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    I bet when you come in they think, "Who the fuck is this grumpy looking geography teacher staring at my cool as fuck bandana?".
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    This thread will stay open for comical purposes as we entertain ourselves with his delusions and failures during his non-playing career,
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    TBH, I very much doubt that the players or Heart officials care very much about the issue of the colours at all. They are there to make a living, after all, and some of them can consider themselves lucky to still have a job with Heart.
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    I reckon there's far too much emphasis on the marquee whereas we must make sure the team has a good balance of players across the pitch. Our website shows our current forwards as Mate and Willo. Well that's not a forward line I have confidence in. Not a natural striker in sight yet. Our defenders are Paddy and Robbie. Heck, they need help FFS. Add Tando and Redders between the uprights A marquee has to be just a part of the the bigger picture. ADP at SydneyFC was a waste in terms of silverware but he did put bums on seats where ever he went. Overall SFC didn't maximise the potential of ADP because they had a crap coach who couldn't put it together consistently. Let's hope our new overlords are paying a lot of attention to the small details that differentiate an OK team from a silverware winning team. Having said that, I expect CFG to announce a well known marquee as part of the transformation of the club from one that thrived and revelled in mediocrity to one that has high expectations - Asian champions at the least.
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    Lampard would be an excellent signing for you lads. He would score plenty of goals from the midfield and can be the leader you need. Forget his age. From what I have seen his fitness levels are very high.
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    how would victory be able to afford him more than us? They're offering Milligan aus marquee and already have berisha as their international.
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    Probably because if a cop defends themselves when attacked in Australia the media always go with the excessive force bullshit and side with the 'victim'.
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    The only reason I sometimes feel the same is that killing sprees that are of less than 10 never bring the debate to gun control which the US desperately needs in some form.It will probably take a 50+ mass shooting before anything gets done and until then we just have to deal with 11,000 homicides from gun violence every yearI hope that was your mindset when you posted this, otherwise it's probably not an unpopular opinion to say you're kind of an asshole.Guns don't kill people, people kill people.Have you watched this guys video? Do you think gun control would have stopped him obtaining a gun (eg look at the bikies in Australia if you think gun control actually stops people that want a gun getting one)? And if he couldn't obtain a gun do you think that would have stopped him (eg the kunts in China that went on a killing spree with knives)?A gun is a tool, a tool that can be used to kill people, and do so quite efficiently, I don't think anyone denies that. But if you think guns are the primary cause or the first place to lay blame when things like this happen, you're mistaken. I'd put the blame first on society, that it produces individuals like this. I'd also blame the media before guns, because they glorify these shooters and give the perpetrators the attention they desperately want.Honestly, banning the media from reporting these things would wipe it out a lot quicker than gun control will, not that I advocate such extreme measures because I don't, but gun control is also an extreme measure that would be less effective. I definitely agree the problem in America is certainly more systemic that gun control won't be able to solve it all, media and society are probably the biggest problem, the media just give the people what they want to see and unfortunately it's stories like this for days in which they go into so much detail of the psychos life. The NRA then uses these stories to sell more guns, garner support and make it harder to pass laws, including background checks on mentally ill people. I don't know how this guy got his gun but he might have been stopped here and just wielded his knife. I don't agree with your bikie analogy, just because you can't stop 100% cases doesn't mean it shouldn't be a law, and I don't see any down side to having background checks. However I don't really know how to fix the media and society problem. The media can't be banned because of freedom of the press in the first amendment. And even if they did, this would've spread (and I'm guessing that's how it became news in the first place) on social media anyway, which this guy can easily access, and any other story can spread. But it's just a routine now. Young man kills, media sensationalise the story, people on the left want gun control, NRA release press conference which scares people to buy more guns because they represent the gun manufacturers, congress doesn't pass anything, and then people on the left feel shit for being counter productive. Rinse and repeat every 4 months. The only laws congress does pass with regard to gun control is preventing the sale of smart guns, which look like normal guns but require the owner to wear a wristband to use, and preventing the technology to encrypt serial numbers on bullets after being show so law enforcement knows which gun it was shot from. The only reason it didn't pass was because the NRA was against it, the NRA funds most of their campaigns and don't actually want people to feel safe, they sell guns when people are scared. If we had this technology, I probably advocate that Australia should bring back guns with strict regulations. And FYI, I was just trying to justify HeartFCs point, albeit failing, but if I were to have a discussion about gun control I certainly wouldn't use anecdotal evidence to push my case. I only bring up a hypothetical 50+ massacre since that's the only thing that would make congress act on a bill. Proof of this is that they were so close to passing a bill after sandy hook and no bill has been proposed since. Btw it was a pretty weak bill, would pretty much just require background checks at gun shows, limit assault weapon magazines and require a security guard at all schools.
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    Finally got archer s5 going.
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    Coz we're gonna need all 4 of them between the uprights when we play against Dutchland, TikiTaka and red hot Chile peppers
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    Lampard could still walk into most EPL starting 11s, I think he'll be right coming up against the likes of Ruban Zadkovich and Leigh Broxham
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    I'm of the opinion that Heart could sign Lampard, and he could give the club at least 2, if not 3 or even 4, awesome seasons, and really put the club on the map (in a way that a 'Broich' marquee never could. Hence why next to no one knows of Brisbane Roar outside of Australia [whilst ppl know of Sydney FC because of ADP]). And then the club could thereafter sign 'lower profile' Broich-type players. I think there's something to be said though for signing a big name, to put the club on the map and to signal a new era. The A-League and A-League clubs still have a lot of stature growing to do. And in the case of Lampard, I think he's pretty much a perfect marquee, like ADP (and Lampard would start playing for the club 2 years younger than ADP at Sydney). Lampard would provide genuine class football, even at his age (which is why he's playing for England at the World Cup). By all reports he is very fit, he is pretty well known as having leadership qualities, and he seems to genuinely want to keep playing football for a good while longer. In the future, in general I'd also prefer Broich marquees. But for this club's very first marquee in the new era, I think there's a good argument for signing a big player who's also got a big name. And if the club is able to sign Lampard, I think that is an offer far too good to pass up.
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    Would take, but only under the cap
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    TTDIM: Kate Middleton's butt, and the sneaky photographers who capture it.
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    It have been fairly obvious from the start that Txiki wants a marquee player that apart from doing his stuff on the pitch is willing and able to more or less act as an assistant coach within the team, a player that likes to motivate and teach others. Perhaps even someone that have expressed a wish to become a coach full time after his playing career is finished.
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    I reckon I'll be one of the only fans that has this opinion, but I'm not sold on Lampard as our marquee. He will be 36 by the time the season starts. He no doubt has production left in him, especially at A-League level, but how long will he sustain that? One season, maybe two? He will no doubt drag people through the gates, but for how long? If given the choice, who do you think has been more valuable for their respective clubs, Del Piero or Broich? I know who I'd take. I would accept Lampard as a marquee, obviously, but I for one would rather someone who could offer several years of quality service. Just my 2 cents.
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    LG G3 in all it's goodness and press render. Rumour has it that the N6 is VERY similar. Although i'm not a fan of the headphone jack at the bottom of a device... i hardly use it. brushed aluminium looks nice though. Official release of the device is tonight sometime.
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    Remember I'm from melton we literally have like 8+ fish and chip shops so there's plenty to choose from. There's a decent milk bar that cooks up great burgers and that too, TOPCAT and me used to hit it up all the time, old Arab bloke puts weird spices in the patty, wouldn't divulge all the spices but told me one was cinnamon.
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    My Fiance loves it but every time I go I cant help but feel that its too overpriced. Better burgers at the local chip shop
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    My Fiance loves it but every time I go I cant help but feel that its too overpriced.
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    Dunno why we still have 4 keepers in the squad?
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    as i've repeated a few times, released does not mean they have left the club. it means they are out of contract but have not yet renewed. whether schwarzer stays depends on courtois/cech.
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    For the sake of humanity and our collective sanity, someone please close this thread
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    There is also the lesser known Tomi Ameobi who I believe is playing in Canada following a stint in the Icelandic leagues with a few clubs. Don't rule out a dramatic 11th hour bid for him after we go the entire transfer window not managing to get anyone 'over the line' as per
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    True but what is scary is how little depth there is. But we will improve you are right. The Croatia game will be telling. Our depth isn't great, but injuries certainly haven't helped either. We're a far cry from the golden generation of 2006 though, that's for sure. On and off the pitch Tonight's support was embarrassing ...actually, embarrassing is putting it lightly. It was deplorable.
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    Good McKay is on, need more players with their shirts tucked in.
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    Kennedy is growing his hair again.... Its the second coming
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    Oops. Meant to answer this before... Eh, I couldn't be Vizzini, because if I was, I would never have let you work that out. BUT WAIT perhaps I am Vizzini, and in fact my previous line was a bluff aimed at throwing you off the scent? BUT THEN what if actually I wasn't Vizzini after all, and that last line was nothing more than an elaborate ruse to confuse you so that I could continue to masquerade as him? BUT WOULD I WANT TO? For surely if I did, he would hear about it and come to meat out some Sicilian-style death for my so much as daring that I might be him. OR WOULD HE for if I were he, could I truly kill the world's greatest intellect? So surely I am? BUT WHAT IF I WASN'T and actually I happened to know that Vizzini was nothing more than an illusion, thus allowing me to assume the character, with no threat to myself? So you tell me. Am I Vizzini, or have I dragged this joke out too long?
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    Yep in another 12 years time we too could have a 16k average crowd, only if we like the Storm were the ONLY club in Melbourne and were multiple Grand Finalists. Sick to death of people who have NFI about football getting involved. You mean the team with the best winning percentage in NRL history? The team that has missed the finals once in the past 10 years? As far as non-football people go, I really can't think of any mob which I could be happier being involved. How many of those years were they cheating the salary cap?
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    It looks like the junior marquee amount is included in that number. Next season the cap is $2.55m, and the Junior marquee amount is $150k, so if you count them together you can say the salary cap is $2.7m. The salary cap is at its current figure primarily so the clubs don't go bankrupt and/or fail, like North Queensland Fury did recently (in historical terms) in 2011/12, and Gold Coast United did in 2012/13. Most clubs, 6 or 7, run at a debt every season, and things are just this year starting to very slowly improve. And it should be remembered that the current salary cap was agreed in July 2013. Around that time clubs were very weary of costs, with the National Youth League (NYL) being rather new and being a financial loss for all clubs, and W-League teams being a cost as well (both initiatives are fantastic, and are essential for football to grow in this country, but the fact is they don't make money). So when the salary cap was agreed to be $2.5m last season, and $2.55 next season, the PFA (which rather fiercely and effectively looks after the interests of players, which don't always fully align with the interests of clubs) said: So even the PFA thought it was appropriate to spend that amount on players. Whilst the A-League now has a few rich clubs in Sydney FC, Melbourne Heart and probably Brisbane Roar as well, the league also has Central Coast Mariners (whose finances are practically a concern every season, despite their phenomenal on-field success), the Newcastle Jets (who's owner recently ditched his Newcastle Rugby team, because he couldn't afford it) and Adelaide United (which has been weary of costs over the past few seasons). The 2013/14 season was arguably a watershed though, which showed that the league's finances were solid enough for some financial expansion. Even though most clubs still have net losses, last season was the first time the FFA paid clubs enough money too cover the cost of the salary cap (which "effectively double[d] the central grant" the FFA gave to clubs. Source). And there was TV growth (with FTA TV covering the A-League for the first time with SBS) and pretty much growth across the board (more attendances at games, memberships, digital following of the A-League etc.), which all means more revenue. Whilst a few rich clubs like Melbourne Heart and Sydney FC could do without the salary cap, the salary cap is there to promote the sustainability and the well-being of the league as a whole, and not the sustainability and well-being of a few clubs. It sounded similar to me when Khaldoon spoke about the FFP. He was sure right that Man City's business model might be sustainable for his club, but that doesn't mean that the way Man City and other rich clubs conduct their business is sustainable and good for the well-being of European football competitions, and European football, as a whole. A side benefit of the salary cap is that it does increase competition in the A-League to a degree, meaning clubs with very limited resources, like Central Coast, can challenge to finish up the top of the table, and can even win silverware. That shows that the A-League is impressively meritocratic. And because of the salary cap the A-League is not conducive to dynasties, as seen with Berisha leaving Brisbane and Polenz leaving WSW. Some of that is to be expected in a competitive competition with a salary cap, although I think the salary cap is probably too effective in that regard, and too many good players leave their A-League clubs after achieving success. The salary cap will be negotiated next season for 2015/16 and beyond. As long as there isn't serious financial instability (in particular watch out for CCM and Newcastle), a pretty significant boost in the salary cap is likely IMO (maybe an increase between $500k to $1m). As for the salary cap overall, unless the A-League experiences really rapid growth over the next few years, with stability at all A-League clubs, I expect the salary cap to be around in some form in 5, or even 10 years, time.
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    Before we think about increasing the cap significantly or ever scrapping it all together, how about a lot of clubs concentrate on crowd averages over 10K. Ours included. Then a extended cap may become feasible.
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    Yep in another 12 years time we too could have a 16k average crowd, only if we like the Storm were the ONLY club in Melbourne and were multiple Grand Finalists. Sick to death of people who have NFI about football getting involved.
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    I hope every bulldogs player (bar a few) goes to bed tonight with a mirror. Can wake up in the morning and have a fucking good look at themselves That 3rd quarter, was the weakest effort ive seen from the bulldogs in a long, long time. NOT happy.
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    He looks like a fat homo with Down syndrome, thats enough for me.
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    They should be LOLing at you. Telstra for $100 a month is a better deal than Optus network for even $2 a month.
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    White Chocolate is the best kind of chocolate.
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    So the Koreans are doing this: And we are doing this: https://soundcloud.com/brucelaidlaw-1/socceroos-dr-who
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    Talk about a fall from grace. Next he'll be advertising toilet paper That clogs and fucks up your toilet.