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    Coincidently Cahill wasn't playing and we played with an attack mid.....
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    Good performance, but not great. I'm sure I'm not the only one with the nagging feeling that we might not have come back to win if Barbarouses had put away his penalty. Nevertheless a great confidence builder, without too many passengers and considering Cahill, Colazo, Kamau, Jakobsen and Franjic all played bit parts, or not at all (and all should be available for Friday). I'm not saying all of them should be automatic inclusions into the starting 11, but it illustrates that there's starting to be clear competition for spots and serious quality on the bench, especially if the younger players continue to be rewarded with opportunities (although tonight's lineup gives little reason for optimism for the likes of Genreau, Arzani, Crowley and Pierias). Just one result and a huge month coming up, but if you can't take a moment to enjoy tonight's performance after what feels like months of barely even looking like scoring on anything other then freak situations and penalties, I'm not sure that you'll have many happy moments as a City supporter.
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    As entertainment, not a patch on last week, but you can't argue with the result. Malik's a bloody liability and Brattan is a waste of a starting place. We're horribly lightweight in central defence particularly with Jakobsen out. But I fancy we have a chance against Sydney. They are not that good, especially against us, and losing may have burst their bubble.
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    Took my son to get his first pair of boots last week, wore them around all night. Was so excited. Took him to training and he was more interested in running under the sprinklers and climbing on the big pile of sand for overdressing.
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    I'm not suggesting Brattan was MOTM like those fox bunnies but he played his best game since his Socceroo call up. He was in everything and hit some nice passes. Still seems a bit lax tracking back and hasn't hit a shot on target for what feels like months. But very good signs. A firing Brattan will definitely change our fortunes come finals time.
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    But Kilkenny is the perfect CDM. So Malik is either backup CB or warming the pine.
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    Should only be considered for the Jedinak type role, limited technically and creatively, but can be the hardman screener who lays off simple passes to the more creative midfielders, not much else imho.
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    Where do I even start with this shit? I was clearly taking the piss when I said that about Rose, as he is not a very good player and he finally did something good so I was talking him up as a joke. Then I said why was Malik not sent off and you started banging on about possession? You're cooked mate
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    No, but the assistant ref is cute, silver linings
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    Interesting that Valkanis decides to play with a back 4 where 3 out of the 4 can simply not properly pass a ball. It also very clear now that Kilkenny and Brattan as holding midfielders do not make the right runs to give the required passing options for Muscat and Rose, leaving them to choke. Lucky 0-2 up - I will take it.
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    The Fox Cameras annoy me, can they please not zoom in on a player's face while the game is going on.
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    fuck me dead, rose and malik both starting, 3-0 loss NEXT
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    No 1, seems to me the problem with the younger ones that go to Europe is that in the back of their minds is Plan B go back to the A League and earn decent coin. As a result they found themselves in a cutthroat situation in Europe and instead of being absolutely desperate to make it they shirk it a tad and hey presto back for the easy cash. Except they haven't been playing regularly and even that easy cash starts to be hard. Compare Eli Babalj with Vince Grella. When Grella found himself out on loan not getting a game, he dug deep. In short it was the making of him. Most of the current batch sulk and go home.
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    In the USA's case (which probably wouldn't be all too different from us should capital punishment be allowed), the overall cost of having someone placed on deathrow is insanely more costly than a life sentencing. Considering how lenient our system is, I imagine the legal fees and process to have someone killed would escalate out of hand due to appeals, retrials and other general red tape. Idealistic to think that someone would get convicted and then jabbed the next morning to save a few bucks.
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    The guy is in fairyland, still talking about how good we were against Adelaide, and how we continue to not score but dominate the game. And then shirking the comment about scoring being more important to the fans and then saying that they (management group) look deeper than just the scores as if we are all football ignorant. The guy is a tosser. He obviously is not looking deep enough or looking in the wrong place, because to the fan with our supposably inferior insight, it is quite obvious what your team's problem is, it's your game plan, your game style, your attitude, and your leadership. Actually the problem is you. Get f#cked
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    As supporters who've put $7000+ into the club since Day 0 MrsJW and I would really like to be enlightened as to what deeper things we should be looking for than actual results.
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    Pretty impressive that he's playing in the A League at 16 no matter how good he is. At 16 I was doing nothing but playing FIFA and wanking all the time... (6 years later not much has changed)
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    Perhaps the best thing about the result is that as the game went on and the goals went in we started to get some confidence back. Will bode well for Sydney next week which I think we are well within a shot as I have a feeling we are a bit of a bogey side to them
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    Box to Box for me, he has so much energy and tonight he scored. Our Milligan if you will, Killa and Genreau would be more dynamic, but maybe not as defensive, though Gener's impressed me, but it's the only game I have seen him play. So Malik and Killa in a defensive triangle with Caceras up front, Kilkenny box to box type for me or regista. Or like Haz said, Malik as a single screener, with Caceras and Kilkenny in the middle, especially if we want to play a pressing game.
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    1 Fitzy 2 Killa 3 Caceras 4 Sorensen 5 Rose - not much got past him and he got an assist.
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    Bratten wasnt motm There were so many players who did better then him on the pitch.
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    1st Fitzy 2nd Caceras 3rd Kilkenny 4th Brandan (for his defensive work) Sorenson I didn't think was a standout, he did what any keeper should be able to do, but also got nutmegged for the Nix's goal.
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    Really should have been down 2-0 up to the pen... Bouzanis would have let the nux's 1st chance in at the near post. The boys must have packed this lil fella ... Fitzy MOM ... and Caceras was great. These two change the whole dynamic of our attacks. Good also to see Killer push forward a bit. Malik and Brattan a concern.
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    Me as well, lazy, hardly defends and nothing special this season creatively, he's been below par.
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    5-1. Is this the shitest win we've had? If so, who cares! People ask for the result not the performance.
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    Good to see us finally take a lead and then keep going and put a team to bed. Such a nice change!
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    We've scored in the last 10 of a match. World definitely just about to end.
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    Has Brattan touched the ball more than 4 times this half, other than taking free kicks?
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    What has this got to do with Malik's tackle?
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    Its the great escape! We've been utterly horrid
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    Props for the officials re Moss handling outside the box. Looked a bit suss live, but the linesman was right on to it as the replay showed I swore I saw a foot st the bottom of Brsttans left leg
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    Surprised to see Pierias and Kamau, wondering if there is an injury in there or too. Fuck me dead tho, Rudan et al (but Rudan in particular) are a pack of pricks on Fox. If pregame / preseason favourites were meant to win all the time, then we wouldn't have bet365, tab, centrebet, etc. It's those same media fucking dogs who pump us up and then act like they didn't say shit when things go wrong. They should put their media gigs / houses on the line for all the shit they talk
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    Malik and Tongyik together is a worry, hopefully they'll be able to hear Tommys instructions on positioning all game. Glad to see Brandan in though. Blokes a match winner Hopefully they won't be needed to change the game!
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    Team always goes for a walk on match day. Nothing new here.
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    Preparation always depends on the result. But that sort of shit can never end well.
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    Costing $824 per day to keep Ivan Milat in Goulburn. And that was back in 2009. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/a-day-to-keep-milat-in-jail/news-story/d7983299b942daa1c18b5fc955d96585 The death penalty should be re-introduced as at least an option for the most heinous of crimes.
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    About f****** time that the coaching team started to think instead of blindly following a recipe.
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    Too much temple bashing causes memory loss?
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    Everything is fine and dandy. Sky City blue is great, we all love CFG and beautiful football. Everyone is happy. No need for a fan representative group, CFG know what is best for us...
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    TTDIM: Getting smashed on a Friday night after a long arse week. Your all cunts but your alright. Tesla the know it all cunt is alright. Cadete knows his politcs so he's a cunt but he's alright. Strider is just a cunt flat out. And the rest of you cunts can get fucked. But your all alright.