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    Blame the Unions for that
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    We buy lots of bread at a time and put it in the freezer. Then when you want bread you defrost/toast it. Means you don't have to keep throwing out mouldy bread.
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    Chocolate and chocolate products only in the fridge when the weather is hot.
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    Merrick isn't going to guide Newcastle to a title anytime soon but that shouldn't be their immediate goal at the moment anyway Newcastle just needed someone to come in, stabilize their club and make them moderately competitive as soon as possible, Ernie will do that IMO. Once they achieve that for a couple of seasons then they can start to aim higher.
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    IIRC we've been linked with Nichols before haven't we, but nothing has come of it. At this time of year every agent worth his money is hawking his out-of-contract players around the various clubs. "Talks with City" can mean anything between the agent spending five minutes on the 'phone with Petrillo and full contract negotiations. City keep their cards so close to their chest that I don't take any notice of this type of rumour. Our first official signing so far seems to be Snowy Mountain Natural Spring Water - on a one-year contract. If Davutovic is correct we're going to hear about our new manager before anything else.
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    Merrick's overall record for the A-League is 100 wins in 241 matches for a win percentage of 41.49. If he can do that at Newcastle then that's good enough to take the club to finish somewhere in the range 3rd-6th. The challenge for the league seems to be whether any of the remaining eight clubs can develop the right mentality to regularly mount a serious challenge for silverware as Sydney and Victory appear to have done.
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    I just play 100 hours of CSGO a fortnight and still get rekd by @Young Polak but to each their own.
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    1. Publicly 'owned' and privately operated is most likely a long term lease which is very similar to the private company owning it. 2. The reason those werent privately owned to begin with is that it just wasnt how things were done 70 years ago. 3. In Australia we have a bunch of super funds itching to get involved in these sort of things, which could be done by partnering with one of the many companies that specialise in the field. 4. Eventually it will be privatised, so it's not an issue of the money not being there or the companies with expertise not being there, simply they dont want to pay $6bn+ for it but will gladly take a 100 year lease for $3bn once the government has spent $20bn building it. 5. Major airports in this country are already privatised and charge what they want, as will be the case when this airport is privatised. 6. The cost of this concrete hasn't stopped every major airport in the world upgrading to be able to handle the largest aircraft, including in Australia. The concrete is not the problem. 7. The cost of land? I assumed the government was providing that for free in any case, and still no one wanted to build it.
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    Imo its a pantry if you can walk into it and a cupboard if you can't.
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    Chocolate doesn't make it to either the fridge or pantry.
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    I'd seen his history of Japan which is a pisser, very excited about this
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    Chocolate in pantry (unless it's like 40°C) Tim tams in pantry Bread in pantry Tomatoes in pantry Also I don't even call it a pantry. It's the cupboard.
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    In my experience many people claim to not being socialist...until their own little perk/benefit/concession etc. comes under threat.
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    You would think that that's the only logical way to begin. Maybe just maybe they (CFG ) will finally get all the decisions right. They have done alot of good but still a few howlers.
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    Agree. ...and if Petrillo and Munn are in Manchester now, i can't see how we could possibly even think of signing players right now. Surely won't happen until they come back with the coach decided.
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    MO is more than Bedroom Artist these days in that she is all over the commercial airwaves (Always on MTV) these days, half of this stuff our things she has collaborated on but the stuff she releases under her own name she writes herself.
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    Love that channel. But the World is flat, so why has he presented it as round?
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    UOTYH: Weed is overrated
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    Ethnic version of this question should be what do you store in the Main Fridge and what do you store in the Second Fridge or even Third Fridge.
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    Oh please no. I hate that cunt as much as Berisha.
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    I store Vegemite in the rubbish bin.
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    Vegemite is clearly a cupboard condiment
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    Never forget this is our closest neighbours http://www.theage.com.au/world/jakartas-christian-governor-ahok-jailed-for-two-years-for-blasphemy-20170509-gw0t4y.html
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    I thought he left to join ANTIFA?
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    Mate that bloke hasnt been on the forum in years. He defected to South Devonport Pie-eaters or whatever theyre called...