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    Basically Tevez without the pot of boiling 2 minute noodles poured on his face,
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    2-1 Colazo Goalazo and Timmy late, he's too arrogant not to win his first derby singlehandedly
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    Guy was so coked up that he needed to destroy the advertising after he scored. Looks like one of those guys who'd get into a fight over a cigarette outside Sunshine station. Love it, hopefully he can carry this form through the season. But he seems like a gun so far.
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    Because it's about the derby. And because I felt like it.
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    The only thing I'll add is no one should underestimate the positive influence Cahill is bringing to the dressing room.
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    What a great performance and win 😂 Everyone one of the players played their part. Special mention goes to Bouzanis, Muscat & Rose. Those three players where the ones most people had concerns about. All three played there part. Brattan & Colazo pulled the strings in midfield. The front four of Bruno, Cahill, Kamau & Brandan where unstoppable. Off to my game now I guess most of you are pissed by now. Hope to join you soon 😆
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    This is the best I've seen us play. Absolutely all over them. Tim Cahill is a god holy shit
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    What a game and atmosphere. It's clear I made a wise choice.
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    Give him time. I have full confidence he will find a way to fuck it up.
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    Strider's three things I learnt this game: 1. Cahill with the goal of the season 2. Brandan 2fast2furious 3. Victree fans love chucking their scarves away lel Strider's MOM: riot police lmfao
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    2 rounds, 2 derbies with a combined attendance of 100,000. Tonight we've buried the ghost of Melbourne Heart
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    OMG I cant breath, ive spent half the game laughing at this bloke. Legit the funniest player ive ever seen. He was completely shitting himself at the start of the game, came close to being charged down a few times. We score a goal and you see he gets a bit more confident, he is no longer shitting himself and paassing the ball okay. We score a second and he is fired up af. Yelling at defenders, launching long ballsdown the ground. Score a third and he thinks his Messi now, dribbling the ball when it comes to him. Score a 4th and he is playing 5 meters outside the penalty box when the ball is in our half. If we score a 5th and he'll be in the opposition box trying to get on the scoresheet.
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    Ok wasn't going to go, decided I can't miss it. Got a ticket (thanks @agoalie) I am a nervous fucking wreck right now.
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    Definitely one of my best nights as a supporter of this club, and probably my favourite derby so far due to the sheer dominance we displayed. 4-1 absolutely flattered them it could have been double that tbh. BOUZANIS: Distribution was quite good, especially his long passing. Was pressured into a couple of mistakes but nothing that cost us. Didn't look out of place at all tbh and I feel a lot more confident in his ability now. ROSE: Where are all of his haters now? Shut down the left side all game and created chances when he bombed forward. Looked confident and strong. JACOBSEN: Fuck me dead, what a player. Big, strong and solid as a rock. His leardership at the back in place of Sorensen was immense and probably went a long way towards the result tonight. MUSCAT: Never thought I'd be praising a bloke named Muscat after a derby, but here we are. Looked a little shaky early on but quickly found his feet and played fantastic. Might want to check his back pocket for Mitch Austin. KILKENNY: Defensively solid and created some great moves going forward. Played his role to perfection tonight and was part of an incredibly dominant midfield. BRATTAN: MOTM for me by far, and considering how well our whole team played that is saying a lot. Filling the Aaron Mooy role perfectly so far, his passing is just out of this world and grabbed himself a goal. Flawless performance. COLAZO: Very very impressive. Always dangerous when he had the ball at his feet. That assist to Bruno was sensational, this guy looks like the real deal. KAMAU: This kid is something else. Georgevski couldn't get near him all night. That run and assist for Brattan's goal was fantastic, enjoy this kid while you can lads because he's going to Europe. BRANDAN: Fuck this guy is rapid. Tore Jason Geria apart all night and just would not stop running. This is the kind of winger we've been crying out for. Reminds me of Novillo but with a bit more of a head on his shoulders. His goal was a top finish and a great way to round of an incredible night. CAHILL: What can you say? That goal was one of the best strikes I've ever witnessed live. Pretty good way to introduce yourself to the A-League! Even aside from the goal he was making a nuisance of himself, making tackles and running like mad. His tackle on Baro at the start was the kick we needed to fire up. His passion is so contagious. Top signing. FORNAROLI: Oh captain my captain. Was immense tonight as always. Scored a nice diving header and it was his determination to get back and tackle his opponent that lead to Brattan's goal. He was fired up tonight and he let the ref and everyone else know it. I love this guy so much. CACERES, FITZGERALD, MALIK: Hard to tell as they came on late when the game was done, but seemed to play well. Overall, one hell of a night. Can't wait to smash them again in the cup semi!
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    He can do fuck all every game but if he scores goals like that every game it's money well spent. Next.
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    Unbelievable night! This is honestly better than the 4-0 derby win! We were all over them from the get go. PRessure over the park was immense and not one player put a foot wrong tonight. Could go on about it but honestly its all been said so not going to repeat anything. In love with Luke Brattan what a quality player Bruno is a genius Cahill's pressure and physical presence lifts the team Kamau and Brandan took the absolute piss out of their defence Our most complete performance ever. GO YOU CITY BOYS
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    Tough one it has to be either kamau or Jason Geria
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    Mate I would rather that than Ramsay and Mcallister or Mifsud doing fuck all....
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    If this start to the season doesn't attract a crowd then nothing will...
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    Not having to put up with Wifebeater on Foxtels coverage is worth the $40 for a ticket alone.
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    IMO you're overplaying the "goalkeeper of the year" bit. Everyone knows that the "player of the year" should have been Aaron Mooy, with Bruno running a close second, but the award went to Castro.
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    The control, speed, change of direction and the ability to turn a game on it's head. This kid is the real deal. Also great to see he really brings his team mates in to the game. Too many young blokes with good skills try and do their own thing, he is confident in his skills but doesn't hog it. Will be a great great player.
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    Selfie Flare Crew have crossed the border into Victoria
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    Only annoying thing of the night, and I actually called it before it happened: Cahill doing fuck all all game apart from scoring an absolutely rediculously good goal and therefore getting all the headlines.
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    Relentless running, great to watch. Also,I love this guy's goal celebration. He looked like wanna destroy everything in front of him after scored the fourth goal.
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    Definitely had his shard this morning. The ghetto Messi.
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    Does anyone know why Berisha isn't playing tonight?
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    I hope English isn't your first language.
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    I predict a dull draw. But excitement will increase when Brandan pulls a used syringe on Broxham
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    Not confident. Very nervous in fact. Fuck I hate derbies
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    Come on Dean, backing you tonight all the way.
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    I have been confident all week, now it's derby day at Etihad and Ive broken into a cold sweat
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    that was near perfect, fucking amazing melbourne boys are still number 1
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    This!!!!!!!! I loved HEART but from tonight onwards is only a fond memory. What a complete demolition.
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    Off to Man City next year
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    It was clear nt wasn't enjoying the evening
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    DEMOLITION DERBY! Fuck you Vuctree ...!!! and in breaking news, Yoshi has a team
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    Wasn't able to watch the game as I'm in Wales visiting my grandma. Following the score with glee though. Will have to watch the highlights.
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    Worst comes to worst, we lose, and we can have a punch on with a few victory ultras outside the stadium. But we won't fucking lose, 3-0 win, fire the fuck up cunts
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    Is anyone watching the game at a pub if they aren't going to the game? Mt View or Bev and Micks?
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    Every since we became City I have had this sense that its the Visitors who always get up for the derby and we have become like them in the heart days