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    welcome we have a few rules here and some people you should know. 1: there are no rules (except when you get banned) 2: @cadete is the resident sex machine/essay-ist and general sick cunt (contact him if there's any poon that needs slaying/if you need a wingman). also goes by "det", "the cad" or "red scooter hooter" 3: @kingofhearts is det's arch nemesis -- it is unclear why. Only one shall emerge as the alpha 4: @Tesla is the resident mogul. it is unclear how he goes on random trips across the world. it is apparent he bets for a living 5: @Baka1 does steroids, claims natty 6: @malloy is usually gonna be the first person to argue that you are wrong. he will also be the first to argue that he is right 7: @Tony999 next 8: @bt50 is literally a fucking car 9: @tomby and @Hackett are probably dating 10: @jw1739 will be the first mod to ban you for anything remotely right wing 11: @BeardedHeart is like big foot. we all know he's alive but nobody really sees him on the forum 12: @n i k o and @thisphantomfortress and @KSK_47 are ok, don't think anyone has wished death on them yet the rest of us are pretty nice guys and (some) girls. i'll be in active, say hi i'll grab you a beer! nobody has found me yet, I have a scorpion tattoo on my neck and a half-sleeve. Cheers!
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    So in today's Herald AFL Sun: "MELBOURNE Heart star Nicolas Colazo has given an insight into the pressures and expectations of his time at Boca Juniors."
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    Fuck this is fantastic (But me and det are actually best friends, we're like Kelso and Dr.cox off scrubs, we have to keep up appearances that we hate each other on the surface but secretly off forum we go for dinners and walks on the beach <3 )
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    MU5 are a continuation of one of the old Y-side youth groups, however largely consist of different members these days. Semi-organised kids, and have contributed to both terrace groups, including some decent displays. Not going to bother with commenting on S16.
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    I would be interested to hear your reasoning for your stance against 'old soccer' and why their admission would destroy the credibility of the league. I am of the opposite opinion, I think South's admission would actually legitimise the league. At the very least they would provide a template to grow the league organically. That must be infinitely preferable than plonking generic franchises in market areas identified by focus groups, in the hope the locals will get on board. I hope the FFA consider existing clubs like Wollongong Wolves, Auckland City, Brisbane Strikers and South Melbourne in one form or another (admission would be contingent upon other factors obviously) Personally I want to see Tasmania, Wollongong, South Melbourne and Auckland City as the next four clubs. But at the end of the day I am just a plebian with a keyboard. Certainly not anything like the brilliant minds that produced such clearly defined and tangible framework for expansion in the 'Whole of Football' report.
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    Very good Strider. Your only worthwhile post to date. I would have banned you for it, except that I'm now proud of being "mentioned in despatches."
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    As we speak 6 instances of my bot are collecting and processing data. I will within a few hours have a huge ass database on racing and betting data. I can now pretty much test any system you can come up with. Bring me your ideas and I'll tell you if they're profitable etc.
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    Nearly, but blonde hair, blue eyes and a mother who doesn't mind 'soccer' except for the fact that she wishes "they would stop rolling around on the ground like wusses".
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    You are a manifestation of your environment. This forum will get you. Just a matter of when my good sir
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    Colazo needs to get some quality crosses into Timmy in this match. I really want to see if Timmy can be a consistent threat/scorer for us. JVS really needs to have him in the box.
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    I reckon David Squires has captured Simon pretty well in his latest cartoon. Simon knew exactly what he wanted to do (off the ball) and that was to land something on Jakobsen's jaw. Thug player IMO. https://www.theguardian.com/football/picture/2016/dec/15/david-squires-on-booing-tim-cahill-and-santas-a-league-naughty-list
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    If l was Gallop and saw South's bid my only response would be: Next!
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    @elieanid is probably the best guy to ask here
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    this is how it feels to be city this is how it feels to small this is how it feels when tongyik's giant phallus slaps you across the head across the head across the head
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    as someone mentioned at a match, if he was good he would be playing for Boca Seniors, not Juniors
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    Mainstream media just naming whoever the fuck they want as fake news. Sites like lewrockwell and breitbart are 100% not fake. The mainstream media is the worst shit ever, constantly getting shit wrong or my personal favourite just no one seen it coming. the thing that Trump said more than anything wasn't build a wall. it was that the media are the most dishonest people in the world. Stay woke fam
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    Just came back from seeing The Used live at 170 Russel (billboards venue). Man, feels like world music needs a good kick up the arse. Is it just me or was music that little bit better 5 years before and 5 years after 9/11. The fuck happened?