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    Fuck what is with the hate for Sorenson, yes he should have saved the second goal but he can have one mistake after the 86 saves he made last 2 weeks I was a bit sceptical on the visa keeper but he is the number one shot stopper in the league and is better than tando
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    That sucks. But I'd rather we had a go rather than avoiding another goal.
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    Never showed a replay of Mooys pen shout... mooy not the kind of player to dive.
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    To me the new badge and the badge which was sold were way too similar for the new badge to not be infringing on the old badges trademark. I did a little bit of investigating and it appears the Manchester City have purchased the trademark for the old badge. The listed owner is the same as the new application too. https://www.ipo.gov.uk/tmcase/Results/1/UK00000986168 https://www.ipo.gov.uk/tmcase/Results/1/UK00003128350
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    Went to the Victory game at AAMI today with some mates. It was my first opportunity to try the sausage stand for myself. My life will never be the same. I got a Spanish Chorizo with onion. It was truly magnificent. I documented it in all its glory to share with you all.
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    Well that was a disappointing finish. Positive for the night though was our fight throughout the game. We definitely gave it everything until the last whistle. The other good thing is we may have lost but we are becoming an exciting team to watch. Two weeks in a row we have featured as the best match of the round, without doubt. I know it's a loss but it sure beats losing like the old day where we barely created chances and never tried to fight back in games. Moving forward, it's important the team makes a huge statement at home against Sydney next week.
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    My first reaction to Mooy was there was contact as he wrong footed the defender, must be a penalty.
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    The crap thing about this game is that the strategy was to soak up pressure and hit on the counter. Then we went 2 goals down and JvS shit his pants and the team came out harder in the second half and scored and we looked heaps better. Can never underestimate JvS mediocrity and poor mindset infecting the team.
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    ahahahaha, those boos from the tards were music to my ears shit club, shit fans
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    The media doesn't write about it because that would require work. JA controlled the narrative after our last meeting with the whole 'anti-football' thing. He makes those comments in his post game presser and thats all davutovic, hassett et all write about for a week. His comments were ridiculous, the challenges on Broich were no more or less cynical than those on Mooy and Novillo and the match was relatively even (and shit). He has done a similar thing this week by describing our attack as the best in the league, its a comment he can use as an excuse if they are poor tonight. All the while deflecting any criticism of his coaching. Classic self preservation as always. He pulled the same shit at Heart, the media still describes his first coaching stint as unlucky rather than an abject failure on every level because he gives catchy soundbites to our hack football media.
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    I dont mind Brisbane. I just hate Aloisi. God I want to win this game
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    There were no positives in this loss. The Football gods have yet again demonstrated their cruelty and allowed JA, the harbinger of Heart's demise, to inflict a familiar pain upon us all once again. His smarmy face after the final whistle was like a dagger to the throat. When we play them again in March, victory is our only option. We cannot allow JA to be undefeated against us this season.
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    jimmy pls go to bed. also 2000th post, all u bro all u
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    Yes please. Red Cross FTW
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    Agree with this. The skills of most HAL players do not stand up to intense high pressure that's why good sides will always have you under pressure whether you have the ball or not. Tonight we gave Brisvegas too much latitude and paid the price.
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    The analysis in general is pretty shit. Looked to me like Retre had his eye poked as the scuffle broke out, nothing said about it.
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    Novillo's in the A-league and not in Europe because of his temperament. He is now predictable in receiving, stopping to a walk, doing his cocky come and get it off me bullshit, then cutting inside to make room for a shot. Just once I'd like to see him continue the forward momentum, burn their left back with run down the touchilne and not allow their defense to set up getting a ball across the six yard box for Fornaroli to tap in. He is a winger isn't he?
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    I agree, but i think the reason is because the better teams often press up on us, putting the ball player under pressure. Noticed that the tards did that in the first 20 mins last week too. I think we allow teams too much space in our back half at time, making them look better than what they are. Soon as we pushed up on them, they started to make mistakes too. Don't think many teams in the a-league can deal with this actually.
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    We're allowing teams into our box too often and too easily of late. Sorensen shouldn't have to be so busy.
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    Fuck JVS is going to cop it when he comes to AAMI. Fuck I hate that cunt.
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    Youre kidding right? Tando is great but shits his pants a hell of alot. No way in hell we would run out to block those shots like Sorenson has
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    34 times we have been down 2-0, have drawn twice and never came back to win...
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    So that's what we've been trying to do for nearly 6 seasons but never achieved it
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    The positive is, we are playing a JA coached team. He is an expert at making a 2-0 lead into a 3-2 loss
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    will the real Melbourne Heart , please stand up !
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    Why does Stefanutto have a man bun! He's 35 for fucks sake.
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    What a load of fucking bullshit at both ends in the space of a minute!!!
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    Start shooting at young. Biggest spastic in the league.
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    tug of the shirt on the counter, surely a yellow? spastic ref didn't give it last week either
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    I imagine quite a few got parole for Christmas but had to be back inside yesterday.
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    Agree but I think both it is still now as it was then that the media still see him as a national hero for that penalty. So they don't want to be seen as slagging him off unless it is totally obvious. Agree about him being on the front foot to control media. Either way he's still shit as a coach
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    You mean the Greek construction worker, Dimitrios?
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    Maybe i am still drunk from Christmas but i think we will win convincingly. I might just be starting to #believe in this club
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    Every time I see this thread I think 'Who is your daddy and what does he do'
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    Walmsley is yet to put a 4'6" striker up front and whack high balls into him. in addition Aloisi had a much better squad then Walmsley has.
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    Some interesting types of Kits here (If NBA Teams had football kits) Thoughts on the New Orleans kit. But with the team colours and no symbols on the cross ? -Deleted Image-