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    I wonder...whether there's a forum anywhere that Strider has not been banned from at some time or another.
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    Looking at his face is an automatic no
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    He fights the good fight
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    get what you're saying, but for arguments sake cant you say the same about Mourinho in a way; was given all the money at Chelsea at the right time (had come in after so much money / failure (under Claudio Ranneri no less!!) he had the best talent already), had Inter at just the right time and then Madrid. as for Mourinho's success at Porto, could be argued very big fish in small pond - particularly after an apprenticeship at none other than Barca (where as Pep came through a very fortuitous apprenticeship timing wise given the Spanish dominance meaning Pep knew how to deal with the cream of the crop)
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    Easier to control people if they think we're in an infinite universe
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    Would 100% take him purely so that he could be found out as the terrible player he is in the A League and finally get dropped from the national team tbh
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    I'd be sceptical jw. He's played at bigger clubs, but not made it, and fallen down the pyramid to the basement of English League 2. And now he's been released from there. I don't know the player or his circumstances but we need to be signing players who are English Championship, good League 1 standard. I don't get a vibe that this guy is at that level. Having said that he's a defender, and we are short...
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    Its more juniors are funding senior teams. Any 12 to 15 year old kid with any talent needs to go to decent teams with decent coaches and decent level. Most (not all) are NPL 1 or NPL 2 level clubs. Because of limited income streams NPL clubs with the approval and sanctioning of the administratiors basically see the juniors as a way to fund their operations. For 14 year olds plus kids it costs in excess of 2k just to play. Absolute disgrace.
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    I agree. I don't think we should automatically reject a player just because he's spent a season in the National League. He's played for Australia at U-17, U-20 and U-23 level. 6ft 2in, defender (we're sadly short of those) and just turned 23 (January). Are we saying that Melbourne City can't ever take a young player and actually improve him? (Cue for discussion on Kamau, Tongyik et al.) Are we condemned forever to just sign oldies like Rose and Muscat etc. and watch them get worse? I certainly hope not. IMO no harm in giving him a few matches in the NPL to have a look at him.
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    Not sure which thread was appropriate but got these made up for the off season
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    How else are FFV meant to pay for their swanky St.Kilda Rd office?
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    Up to now I had assumed that they are outside the numbers cap. For example, Braedyn Crowley, signed on a Scholarship contract last season, has never been listed in the A-League squad on the club web-site. Also, why would you fill up your 23+3 squad limit with another 3 U-20 players when you can sign them to the NYL and still play them in the seniors any time you want to? But I must admit I'm no longer sure!
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    He looks more like a West Heidelberg type imo
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    FYI I just got banned from a NASA live-stream of "Earth" because I asked "Why do you guys use a Fish-Eye lens?"
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    Watching it all within 24 hours crew checking in.
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    That's the kind of shit I still come here for...
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    As mentioned in the TTIM thread: all aboard the season 5 hype train
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    Have to admit, I did have an almighty when I saw that come up. But Netflix will continue to receive my money whilst they keep making stuff like House of Cards. That new trailer today has me 100% aroused
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    if only we had a second division
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    Wenger after he gets sacked #InWengerWeTrust
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    When i started running again in my 40s I had to do the couch to 5k programme in order to get to 5k- I was so unfit i was only good for about 200m of running first up. Took a year before I ran my first half marathon. Pace is relative. Even good club runners get absolutely wiped by the elites. My main goal pace wise is to be able to keep up with my friends when they are cruising. Unfortunately this is harder than it sounds (I either need to train harder or get new friends!) As to GPS's when my old one died i struggled to find what I wanted at a non- robbery price. Eventually i went for a Garmni Forerunner 410 which I don't mind, but it wasn't cheap and has a lot of functions i can't even be bothered finding out about.