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    TTIM: finding out at 8am today that the smoke alarms in my new house (that has high ceilings) don't give any subtle warning that the batteries need replacing. The alarms just go off and don't stop until you remove the batteries. Three alarms went off at the same time making it very difficult to figure out which ones were making the noise.
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    TTDIM: @bt50 fitting an Aaron Mooy conehead tifo reference into his wedding speech
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    TTDIM; being @Embee's +1 at @bt50'a wedding. The line dancing and barnsey was top notch
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    The way I'm feeling about the club at the moment the second they get rid of red completely I'll prob be out. As silly as it is it's the only part that gives me an identity with the club given it was a part of us before and the fans desperately wanted to keep it. It wasn't corporate driven. It was wanted by the fans. On top of that this forum and the people I go with to games is the main reason why I still support the franchise.
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    It baffles me that the City Football Group allow NYCFC to incorporate orange in their kit yet try to squash out the Red in Melbourne City at every opportunity.
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    Lol. Did you just choose them to compare him to because they are black? As he doesn't play in the same position as these guys....
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    Because you come from the Troll Epicentre of Middle Park...
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    Been watching narcos, love it. Just looking for something else. Might give BM a suss
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    ur in for a fkn treat mate, give it time welcome fam brain damage have u seen stranger things? narcos? black mirror is fucking magic (sci fi on roids) daredevil is OK and Iron Fist comes out 2017 ttdim: the walking dead
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    Surely that's no different to us sneakily paying Ninkovic outside of the cap? That can happen now, works well until busted, just ask Perth. Agree. All banning transfer fees is doing right now is making developing players valueless. Its mind numbingly stupid.
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    What a polite way of saying "since Round 2" or "for the last 20 rounds."
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    Much rather Izzo... and that's saying something.
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    Not surprised, heard these rumors a season ago. Unless he'll be cheap, its a no from me.
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    I've given my reasons before and have a reasonably good record in this regard. Basically just playing senior football against grown men in a half decent league like the A-League is enough to attract European clubs because that's actually quite a good achievement and more than most youth even at big clubs are able to do. He is 20 now though so it's a bit borderline but if an 18/19 year old was doing it it's very likely and we've seen a lot of moves to Europe happen under those circumstances. Yes, most fail but I've made no assertions that he will succeed, just that he will be signed by a European team. Personally I think he is good for his age but I'm not sure he has potential to improve significantly, most players that peak at a young age do so because they are fully (Or close to) developed physically at a young age which allows them to play at a higher level at a young age but they then don't go on. Those that aren't there physically yet but can still play well generally have more potential as the physical side of their game progresses. This guy is clearly very developed physically already,so where is his growth going to come from? It would be in the mental side of the game if he is to become a high quality player. And there is potential there given hr has little experience. You singled out that yourself that his awareness and positioning need to improve, I think these things will tell the story of what he becomes, if he can gain those skills with experience then he will do well, otherwise he is probably close to his potential already.
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    If the government paid for this rather than this Commitee for Melbourne the bill would have been $8m and not $8,000
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    Will win the SC $50k for sure this season. Floated out to top 2% last year. Made me hungry.
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    It was actually paid for by an Electrical company & Commitee for Melbourne (which doesnt seem like a womens rights group from what I can work out) and only cost $8000. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-07/female-traffic-light-signals-melbourne-pedestrian-crossing/8330560 The program has been funded by the Committee for Melbourne and Bayswater company Camlex Electrical. Bigger issue for me is the motives behind this and if the electrical company is doing this in an attempt to win a contract from the Government to change more of the lights over http://webapps.vicroads.vic.gov.au/vrne/prequal.nsf/98c3ad782b26559b4a257015000af4b5/2f992a91d379cd2bca2575bb00086c43?OpenDocument
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    Oh come on, 'secret side letter', it was a necessary move that had to be made because the Labor party were talking very dangerously of taking action to void the contract and bring Victoria down to the level of a third world country. It is 100% the current state governments fault, they forced the side letter with their threats, and they cancelled the contract at great cost.
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    Imo, Kuzi yes (1 year contract) but I think Gameiro has had his chance unfortunately.
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    No @Dylan, lke @jw1739my view is based on every game I've seen him play. I would sum him up like this: Great on the ball, lovely touch etc Very poor awareness of the positioning required for a defender and what to do, when. I think he can learn that 2nd point (though Malik can't teach him, he's got issues there too) but is starting from a low base. Playing in front of Sorensen would surely be a big help (vs the inexperienced Bouzanzis). The kid has got a lot of potential, but he's far from "having arrived".
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    Next Michael Jordan
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    Looks like toothpaste tbh Seriously lost all hope on red, it just wont happen
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    Finally got around to listening to the pod boys. Good chat with Matt Windley. With regards to the possession issue, I feel our problem definitely is a mentality centric problem, we are most dangerous when we run at opposition teams with the ball. I find our players become quite static when receiving and holding the ball without moving with it, and looking for other player to move into positions to receive which most of the time are quite predictable for oppositions to read, (Luke Brattan is a huge perpetrator if you watch him, gets the ball, stays where he is and holds it under his foot and awaits to see what runs from others are made around him, usually two others players making predictable runs to space, for a triangle setup). I still think our biggest problem which hasn't been touched on is our defense, and to a large extent the transition from defense to attack (playing it from the back). We are last in the league for tackles, and last in the league for clearances, they're the facts. Bozanis I feel is another part of why our defense hasn't been up to scratch, I think Sorensen is the man to have in goals (he's much more of a leader in goals based on watching from the sidelines, and his wealth of experience I believe should have automatically given him more of a two game chance at the start of the season before being dropped). Vukovic is a pivotal player for Sydney, and clean sheets are why they are on top. Melbourne wins lies with their defense achieving clean sheets.
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    Am I the only one who couldn't care less what they do to the pedestrian lights? I'm still going to ignore them and jaywalk whether they're wearing a dress or not
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    Your missing the point. The most glaring example is why should any club bother investing in youth development when they won't get compensated for their hard work and money put into the athlete? Their only hope is that the young player willingly stays with them when they've developed into a solid aleague player. There's probably a good chance though that if they get to that stage a club like us will want to snap him up. What does the developing club have to show for it? Nothing at all. No fee, no compensation for the years invested in the player, nothing. And then the club is left to repeat the process of over again and operate at a loss. That has an effect on the club, it has an affect on what players clubs can bring into the league and it has an impact on potential investors wanting to own a club. Who'd want to willingly operate at a loss due to shithouse management of the league by the FFA. It's amazing we currently have owners of any aleague franchise.
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    My 7 year old goes down from time to time. Only problem he loves the "Aloisi your a whacker" chant. And sings it at school and sometimes in our street. (I had to explain what a whacker was. A failed coach that holds the record for the longest period without a win).
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    Just started Vikings, 5 eps in to season 1 and finding it a bit slow. Does it pick up? Still very watchable but seems like a real slow burner.