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    Hahahahah we're rich and they're not. shitcunts
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    I'm surprised that there are enough RL players left to take part in this match. Most seem to either be suspended, or in jail for domestic violence.
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    Still don't think I got my money's worth on account of the pizza being so average.
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    Also home of Tesla's 20-Slice-Pizza-Stack...
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    I agree with you... but TBH this Cup has kind of lost more and more importance/relevance to me since it was first was announced. The first being the stupid doctoring of the draw in order for a prerequisite a "Cinderella story" to emerge but more importantly I would take the whole thing a lot more seriously if the FFA would award the winner a ACL spot... I think then all A-League club's would really care about this Comp.
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    In before JVS converts Fitzy to a left back
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    Mooy: I haven't reached my peak After an A-League season that produced 11 goals and 20 assists for Melbourne City, recent Huddersfield Town loan signing and Socceroos midfielder Aaron Mooy believes he still hasn’t reached his peak. The stats machine also created 104 chances during what became an epic 2015/16 season. It saw the skilful midfielder picked in FIFA’s team of the season where he was rated ’84’ – the highest ranked Australian EA Sports FIFA Ultimate Team player. Such an impressive year fuelled speculation of the Socceroos next move and in the off-season the 25-year-old was signed by EPL heavyweights Manchester City and immediately loaned to the Terriers in the English Championship. After a stint with Bolton Wanderers early in his career, Mooy gets another chance to prove he can make it in England and looking ahead the Australian national team midfielder says there’s more to come. “I don’t want to stop improving,” he said. “It’s what I’ve been doing my whole career and I want to keep improving and try and be the best player that I can be.” Looking back over his record breaking season at Melbourne City, Mooy doesn’t point to his impressive stats as highlights but the fact he was playing regular football. “Playing every week, it’s what every player wants to do,” he said. “I’m happy about just playing football it’s what I love doing.” While Mooy’s past 12 months has earnt him accolades and a move to England, reflecting on his time with his former club, the midfield dynamo admitted the previous A-league campaign was challenging. “We felt the pressure of the club,” he said. “You could tell that everyone was expecting more than my first year there. The pressure was building up and that’s a good thing because it helps you improve and to win. The squad was better as well, we had a lot of talented players like Harry Novillo and Bruno Fornaroli, the better players you have around you the better they make you look. Melbourne City were in contention for end of season honours but came up short and Mooy says failing at the last hurdle was the season’s low point. “We were disappointed with the form at the end of the season,” he said. “I definitely thought we could have done better than we did. The last two games of the season we needed to win them and we just crumbled. Then we got another chance in the finals and we won the first game and then we played Adelaide and we didn’t play our football. “So that was the most disappointing thing we didn’t play the way we can play and going out that way was not very enjoyable.” Read more at http://www.fourfourtwo.com/au/news/mooy-i-havent-reached-my-peak#Phm7RJDUi5sYPHZp.99
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    God damn l love Thursday 10am's!
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    Cahill's possible transfer to Australia has nothing to do with the transfer window in China. It's the window for the football association into which the transfer is being made that counts. Ours is open 1st June to 31st July.
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    @Young Polak lmaoooo i quit
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    I don't even think it's asking that much for clubs to have a bit more pride in themselves and look like they mean business
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    I still can't believe that CFG would set up "City Voice" across its organization and then not use it in the way originally intended. As you say, completely pointless, and just doesn't make sense. Either run it properly by timely and meaningful responses to questions and comments, or close it down.
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    http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2016/07/13/its-city-cahill-after-agreement-reached I'd put my Oct/November exams on the line just to watch this cunt play. Announce it already
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    Maybe could've had JVS show him around and be there when he signs, looks very business like but that is my only complaint i promise.
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    We need a CB, LB, CAM and Cahill as the icing on the cake Add Kilkenny in there and the squad will be great if everyone is fit. Very important we get these signings right though
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    He is really coming off as a sore loser to me with the whole we'll be back at the polls thing. After this election I don't think people can be fucked having another election in 3 years let alone less.
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    This is neither here nor there however if we look at victree and sydney they've both made some key defensive signings. The scum have signed Baro, a central defender and the other scum have signed both Wilkinson, Zullo and Brillante, all defensive minded players. But also they're proven performers at better levels than what we've got in defense. Really hoping that us not signing a pivitol defensive player as of yet is simply a case of holding out until we find the best one we can and not just a side thought.
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    Look if Tinder made a version where you could hunt down pokesluts on map, Id willing to download it.
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    I don't see it anywhere in this thread
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    I was directed to this site whilst at work today: http://howmanydayssincemontaguestreetbridgehasbeenhit.com/
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    You know the tune https://youtu.be/3nxgO_XiBhU He took a plane and headed west Branden Branden The flag of Melbourne's on his chest Branden Branden He gets the ball hes scores a goal, we sing his name we go mental Fernando Branden Melbourne's number 9 nananananananannananananananananana Fernando Branden Melbourne's number 9
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    I'm feeling more and more attached to this commercial franchise with every passing day!