with AAMI to change the seats to sky blue 18/5 @Hellenic HeroAlexander Jovanovic from Jeju United. 11/5 (too bad mate, you post it you own it) strider Nichols and Troisi - Flat Earth - FOB and immigrant as Visa front third winger 18/5 @Tomi John Roberts @Heart of Melbourne Troisi @GreenSeater down to 2 Euro coach options, decision made within 10 days (22-5) @citymad Bratten is in negotiations with City to remain again next season. will be announced next week i reckon. 17-6 @Jessee Jenkinson Warren Joyce new manager. 16-6 @thisphantomfortress Two new signings to be announced tomorrow (30-6) probably from the croatian hair dresser now 99% sure its Jamo but one may be announced later. (He's already backtracking....) @Jovan "Once we announce our Colombian left back and Venezuelan CB and Troisi as our Marquee many will be ease." @JC22 Also Jamo on friday @Inferno Back from when I worked at South Melbourne, I got to know Joe Palastedis. We caught up yesterday and he reckons we still have a lot to come. He said that Wazzas wants Jonjo Shelvy to City as he thinks it is a great deal and loves his physical style of play. Done deal Thursday 10 AM. 4-7-17 @DFG_82 Troisi under the Cap and Honda as Marquee. 4-7-17
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    and don't we fucking know it
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    ? isnt "fucked up" your normal state?
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    lol at people that go out to clubs lmao i get fucked up at 5pm in my own house butt naked
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    Just for the rules sake - Greenlines are awarded for people who say they are in the know, not just people predicting things wildly.
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    @strider Nichols and Troisi @Tomi John Roberts @Heart of Melbourne Troisi I only went back a few weeks.
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    He was their marquee though wasnt he? Doesnt matter what they pay him in that instance.
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    And that experience obviously went along way to making you the happy go lucky guy we see today.😃
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    says the bloke whos name sounds like the noises my arse makes after mexican night
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    I'll step up. On my lunch break I'll start a thread
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    I need my forum fix too much to let that stop me.
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    I wonder it anyone else sees the user that last posted in a thread and doesn't bother opening it cause they know it'll be a garbage post
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    Permanent designated driver.
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    This is why I live, sigged lmao post of 2017 what u on cuz? Test prop and tren a you muncher
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    Just picked this up from DFO South Wharf for $55 Safe to say im fuckin rapt
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    The original Mooy chant was the best.
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    You missed my sarcasm. I guess I was pointing out that Mooy was signed by Heart. By transferring him at a non-market rate (effectively for free) Man City had in one move covered their investment here. A financial slight of hand that has received very little commentary.
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    argh yes those ones. A harsh stingy set up, squelly mid tones with substantial length and volume but lacking a bit of girth and bass. Pungent yet inviting. Easily captured inside the hands for a lovely late night air biscuit. Certainly gets the senses up and about. Leaves the bumhole feeling ripe and youthful. A top 3 for me.
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    For the sake of my podcast and seeing me bomb those names every week, it's a no from me
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    That 10 will probably be nico Martinez if we buy him. The 6 is interesting. I thought Kilkenny was great there
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    Yeh its not categorical my any means, but from a PR viewpoint you wouldn't expect Carey to say something as strong as he's never even spoken to her if its not true, because something like that could be easily proven. Either way whether he did it or not, kangaroo court will drag him over the coals again. My spidey senses are telling me Susie O'Brien and Clem Ford are writing an article on it and rape culture as we speak
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    Hudders through
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    I like it, the only thing id question is the two tone halves and the type face. Infact with all of these new 'traditional' logos they dont usually get the typeface right
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    Yeah you're right I'm just stupid
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    Depends what you're into tbh. Lots of people prefer classier places understandably, but I'm happy to just go anywhere and have a good time, so Cloud is good for that.
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    On this topic funnily enough UOTIH: Cloud 9 is a great nightclub. Come at me bros
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    Just wait til you discover bickies!
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    Mitch Nichols on coke? What else is new
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    Mitch Nicholls to Melbourne City confirmed. Out for one Germano due to a deviated septum.
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    Need to fire up Bullshit watch again
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    I think it's more upsetting knowing that people will pay $2000 for it...
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    Yeah but i cant be bothered typing the same thing so i copied and pasted the last part of my rant from yesterday
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    Yep Gameiro just lucked out. If he does get another contract in the A League knowing our luck he will destroy it. And to he honest I really hope he does.